Heroes & Tyrants—Tiananmen Square and Game of Thrones

tiananmen sqaure and gam,e of thrones
Author, speaker, and Chinese emigrant Helen Raleigh joins Kim to discuss the heroes of Tiananmen Square and the danger of tyrants and their promises of utopia.

The anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests and the promise of utopia from the mouths of tyrants

In today’s show, Kim is joined by speaker and author Helen Raleigh. Raleigh emigrated from China in 1996. She arrived in America with less than a hundred bucks, with no connections, and a belief in the American Dream. Raleigh has found success in multiple ventures, including her work as an author. She joins Kim on the show to discuss the man who stood against the tanks at Tiananmen Square 30 years ago—a symbol and hero for the thousands of protestors in the streets and the millions who supported the protests from afar. She also talks about the danger of tyranny for the sake of utopia. How many dreams must be burned and destroyed to make the ambitions of a tyrant a reality?

Both topics are the subjects of Raleigh’s two latest articles on The Federalist.

Why the Man Who Stood Before Tanks in Tiananmen Square was a Hero

Game of Thrones Reminds us the Road to Utopia is Paved with Blood and Ashes

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