Why Tax Rebates to Corporations are Wrong

why it's wrong to give corproations tax rebates complete colorado mike shelton americhicks
Joshua Sharf breaks down PERA's failure in 2018 and the peril the fund faces in the future and Broomfield City Councilmember Mike Shelton explains why it's wrong to give tax rebates to corporations.

Colorado’s Public Employees’ Retirement Association’s disastrous performance in 2018

Colorado’s Public Employees’ Retirement Association, known to most as PERA, lost 3.5% of its investments in 2018. Not every year can be a winner, but bad years for PERA have significant consequences for the health and viability of the fund. Joshua Sharf joins Kim to discuss PERA’s 2018 failures and the challenges the fund faces in the future to meet its stated goals. Sharf has a concise article on the subject at Complete Colorado.

Mike Shelton said “No” to Crocs when it came to corporate rebates. He explains why.

Broomfield City Councilmember Mike Shelton was the lone voice of dissent when Broomfield’s City Council voted to give footwear manufacturer Crocs a generous tax rebate as an incentive to move from Niwot to Broomfield. Sure, Broomfield landed a major employer, always a plus for any community. Is it fair that small businesses should pay the full tax burden when large corporations, already well-to-do, are allowed a free pass? Shelton joins Kim to discuss his latest article, Tax Rebates to Corporations Unfair, Unhealthy, and Unnecessary. The entire article can be read on Complete Colorado.


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