Say “NO” to Lone Tree’s Proposed Massive 66% Sales Tax Increase

A 66% increase in your city sales tax? In her Op-Ed Say “NO” to Lone Tree’s Proposed Massive 66% Sales Tax Increase, author Kim Monson explains that because of COVID policy decisions people are hurting, businesses have suffered and kids have lost a year of learning. Now is not the time to increase the cost of school supplies, household items and the items that individuals purchase online.

Colorado Initiative 25: LEAP For Who?

What could possibly go wrong with a new marijuana tax “for the children?” In her third related Op-Ed Colorado Initiative 25: LEAP for Who?, author Patti Kurgan connects the dots regarding Tony Lewis and Amy Anderson with RESCHOOL. Patti explains that their goal is to create a parallel school system to the public school system for “eligible” children, initially funded by new marijuana taxes and governed by an unelected, unaccountable Authority Board.

LEAP Into Higher Taxes: Colorado Initiative 25

Politicians love to take money from citizens,” notes Rick Turnquist, author and blogger at In addition he also explains that politicians also love so-called “sin taxes,” which are taxes levied on things that people consume for pleasure. In his Op-Ed LEAP Into Higher Taxes: Colorado Initiative 25, Rick delves into the details of the potential marijuana tax increase “for the children.”

The Right to Luxury Won’t Lead to a Life of Luxury

We are living at the pinnacle of human flourishing. Taking these Blessings for granted has caused some politicians, bureaucrats and interested parties (PBIs) to push forward a narrative that people have a “right” to luxury. In his Op-Ed, Allen Thomas explains that The Right to Luxury Won’t Lead to a Life of Luxury.

LEAP from Dot to Dot and Where Do You Land?

In her Op-Ed LEAP from Dot to Dot and Where Do You Land?, author and researcher Patti Kurgan connects the special interest dots of two men who stand to significantly benefit financially if “LEAP: Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program” is approved by Colorado voters in November, 2021. Patti painstakingly connects the special interest dots on this potential new additional retail marijuana tax “for the children.” She explains that LEAP would create a new government-run education program that would run parallel to our current public education system and LEAP would be controlled by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.

Ten Reasons to Decline to Sign Colorado Initiative 25: LEAP

Petitioners are in front of your grocery store encouraging you to sign the petition for Colorado Initiative 25: LEAP. In her Op-Ed Ten Reasons to Decline to Sign Colorado Initiative 25: LEAP, radio show host, speaker and author Kim Monson delves into the real language of this initiative and explains why LEAP is a very bad idea for Colorado.

Act II

The words that many of us fear, “The good news is the company was sold. The bad news is they have no position for you going forward. I’m sorry.” Author and speaker Brad Beck recently heard those words. In his Op-Ed, ACT II, Brad recounts his thoughts about losing his job and shares his recipe for success.

The American Idea

What is the American Idea? How did it come to be? Where are we? Where are we going? In his Op-Ed The American Idea, author and blogger at Rick Turnquist reminds and reacquaints us with our United States history. He explains the challenges that we face today and what we must do to reclaim the vision of our American Idea.

Colorado’s Proposition 119: A Blind LEAP of Faith!

In her Op-Ed, Colorado Initiative 25: A Blind LEAP of Faith, author and researcher Patti Kurgan explains the fine print of this very bad initiative. While supporters of the initiative opine that it is a step toward school choice, Patti delves into the bait and switch of this narrative. She sheds light on a new bureaucracy, funded by a new 5% tax on marijuana and money from the state land trust, that is unelected and unaccountable to every-day, hard-working Coloradans.

School Choice Is Half the Issue

=Our kids are falling behind. Instead of using the hours in the school day to make sure that our children learn reading, writing, arithmetic and critical thinking, many school districts and educators are teaching division through CRT (Critical Race Theory) and sexualizing our kids through the LGTBQ curriculum. What to do? In his Op-Ed, School Choice is Half the Issue, author Allen Thomas explains the other portion of the solution.

The Collection

We can learn so much from children. In his Op-Ed, The Collection, Brad Beck explains how his little nine-year-old daughter achieved her desired results by using the four Ps: Prepare, Practice, Pursue and Persist. These are actions that will help you move beyond the COVID 19/Wuhan China Virus disruption.

