What You Don’t Know That Your Kids Don’t Know

what you don't know tha tyour kids don't know
HB19-1032 bill passes to Senate Appropriations Committee, Greg Morrisey of Liberty Toastmasters shares some inspirational speeches and Roberta Sutton pulls back the veil on what our kids are doing—and not learning—in the classroom.

HB19-1032 Bill Passes, Heads to Senate Appropriations Committee

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed HB19-1032 by a vote of 3-2 last night. This is not a surprise, even if it isn’t the outcome we were hoping for.

Opponents to the bill filled the chamber last night, with testimony lasting until almost 11 pm!

The bill will now move forward to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Keep contacting your legislators and we hope to report back soon with the next community effort to stop this bill.

Three Speeches to Inspire You

Greg Morrisey of Liberty Toastmasters joins Kim on the show. Morrisey, who immigrated to the United States from Australia, shares three inspirational speeches with Kim and her listeners. We promised they would show up in the recap, and here they are:

Change The World By Making Your Bed—Admiral William McRaven



Put God First—Denzel Washington


A big thank you to Morrisey for inspiring all of with these speeches and videos.

What You Don’t Know That Your Kids Don’t Know


Kim is joined in the studio with featured guest Roberta Sutton. Sutton, the author of What You Don’t Know That Your Kids Don’t Know, was a teacher in the 60s and 70s. In 2015 she started teaching again, working as a substitute. What she encountered in the curriculum and the classrooms shocked her and it will shock you too. Don’t miss this great interview and you can go to Amazon if you would like to read Sutton’s book.

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