What if Oprah Runs for President in 2020?

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In today's show: The Denver Teacher Strike, legislation to strike down former Gov. Hickenlooper's Executive Order on vehicle emission standards and What If Oprah runs for President in 2020.

Segment 1: Denver Teachers Strike

The Denver teachers strike is dominating local news and getting coverage across the country. Videos of unsupervised students taking over the halls of Denver’s East High School are going viral, but Kim talks about civic responsibility and the importance of rewarding excellence. Denver’s graduation rate is 64 percent compared to a national graduation rate of 84 percent. The union was given an offer that would raise base pay for teachers—including first-year teachers—across the board. The union rejected the offer, insisting that the school district gut its bonus program, which rewards teachers who choose to serve in underperforming schools. These are the schools that need teachers the most. Are these striking teachers—who have chosen careers as public servants and educators—striking to make things better for students, like those falling behind in failing schools? Kim explores the issue at depth.


Segment 2: Stopping Governor Hickenlooper’s Executive Order to Force Colorado to Follow California Emission Standards

Sentaor John Cooke, R-Greely.

For the second segment of today’s show, Tim Jackson of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) calls in to discuss recent legislative efforts to reverse former Gov. Hickenlooper’s 2018 Executive Order to force the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission to enact California emission standards. Sen. John Cooke of Greeley has sponsored Senate Bill 19-053 which would require the AQCC to use federal EPA vehicle emission standards instead of California standards. As Kim and Tim both point out: Colorado is NOT California! Listen to the segment to find out more.

The bill is before the Senate Wednesday morning and the public is given an opportunity to speak for or against the bill. Tim is inviting all of those who wish to speak against the bill to meet for breakfast at Sassafras American Eatery (320 E Colfax) at 7:30 in the morning. Tim will pay breakfast and afterward, citizens can cross the street to the Capitol to make statements.

Feature Segment: What if Oprah Runs for President?

Jeffrey Katz, the author of The Secret Life, joins Kim and he brings an interesting What-if? question: What if Oprah Winfrey declares herself a candidate for president in the 2020 election? is Oprah in sync with the parade of liberals who have announced presidential ambitions? Would Oprah, known for supporting and empowering independence, lean far left and take up the platform of a nanny state that seems so popular with today’s left-wing politicians? It’s a fascinating question and maybe there is no answer, but listen to the segment and decide for yourself.

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