A Ban on Bags is Bad Bio-Policy

Denver’s plastic bag ban isn’t about protecting the environment, it’s just another tax being levied on Denverites who are already struggling with the rising costs of housing, transportation, healthcare, and other necessities.

Forced Minimum Wage Leads to Economic Disaster

A policy of forced minimum wage will have disastrous consequences for small business owners, employees, and future jobs. Government has no business leading Colorado into an economic policy disaster.

The Case Against FAMLI

Colorado can’t afford to pay for the wants and needs of those not prepared to provide for their own situations. It’s not an issue of morality or denying those who claim to be in need. It’s an issue of not letting progressive politicians rob hard-working small business owners and other employers to bankroll a socialist fantasy.

The Battles Ahead

As the year wanes and Coloradans are preparing for the Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s and other holidays, the day everyone should be dreading is drawing

Freedom to Fuel versus Forced to Enrich China

In trying to force winners and losers, the government has created an incentive that keeps the most polluting vehicles on the road and leaves the biggest fuel savings on the table. The real winner in the push for electric vehicles is not the environment, it’s China.

By Any Means Necessary

Rick Turnquist writes about how progressives have leveraged and weaponized the American nonprofit sector to advance their agenda. With a look at how this works in the state of Colorado and nationally, Rick reviews how this enables their Power Grab, with a review of the book by the same name by Congressman Jason Chaffetz.

Corporate Welfare in Colorado Recap

Proposition CC was defeated at the polls, but taxpayer dollars are still being wasted via corporate welfare. Patti Kurgan summarizes her earlier reporting on the rampant corporate welfare abuse in Colorado.

Tax Incremental Financing and Corporate Welfare

Corporate welfare comes in many forms from the state or local government: grants, investment tax credits, job training tax credits, new employee tax credits, early-stage capital and retention grant, and tax incremental financing.

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. Who Should Govern?

Since government is made up of human beings who are flawed, the Founders tried to minimize the harm government can do to humanity by limiting its scope and power. Roger Bianco explains in his latest essay.

The Pillars of Modern Life

Fossil fuels, free-market capitalism, and limited government are the pillars of modern life. These pillars rest on the foundation of reason. Progressives want to tear it down.

Edward Snowden’s Permanent Record

In the Age of Information, data is power. Susan Kochevar reviews National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden’s book, Permanent Record.

Winning the Race for a Second Term

Susan Kochevar takes a look at President Trump’s record on reducing regulations and how this might impact his chances at a second term in office.

Taxation and Wealth

Rick Turnquist looks at the moral basis for acquiring wealth and how taxation impacts individuals and state economies.

You Promised You Would Be There

The Air Quality and Control Commission promised the public a chance to comment at the hearing for Colorado Low Emission Automobile Regulation (CLEAR). They did not keep that promise. Kim Monson shares her view on CLEAR after being denied the chance to do so at the hearing.

The Proper Role of Government

With Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) under legislative attack, Rick Turnquist examines the proper role of government and Colorado’s use of taxpayer dollars.

The Moral Problem With Socialism

The results of socialism are incidental to the central problem of socialism: The fundamental problem with socialism is that it’s intrinsically immoral, inherently unjust.

Why TABOR Matters

For over almost three decades Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights has protected taxpayers and the state’s economy. Proposition CC is an attack on those protections.

Blood Reparations for Slavery

Congress has recently raised the specter of reparations for slavery, but what about the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who paid in blood to end that most wicked institution?

Who Are We?

The Pro-Choice Viable Life Initiative/Act does not stop or prohibit abortions. It redirects the federal focus of promoting and funding death to funding and promoting life. Life of the mother and life of the baby are priority one.

Recall Tom Sullivan

To support the effort to recall Tom Sullivan, go to www.recallcolorado.org, or sign the recall petition at the HD 37 Recall office at 7308 S Alton Way, Unit G, Centennial 80112.

Staving Off the Tyranny of the Majority

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact threatens to undo the protections of the Electoral College and take away the will of smaller states in presidential elections.

What’s in a Name?

Featured guest contributor, Jay Davidson, explains the depth in the name of these United States, and the importance of the Electoral College.