Espinosa vs Montana Department of Revenue

Are “rights” given to us by the U.N.?, new FAMLI proposal, people at risk as City of Denver ignores ICE, repeal of the death penalty, the market continues to climb, ownership of federal lands, and Supreme Court case regarding school choice.

Why Black Voters Need to Support Trump

Nefarious and naive, articles of Impeachment delivered, Sharyl Attkinsson files suit against Rod Rosenstein in spying scandal, homeschooling and student loan repayment costs covered in SECURE Act, Rev. C.L. Bryant: Trump support from the black community.

Forced Minimum Wage: The Wrong Path for Colorado

Former Gov. Hickenlooper’s use of 2003 federal funds used for legal defense, college piggy banks for newborns and adopted children in Colorado, potential forgiveness of debt for college graduates, tracking 2020 Colorado bills, the SECURE Act and minimum wage.

Is Progressive Income Tax Reasonable?

A look at progressive income tax and whether or not it is reasonable. Joe Otto of Conservative Daily has a discussion with Kim on minimum wage, second amendment rights, healthcare, and more.

It’s Not About Being Against Vaccinations, It’s About the Freedom to Choose

Representative Dave Williams talks about his townhall following the Stand for Colorado rally and the bill he will introduce on full disclosure of vaccination information. Jason McBride questions three indicators used at the start of the year to forecast the market. Jason also dissects a misleading report from CNBC on the growth of China’s economy. 

Stand for Colorado: Dr. Jilll Vecchio, Sherrona Bishop, and Patti Kurgan

Stand for Colorado speakers Dr. Jill Vecchio, Sherrona Bishop and Patti Kurgan join Kim before the Stand for Colorado Rally at the Capitol. Coloradans love camping…but did anyone expect Denver to turn into a tent city? Micheal Moore sinks to a new low with his bonkers apology to Iran’s Supreme Leader.

Stand for Colorado: Amy Oliver Cooke, Beth Fisher, Giuliana Day, Natalie Menten

Stand for Colorado speakers Amy Oliver Cook, Beth Fisher, Giuliana Day, and Natalie Menten Ricky Gervais’s Golden Globes speech hurt some liberal feelings in Hollywood and elsewhere—was is it a “right wing” attack? Jason McBride talks about the SECURE Act and the federal retirement changes that just went into effect.

Stand for Colorado: Nicole Hunt, Carolyn Martin, and Megan Kirk

Stand for Colorado speakers Nicole Hunt, Carolyn Martin, and Megan Kirk join Kim to speak about religious freedom, homeschooling, and medical freedom. Stand for Colorado is January 8th, at 11 am, at the west steps of the Colorado Capitol building. Producer Steve and Kim take a look at the radical left’s grief for the death of the evil Iranian commander Soleimani.

Stand for Colorado: Cindi Peck and Brita Horn

Stand for Colorado Speakers Cindi Peck and Brita Horn discuss why they are Standing for Colorado. Surprise guest William Perry Pendley drops in to talk about why the BLM HQ needs to be in the West. Producer Steve and Kim continue their conversation on Governor Polis and the differences between his words and actions.

Stand for Colorado: Christine Coleman and Lauren Boebert

Christine Coleman and Lauren Boebert join Kim to share why they are Standing for Colorado on January 8th at the Denver Capitol. Trump vows that the Baghdad Embassy attack will “never, ever be a Benghazi.” Governor Polis wrote an op-ed taking credit for saving Coloradans money. Is it true?

2019 Santa Stocks with Jason McBride

Every December Jason McBride handpicks the year’s Santa Stocks and shares them just before Christmas. Kim and Jason discuss this year’s Santa Stock picks.

The Erosion of Personal Property Rights

Roger Bianco discusses the destruction of Leo Lech’s home by Greenwood Village Police and the court decision on compensation. A look at the stark contrast between immigrant and Daniels’ Fund scholar Aluel Doldol and Denver City Councilwoman Candi Cdebaca.

On Gratitude

Kim is joined by some of her fellow Liberty Toastmasters colleagues who share their thoughts on gratitude.

The Liberal Agenda to Weaponize the Non-Profit Sector

Rick Turnquist and Kim discuss the liberal agenda to weaponize the non-profit sector. Rick also discusses former congressman Jason Chaffetz’s book, Power Grab. Complete Colorado journalist Sherrie Peif joins Kim to discuss her latest reporting on the public benefit of municipal broadband.

Best-Selling Author David Limbaugh on Why the Democrats Must Be Stopped

Author and conservative thought leader David Limbaugh on his latest book, “Guilty by Reason of Insanity; Why the Democrats Must Not Win.” Denver City Councilwoman and avowed socialist Candi Cdebaca rebukes the Daniels Fund, a patriotic scholarship that helped pay her way through college.

Denver’s Got a Poop Problem

Rob Natelson explains how the Constitution guides the impeachment process. Cody Hubley speaks on the Greater Denver area’s poop problems. A look at problems with Arapahoe County’s ballot counting timeliness.

Real Estate and Reverse Mortgages in the Greater Denver Area

Karen Levine (Realtor) and Lorne Levy (home financing & reverse mortgage specialist) discuss the current state of the Greater Denver area real estate market and reverse mortgages. Randall O’Toole leads a discussion on the results of the CDOT Transportation Listening Tour.

Don’t get in such a TIF!

Kim Monson Show researcher Patti Kurgan and Complete Colorado reporter Sherrie Peif discuss tax incremental financing and corporate welfare in Colorado. Pagosa Springs journalist Bill Hudson discusses the proposed tax increment financing plan for Pagosa Spring’s downtown urban renewal effort.

A Discussion on Tax Incremental Financing in Colorado

Patti Kurgan and Bill Hudson discuss tax increment financing and corporate welfare in Colorado. Patti and Kim look at how Building a Better Colorado uses the Delphi Technique while pretending to have no political agendas. Chris Cantwell of Transworld Business Advisors joins Kim for a conversation on entrepreneurship.