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Governor Polis declares May 15th Kendrick Castillo Day, RTD reveals 16th St. Mall electric buses cost more to operate than diesel, and Roberta Sutton is back to continue her conversation on the fundamental failures she sees in today's schools.

RTD reveals that its electric buses cost significantly more to operate than diesel buses

RTD’s recent price hikes might be a sign of things to come if Governor Polis’s dream of a Colorado dominated by electric vehicles becomes reality. In 2017 RTD replaced natural-gas powered buses with electric buses that rely on battery power to move up and down the Mall. In late April the general manager of RTD, Dave Genoa, informed the Board of Directors that the electric buses cost 73 cents per mile. The cost to provide fuel for a diesel-powered counterpart was far less, coming in at 46 cents a mile. If electric vehicles are so much more efficient and economical to operate, why such a discrepancy?

What You Don’t Know That Your Kids Don’t Know

Roberta Sutton joined Kim in March to discuss her book, What Your Kids Don’t Know That You Don’t Know. Sutton, a former physics teacher and who now serves as a substitute teacher, shares her perspective on what is missing from the core curriculum for today’s students. And while what is missing is troubling, what has taken in place is just as worrisome.

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