The Mistake of Banning Critical Race Theory

Milton Friedman notes, “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” Our knee jerk reaction to bad public policy is to enact other public policy to thwart the bad ideas. Seems to make sense on the surface. In his Op-Ed The Mistake of Banning Critical Race Theory, Allen Thomas explains that the freedom answer lies within us as individuals, not public policy.

Minimum Wage Fail

It is truly uncompassionate; politicians, bureaucrats and interested parties instituting forced minimum wages that make it illegal to hire teenagers, minorities, the less educated and the less fortunate. In his Op-Ed Minimum Wage Fail, Rick Turnquist notes that forced minimum wages are actually reverse Robin Hood-ism, taking jobs and income from the poorest to give to those who are better off.

Comply, I don’t think so!

There is a lot of force and coercion in our society today. Instead of freedom for everyday people to make informed decisions there is tremendous pressure to comply from politicians, bureaucrats, interested parties, media, education and big business. In his Op-Ed Comply, I Don’t Think So, Brad shares his thoughtful perspective on coercion, vac shaming and coloring outside the lines.

No Freedom in Exemptions

Is it fair? Is it right? Is it “equitable?” In his Op-Ed, No Freedom in Exemptions, author Allen Thomas explains how politicians, bureaucrats and interested parties (PBIs), working together to award special treatment to individuals, businesses and non-profits, are antithetical to our American Founding and an affront to the Bill of Rights. Allen explains what we must do to fix this political problem.

Free Market Solutions to the Student Loan Crisis

Government is not the answer. Government is the problem. Government’s involvement in the student loan market has increased the cost of education and encouraged students to take on student loan debt. In his Op-Ed, Free Market Solutions to the Student Loan Crisis, Allen Thomas shares five ideas that we can implement to fix this mess.

Colorado Democrats’ War on Colorado

In his Op-Ed Colorado Democrats’ War on Colorado, author and blogger Rick Turnquist explains how Colorado Democrats are attacking free speech, our oil and gas industry, rural Colorado and our livestock producers. Colorado Democrats are not done making your life more complicated and increasing the cost of the basic items everyday Coloradans need to thrive and prosper. What can you do?

Catching Leprechauns

In his Op-Ed Catching Leprechauns, Brad Beck notes that in some hyper-sensitive enclaves, especially on college and university campuses, there are professors and students who only see people as members of groups instead of individuals. These same professors and students dictate that a person in one group cannot enjoy the food, customs and celebrations of another group. Brad explains that even though each individual is different, it is time that we push back on those who will not accept that we are all created equal as humans; no one is more human than another.

Stand in the Gap for Agriculture

If the assault on Colorado’s agriculture industry continues, we will lose the National Western Stock Show, $$$ SEVEN BILLION annually to Colorado’s economy and the rugged, individual spirit that built our state. Food will become more expensive and less abundant. In her Op-Ed, Stand in the Gap for Agriculture, assistant editor at The Fence Post Rachel Gabel introduces us to the consequences of a dangerous potential Colorado ballot initiative.

The Myth of Government Benevolence

What is the root cause of the monumental divide we see in America today? To those on the Right, they believe that the proper role of government is to protect Life, Liberty and our Pursuit of Happiness. To those on the Left, they believe that individuals are too dumb to take care of themselves and that government should step in to take care of their every need. Author and blogger Rick Turnquist explains in his Op-Ed that government benevolence is a myth.

Compassionate Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loan debt has Americans very concerned. In his Op-Ed, Compassionate Student Loan Forgiveness, author and millennial Allen Thomas explains that student loan debt is the result of a bigger problem and bigger narrative. He shares his thoughts on how kids have been encouraged to incur debt and the frustration in realizing that the promises made were not promises kept.

The Blessing of 2020 and the Promise of 2021 and Beyond

“Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the broken areas with lacquer dust mixed with powdered gold, silver and platinum,” Brad Beck notes in his Op-Ed, The Blessing of 2020 and the Promise of 2021 and Beyond. Brad writes that this concept states that breakage and repair are part of the rich history of any object and it embraces the flawed and imperfect. 2020 certainly had its flaws but there is much to embrace. Brad encourages us to seek wisdom, which is very different from knowledge, in 2021 and beyond.

The Path Forward

Rick Turnquist reflects on the need for election reform and the challenges Colorado’s Republican Party must overcome going forward.

