The Many Changes to Colorado’s Oil and Gas Industry Under Polis

oil permits down under polis kim monson
Karen Levine is today's guest and she and Kim discuss the retirement of the University of Denver's Pioneers nickname and they have a conversation with Peter Moore of Vital for Colorado about many changes happening to Colorado's oil and gas industry.

Today’s guest host is Realtor Karen Levine

Kim is joined in the studio today by Karen Levine. Karen is a Realtor and has decades of experience selling Colorado real estate. Karen and Kim discuss the current state of the real estate market in metro Denver, the Front Range, and Colorado, in addition to other issues.

University of Denver makes move to retire the Pioneers nickname

In the Old West, pioneers “Retired” when they passed away. There was no retiring for those busy homesteading and providing food and necessities for a family. Today it seems that the University of Denver’s Pioneers nickname is being retired for reasons that are not entirely clear. Kim and Karen Levine discuss the issue. You can read more about this story on Let’s Go DU.

Permits for drilling permits fall under Polis’s watch

Kim and Karen are joined by Peter Moore of Vital for Colorado. Governor Polis had indicated that many aspects of the oil and gas industry would see minimal change. But drastic changes are occurring, and many of them are negative. Listen to the conversation with Peter Moore to learn more.

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