What Are You Certain Of?

There are always unknowns in life, however the COVID reaction disruption was full of unknowns that we had to deal with. In his latest essay What Are You Certain Of? Brad Beck discusses a daily online community he participated in which gave him hope, inspiration and business ideas. He explains that the advice to focus on what you are certain of was and is great help in times of uncertainty.

I’ll Give You Amnesty on One Condition

In his essay I’ll Give you Amnesty on One Condition, author Allen Thomas addresses an article in The Atlantic opining for COVID amnesty. Thomas explains that the enormous power grab by PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) during the COVID reaction must be acknowledged and walked back to give the power over individuals lives back to the individuals.

Veterans’ Day 2022: The Past, Present, & Future of Healthcare

With many societal changes inflicted after the attacks on September 11, 2001, all sectors of government leaned into authoritarian policies which incrementally undermine freedom. This societal shift also influenced healthcare and medicine. Author Pam Long explains that if we lose autonomy over what technology is injected, ingested, or inserted into our bodies, then we have lost the foundation of all freedoms.

The Left’s War on Children

In this essay Rick Turnquist identifies and calls out the Left’s war on children. From insistence on the “right” to abortion to teaching gender ideology in schools to instilling climate change fear, it’s clear the Left is hostile to children today.

Vote Republican

In his latest essay, Rick Turnquist presents objective facts about how our economy is doing and makes the case for voting – and voting Republican. Rick unapologetically points out several ways in which Democrats are simply unfit to govern.

What Problem Are They Trying to Fix?

In his latest essay, What Problem Are They Trying to Fix?, Brad Beck recounts a conversation that he had with two neighbors regarding the Home Rule question 3E on the Erie, Colorado ballot this November. Brad discusses the supporter’s narrative regarding Home Rule and explains that ultimately their reasons will result in more government control over Erie citizen’s everyday lives

School Choice is Anti-Fascist

In his latest essay School Choice is Anti-Fascist, author Allen Thomas explains that Hitler and his Nazis recognized the power of control and indoctrination of the education of children. Thomas notes that there are several parallels between Hitler’s strategy and today’s government-run education system. Thomas recognizes that the antidote to educational fascism is school choice.

The Triad of Medical Fascism Emerged in September 2022

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the AMA (American Medical Association) were once very respected institutions. In her essay The Triad of Medical Fascism, author Pam Long discusses the politicization of what were once trusted organizations. Long connects the dots and the danger of censoring doctor’s voices, gender mutilation of our children and Joe Biden’s Executive Order regarding transhumanism.

The Road Less Travelled

In her essay The Road Less Traveled, Cindy Puhek shares thoughts about her and her husband’s decision and journey to homeschool their six children. Puhek explains that she was initially insecure about the decision and reflects on the successes of her children’s homeschool experience.

We Are the Problem

“Watching the news on any channel is an opportunity to talk back to the TV. The president of the United States demonizes 76 million of his fellow Americans as ‘semi-fascists.’ He speaks about unity, yet his rhetoric divides,” author Brad Beck notes in his latest essay. Beck explains that as much as we complain, we are really the problem. We have abdicated our civic duty and not paid attention. Brad shares that he can no longer sit on the sidelines. He is recommending a “NO” vote on the Erie, Colorado, Home Rule ballot question and discusses why he has put his name on the ballot for the Home Rule Charter Commission.

Book Review – San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities

In his latest essay, Rick Turnquist reviews Michael Shellenberger’s book San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities. In San Fransicko. Shellenberger discusses the causes of homelessness and how policies and strategies developed by the progressive Democrats who run our major cities are only making the problem worse. A cautionary tale that applies to any Democrat-run city…including Denver.

Becoming a Superpower by Using Our Superpower

In his essay Becoming a Superpower by Using Our Superpower, author Allen Thomas explains that when our Founding Fathers convened to create a new government, they had just bested one of the mightiest empires in history. It was remarkable. Thomas discusses the ideal that Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is the foundation of America’s success.

Gov. Polis and CDPHE Conspire to Violate FERPA for Illegal Student Surveillance

In this essay Gov. Polis and CDPHE Conspire to Violate FERPA for Illegal Student Surveillance, author, West Point graduate and former Captain in the Army Medical Service Corps Pam Long explains the prior attempts and current attempt of the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) in its long term, incremental plan to obtain citizen’s personally identifying data (PII) under the guise of “health and safety” to strong arm vaccine uptake.

