The United States Supreme Court is not Conservative

Conventional wisdom states that the Supreme Court is conservative, with a majority of conservative justices. Rob Natelson shows that this is not the case.

Rob Natelson explains why the United States Supreme Court is not conservative

Rob Natelson is a former law professor and a nationally recognized constitutional scholar and author. He also serves as the Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence for the Independence Institute. The press and pundits like to claim that the US Supreme Court is controlled by a conservative majority. Natelson analyses a number of recent decisions and comes to the conclusion that the Court is not nearly as conservative as some would like to believe. The evidence lies not only in the handling of recent cases but also in the Court’s shying away from taking on related matters. Listener’s can also read more on this issue by following the link to Complete Colorado, where they can read Natelson’s article: No, We Do not Have a Conservative Supreme Court.


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