The Ten Greatest Americans of the Past Eight Decades

10 greatest americans of frank hawkins lifetime
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If you missed Frank’s appearance several weeks ago, take some time to go listen to him discuss The Ten Most Destructive of [His] Eight Decades. That episode, along with today’s show, both stem from Frank’s articles on American Thinker. You can read the original articles of here and here. The articles have proven so popular they have been syndicated on FrontPage Magazine and Town Hall.

Here’s the preface for the article as it appears on American Thinker:

Recently, New York’s Governor Cuomo brashly asserted that America “was never that great.” Apparently, because the country is not 100% perfect, according to his socialist utopian political tastes, he thought it would be a good opportunity while running against an even more leftist candidate to trash the country that has been so good to him and his family. In fact, if he only took a moment to think about the people who have made America great, those who made it possible for his entire family to thrive on producing nothing other than hot air, Cuomo might just change his mind.

So for Mr. Cuomo, here is a list of those I consider the ten greatest Americans of my lifetime as I nudge closer to my 80th birthday. A list like this is quite subjective. I selected those whose significant impact on American greatness cannot be denied. It was extremely difficult to boil it down to ten. So I have included thirty others – any one of whom could have justifiably been in the Top 10. How can any objective person review this list and not conclude that Cuomo is dead wrong and that America is the greatest country in the world?

In case you can’t guess the individuals from the feature image, here’s the list, in order:

10: Jonas Salk
9: Neil Armstrong
8: Jackie Robinson
7: Lawrence Roberts
6: David Horowitz
5: Steve Jobs
4: Franklin Delano Roosevelt
3: Harry Truman
2: Ronald Reagan
1: Donald Trump

You’ll have to listen to the show to hear Frank’s reason for his picks. Got something to add or do you disagree with one of the people on the list? Make sure to leave a comment.


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