Episode 20: Ben Martin

What were the contributions of Patriots James Otis, Jr, Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry to America’s Founding?  Patriotic historian, Westpoint graduate and former Army Ranger, Ben Martin, continues the discussion from his May 19, 2020, interview on The Kim Monson Show about these three giants of the American Revolution.

Episode 19: Dr. Jill Vecchio

Why does Colorado’s COVID-19/Wuhan Virus updated “Standard of Care” decree issued on April 5, 2020, not include the patient or family representative nor a patient advocate? Does a patient advocate advocate for the patient or are they typically representing the hospital’s best interests? Dr. Jill explains the difference between Socrates’ Hippocratic Oath and Plato’s view of rationing limited resources. Jill shares a golden nugget of wisdom: “In order for government Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties (PBI’s) to take care of you, they will want to take control of you.”

Episode 18: Steve Peck

Navy Veteran, Healthcare Strategist and former School Board Director, Steven Peck, joins Kim to talk about the Re-Open Colorado movement and rallies plus free market solutions for businesses and schools regarding mandatory mask wearing and social distancing on playgrounds. Steve advises that individuals: (1) push back on government and bureaucracies picking winners and losers, and forcing an agenda upon everyday people; (2) open our Churches and; (3) challenge the COVID-19/Wuhan Virus fear narrative.

Episode 17: Dr. Jill Vecchio

Are we really all in this together? Dr. Jill Vecchio explains that we are at a defining moment for America. Because of Gov. Polis’ limits and shut downs of our businesses, breast cancer diagnosis have been delayed. We know that early detection saves lives. How many lives will be lost because of his decisions? Dr. Jill unpacks how bureaucracies have been weaponized against the American people.

Episode 16: Karl Dierenbach

Engineer, Attorney and Writer, Karl Dierenbach, was on board with flattening the COVID-19/Wuhan Virus curve. As a data guy, Karl began watching the statistics and crunching the numbers. Karl realizes that we can take steps to protect the vulnerable and get the economy working again. He explains we must no longer listen to the “fear porn” pushed by pundits and social media.

Episode 15: Jen Hulan

Jen Hulan, owner of Waters Edge Winery in Centennial, Colorado, pledged her home as collateral to open her business in 2015. It has steadily grown until the COVID 19/Wuhan Virus Reaction Disruption. In the name of “flattening the curve,” “making sure that we have enough ventilators” and “staying safe,” Colorado’s Governor and Tri-County Health are using government force to close her business. Jen must lawyer up and she could really use your help with legal fees and operating expenses. Other states are letting restaurants implement social distancing measures and operate at 50% capacity. What will happen to the owners and employers of these Colorado restaurants and small businesses?

Episode 14: Joshua Sharf

Joshua Sharf notes the correlation between historian Norman Cantor’s book about the bubonic plague in the 14th century, In the Wake of the Plague, and Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties (PBI’s) reaction to the COVID-19/Wuhan Virus reaction disruption of 2020. 

Episode 13: Dr. Jill Vecchio

Dr. Jill Vecchio and Kim unmask the mandatory mask wearing issue and local politicians grasp for power over our lives.  Dr. Jill explains the Cloward and Piven strategy of overwhelming the welfare and Medicaid systems in order to centralize power with the elite few. 

Episode 12: Clinton Dorris

Bronze Star recipient and former Army Ranger, Clint Dorris, headed a nine-person task force on school safety after the STEM school shooting in Douglas, County. Because of his experience as a counter-terrorism expert in Afghanistan, he brought an important perspective to the project. Clint and Kim have a conversation about leadership and lack thereof regarding politicians and government bureaucrat’s response to the COVID-19/Wuhan Virus reaction disruption.

Episode 11: Dr. Jill Vecchio

Dr. Jill Vecchio shares her thoughts regarding Governor Polis’ recent press conference.  She’ll compare the COVID-19 data of the eight states that did not implement forced stay at home orders to those that did.

Episode 10: John Harpole

John Harpole, President of Mercator Energy, a natural gas broker that works with natural gas producers and end users, talks about Putin vs the Permian.

Episode 9: Dr. Jill Vecchio

Dr. Jill Vecchio joins Sounding Off with Kim Monson for a conversation about the World Health Organization and their relationship to China. President Trump recently

Episode 8: Helen Raleigh

Author Helen Raleigh joins Sounding Off with Kim Monson to talk about her recent Op-Ed in The Federalist, Communist China Uses Internet Trolls to Haze Wuhan Diary Author.

Episode 7: Pam Long

Former Army Captain, Pam Long, joins Sounding Off with Kim Monson to talk about Colorado COVID 19 data.  Pam dissects the CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) data.

Episode 6: Dr. Jill Vecchio

Dr. Jill Vecchio joins Sounding Off with Kim Monson to connect the dots between the Cloward and Piven Strategy and the Covid 19/Wuhan Virus disruption. 

Episode 5: Jay Davidson

Jay Davidson, Founder and CEO of First American State Bank, joins our Sounding Off with Kim Monson podcast. We’ll have a conversation about the Knights Templar who created the first banking system.

Episode 4: Dr. Jill Vecchio

Dr. Jill Vecchio joins Sounding Off with Kim Monson to dissect some of the goings on with the Covid19/Wuhan Virus narrative.

Episode 3: Roger Hays

Roger Hays, President and CEO of Premier Employer Services, joins Sounding Off with Kim Monson.

Episode 2: Prof. Rob Natelson

Constitutional expert and the Independence Institute’s Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence,” Rob Natelson, joins Kim to talk about the unconstitutionality of Governor Polis, Mayor Hancock and Tri-County Health Executive Director John Douglas lock-down edicts.

Episode 1: Dr. Brian Domitrivic 

In the first Sounding Off with Kim Monson podcast, Kim talks with Dr. Brian Domitrovic, economic historian and co-author with Larry Kudlow of the book JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity.