Where do Ilhan Omar’s Loyalties Lie?

where do ilhans loyalties lie americhicks
Kim Stertz and Mark Koch co-host today's episode and bring news on a program that assist those in the marijuana industry to buy homes in Colorado.

Kim Stertz and Mark Koch co-hosting the Wednesday show

Mark Koch and Kim Stertz join Kim in co-hosting the Wednesday show. Stertz and Koch have decades of experience as two of Colorado’s best real-estate lenders and they bring that experience and insider information to today’s episode. Did you know about the new program to assist those in the marijuana industry in buying a home in Denver’s over-heated market? If not, mark sure to listen to the show or to reach out directly to Koch or Stertz for information on this lending program, or any other home loan questions or needs you might have.

Frank Hawkins and some tough questions about Ilhan Omar’s loyalties

Retired AP correspondent and former intelligence officer Frank Hawkins has made a name for himself in conservative circles for the astute observations in his articles. Hawkins joins Kim on the show to discuss his latest article, “Rep. Ilhan Omar: Where Are her Real Loyalties?”

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