Free to Be

“There is a growing trend across the country to turn to the government and trust regulators, politicians, and bureaucrats before trusting our neighbor, and honestly, even before trusting ourselves.” In this Op-Ed Free to Be, millennial author Allen Thomas challenges us to have a healthy skepticism of government and to rely on ourselves to make the decisions for our lives.

Hotel California: Colorado’s 5 Star State Certification Program

In Kim Monson’s Op-Ed, Hotel California: Colorado’s 5 Star Certification Program, Kim explains that you can check in, but you can’t check out! Colorado’s 5 Star State Certification Program, ostensibly to get our restaurants, bars, taverns and gyms open, is terrible. It has no sunset, creates a powerful new government bureaucracy that will need to be funded and is based on flawed COVID modeling instead of real data. Kim dissects the program and recommends steps you can take to push back.

Tyranny and Bankruptcy

Rick Turnquist explains that the radical activists that have taken over the Democrat party now have absolute power in Colorado. He notes that individuals and businesses are fleeing the state that Colorado Democrats seem to want to emulate: California.

Sheep or Shepherd?

Are we becoming sheep? In his Op-Ed Sheep or Shepherd, author Brad Beck relates his experience in visiting his father in Southern California recently. The initial trepidation about his trip from warnings by “experts, leaders and authorities” that only essential workers should fly caused Brad to ask, “Who should decide who is essential?”

Time for Colorado’s $100-Million-Plus COVID-19 “Insurance Policy” to Pay Up

In her Op-Ed, Time for Colorado’s $100-million-plus COVID-19 “Insurance Policy” to Pay Up, former Rocky Mountain News columnist Dahlia Weinstein sheds light on the enormous amount of our money that has and is spent on empty or closed facilities. She suggests that these funds can be better utilized to fill staffing gaps at our hospitals.

A Proposition To End Ballot Propositions

There is a saying that when two wolves and sheep vote on what to have for dinner, the sheep is going to be disappointed that lamb chops are on order. Have Colorado voters put ourselves on the menu? In his Op-Ed, A Proposition to End Ballot Propositions, millennial author and commentator Allen Thomas challenges Coloradans to rethink our romance with ballot propositions.

A Wise Old Owl…

Have you ever missed the opportunity to listen to a friend, a significant other, or a co-worker? In this Op-Ed Brad Beck, author, speaker and Liberty Toastmaster, explains that our challenge is to listen respectfully to those voices who might have something important to share even if we disagree with what they have to say. Listening will help sharpen our own position and make our ideas stronger.

Just As Important As How We Vote Is That We Vote

“Just as important as how we vote is that we vote,” Ronald Reagan famously said. In this Op-Ed, author and researcher Patti Kurgan explains that the biggest take-away from the last Presidential Debate is that you must vote and not sit on the sidelines. Patti explains that our country is depending on your vote. Similarities between the two candidates are non-existent. Stand united and preserve the American Idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The other choice will abolish private property and you will be controlled by elite politicians.

Monsters – Real or Imagined

Our minds see monsters all over the place especially when we have just viewed or read something disturbing and our subconscious plays it back in the form of a bad dream. In this Op-Ed, Brad Beck explains that there are many imagined monsters that lurk in our local, state, and national government, service organizations, schools, and businesses which are being molded into golems. Brad explains that if we are to address the real monsters of today, we must have clarity on what they are.

You Can’t and Shouldn’t Legislate Morality

Morality has been a topic of discussion for several millennia from the Bible to Aristotle, Kant, utilitarianism and most recently moral relativism and multiculturalism. In his Op-Ed, You Can’t and Shouldn’t Legislate Morality, millennial author, frequent radio show guest and Christian, Allen Thomas, explains that we individually must take more responsibility for ourselves and our culture.

Free to Choose

2020. The year we hope will be over soon. But what if a temporal solution doesn’t exist? Are we stuck with this level of civil unrest, destruction, and disease? It isn’t one thing that offends our sense of right, justice or freedom. It is many. In this Op-Ed, Founder and CEO of First American State Bank Jay Davidson gets to the core of the matter: what offends us most are the lies that so many citizens buy into and we have the freedom of choice to believe or not believe.

