Trump Vindicated in Collusion Witch Hunt

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Trump triumphs in Mueller Collusion probe and class is in session with Dr. Chris Miller and Sandy Shanor on the sinister agenda in higher education and the need for our children to revisit traditional approaches to school that eschew the current focus on screens and technology.ive.

Mueller report: No collusion with Russia

Producer Steve says it best on today’s show: 675 days and 40 million dollars later and the report tells us what many were sure of all along: there was no collusion. So what’s next for Trump, James Comey, and the other factions and people involved? We’ll have to wait and see, but the two-year-old witch hunt is finally over.

The agenda of social justice in the halls of higher education

Dr. Chris Miller joins Kim to talk about changes in what is being taught—and perhaps more importantly, what is not being taught—in higher education. Dr. Miller discusses the agenda of social justice that seems to have taken over higher education.

Are our children learning what they need to in school?

Sandy Shanor joins Kim to discuss the modern classroom and syllabus the focus on technology and why a return to traditional methods might be in the best interest for our children now and in the future.

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