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Analyst Rick Turnquist joins the show as gues host with Kim and Juli-Andra-Fuentes and Karen Murray talk about the movement to recall Polis.

Rick Turnquist joins the show as the Friday co-host

Rick Turnquist describes himself as “a libertarian-minded, socially moderate, unapologetic supporter of the unalienable rights described in the Declaration of Independence.”

Fans of his blogs might describe as incisive, observant, and astute. Rick and Kim talk about Rick’s latest article, The Progressive Advantage. Why are Colorado conservatives and libertarians seemingly besieged by liberal legislation and law-makers? Because the liberals outmaneuvered them. Read the article and listen to the show for a more nuanced answer and a discussion on how this progressive advantage can be overturned.

The movement to recall Polis

While liberals are busy capitalizing on every waking second they control the state house and Governor’s seat, some hard-working conservatives and libertarians are working on hard on collecting the signatures needed to force a recall vote on Governor Polis. Juli Andra-Fuentes and Karen Murray are in the trenches, working hard to collect those signatures. Learn more on the show and by visiting their website, Official Recall Polis.

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