We Must Change or We’ll Burn

We must change or we’ll burn. The wildfires Colorado is experiencing today were predictable and preventable. In this Op-Ed, former Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Fish Wildlife and Parks Lyle Laverty explains what is causing these intense fires in the west. Lyle encourages us to create a conservation vision to keep our forests, watersheds and communities healthy.

When Politics Become Follow the Leader

During election season, current political rhetoric encourages us to think about who we want to “lead” us and our country. In his Op-Ed, When Politics Becomes Follow the Leader, millennial Allen Thomas makes the case that independent, free-thinking citizens do not need a “leader.” We should elect representatives that will protect our natural rights.

Important Speeches and Documents in the Formation of America: Ratification of The US Constitution

Ben Martin outlines the process of the ratification of the United States Constitution. Because of his work not only on the composition of the document but ensuring its’ ratification, James Madison is known as “The Father of our Constitution.” George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton developed a strategy to “win big, win early and gain momentum” to gain the necessary number of states approval for ratification.


Under the principle of self-ownership, which is intrinsic to us as human beings, we own the product of our minds and our productive labor. Using the force of government to deprive us of what we earn is immoral and wrong. Saying your “need” gives you the right to my earnings and property is not just immoral, it’s evil.

Not My Capitalism!

Media, scholars and politicians have conflated cronyism with capitalism. The two are very different. In this Op-Ed, Allen Thomas explains that it is cronyism not capitalism that has eroded and destroyed the trust of all involved in a transaction. Allen notes that cronyism is the corrupt, immoral and money centric beast that has been touted and promulgated as an example of capitalism all the while it stinks of communism

Bringing Home the Bacon is Getting More Expensive

The COVID-19/Wuhan Virus Reaction Disruption created meat processing slow downs and closures that left distribution channels tangled, cattle in feedyards past their endpoint and hogs backed up on farms to the point some were euthanized. How will this play out when urbanites and suburbanites go to the grocery store? In this Op-Ed Rachel Gabel, assistant editor with The Fence Post, explains that consumers must recognize the importance of agriculture production and vote like their next meal depends on it.

I Have Questions

The foundation for critical thinking is asking questions: Who? What? When? Where? How? and Why? In this introspective Op-Ed, Brad Beck shares a variety of “whys” that he ruminates upon. Brad notes that the need for asking why is foundational to understanding a cause, a purpose or a reason for something even if we are not ready for the answer.

A Time for Choosing

We are at a time for choosing. Jay Davidson, Founder, CEO and President of First American State Bank, explains that this upcoming election is a decision about individual freedom vs state-control over your life. The Democrat party of 2020 is no longer the party of JFK. It has been hijacked by avowed Socialists and Communists who only care about power. This election is only one battle in a protracted war for individual freedom.

Are Deaths of Despair Surpassing Covid19 Deaths?

Are deaths of despair surpassing COVID-19 deaths? In this Op-Ed Pam Long, graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, U.S. Army Veteran and former Medical Intelligence Officer, analyzes the data regarding deaths of despair which are fatalities that increase with the rise in unemployment.

Standing Up for Rural Colorado

It’s been said that some of the finest people and places just can’t be seen from the paved road. In this Op-Ed Rachel Gabel, longtime agriculture writer and assistant editor of The Fence Post magazine, questions why the current Colorado legislature and governor are waging a thinly veiled assault on Colorado’s fourth largest industry, agriculture.

No One Should Die Alone

No One Should Die Alone. Heather Lahdenpera explains that the COVID-19/Wuhan Virus Reaction Disruption has created countless stories of suffering across the world. In reaction to the heart-breaking story of Elizabeth Reiter who died alone without her husband, children nor mother able to visit her, Colorado Legislators passed HB20-1425 to assure that “No One Would Die Alone.” Astonishingly 17 Colorado House Democrats voted against this compassionate piece of legislation.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

“Should I Stay, or Should I Go” is a song that was released by the punk rock band The Clash in 1982 as a double A-sided single with “Straight to Hell.” Brad Beck explains that persuasion and education skills are what we need to avoid ending up in that forsaken place.

Fomenting the Mob

Is Nancy Pelosi’s talking point accurate when she states that federal agents and officers who are protecting federal property are “stormtroopers?” Jane Chaney, Gunnision County GOP Chairwoman, asks why mayors and governors who are allowing violence and destruction of property in their cities and states are not accountable for their lack of action. Are they acquiescing to the mobs?