The American Creed and the Contemporary Crisis

In his most recent essay The American Creed and the Contemporary Crisis, Dr. Douglas Groothuis explains that the fiery race riots in 2020 revealed that many Americans no longer believe in America and want to burn it down. He explains that many hold high office and their ideas are part of the curricula of state schools. Groothuis challenges us to counter this unholy fire by understanding the American Creed and what America is truly about.

The Student Loan Forgiveness Program (SLFOP) is Purposely Misnamed

In his most recent essay The Student Loan Forgiveness Program (SLFOP) is Purposely Misnamed, Jay Davidson explains that it is not a “forgiveness” program but instead a transfer program that shifts the payment of the obligation from the person who benefitted from the money to those who did not. Davidson also explains that while it appears as a benefit to the student who borrowed and promised to pay the debt, it actually creates a defeatist psyche on the student borrower.

Is Homeschooling Possible for Your Family?

In this essay Is Homeschooling Possible for Your Family? Shari McMinn discusses the potential benefits of home schooling children. Her second oldest son was labeled both “highly gifted” and “special needs” half-way through second grade at the neighborhood elementary school. The principal recommended that McMinn consider home schooling. McMinn also explains what to do when experiencing a challenging home schooling day.

The Stakeholders in Education

In his latest essay, The Stakeholders in Education, Allen Thomas delves deeper into the issues regarding education in America today. He notes that the real stakeholders in the education system are not politicians, bureaucrats, and interested parties but rather parents, teachers and the children. Government must take a step back and parents must remember that the education of their children is their responsibility.

Cherry Creek School District has School-Based, Community Health Care Centers, and We Have Questions

Cherry Creek School District has opened two school-based community health centers. In her latest essay, concerned mom Jen Gibbons, with Cherry Creek Parents Advocacy Network, explains that they have questions. She asks, “Who is responsible for the safety of our children attending the high schools and middle schools on that shared property?” She also asks, “Who is responsible for continued care and follow up if the parents have not consented to treatment, and there are resulting complications?” Gibbons notes that parents must get informed and become involved advocates for their children.

Thank You Takes Training

In his essay, Thank You Takes Training, Brad Beck discusses gratitude. He tells the story of a Jewish farmer who cannot see the blessings in his life until he takes the advice of the town rabbi. Beck explains that we can train ourselves to acknowledge blessings to ourselves and to others. He discusses the “thank you’s” he has received over the years for helping his customers succeed.

Protecting Senior Citizens From Asset Theft By Collusion of Doctors and Judges

Asset theft of seniors and the elderly is an organized crime racket that most Americans have never heard of. Pam Long explains in her latest essay, Protecting Senior Citizens From Asset Theft by Collusion of Doctors and Judges, that when a doctor asked her friend if she had a will, it raised a red flag. Long discusses Guardianship Fraud and how to prevent it.

Book Review – Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal and Natural Gas – Not Less

Rick Turnquist takes a look at Alex Epstein’s latest book Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal and Natural Gas – Not Less in his latest essay. In Fossil Future, Epstein reviews how our knowledge system is broken, how fossil fuels are necessary to human flourishing and how more fossil fuel use can empower even more people around the world. Oh, and reliable, affordable energy may not be that bad for the climate either.

What’s Going on In Education?

In her essay, What’s Going On in Education, Director of Government Relations for Christian Home Educators of Colorado Carolyn Martin discusses key concerns regarding children’s education in America today. Carolyn notes that state standards and data collection really are based on an agenda of more and more control by the state and less parental control of their children. Carolyn explains steps that parents can take to reclaim their children’s education.

The Excesses of Socialism Reap a Bitter Harvest

In his essay The Excesses of Socialism Reap a Bitter Harvest, Jay Davidson connects the dots to individual’s frustrations with the consequences of excessive government intervention in our lives. Davidson explains that the political tendencies toward Socialism and Communism inexorably grow central government control over the individual. Davidson notes that it is the individual’s fault for not getting involved earlier nor staying informed. However, the individual can fix it.

Finding The Funny

With all the headlines about “infections” in the media, Brad Beck discusses why laughter and humor are healthy “infections.” Beck explains that it is hard to change the world, but we can change our worlds by looking for humor in life everyday. He notes, “We need to seek humor as we emerge from the mandated restrictions created by an overreaching government. As human beings we need to look for the funny in things even when times are serious.”

When “Art Club” Is Child Abuse

In his latest essay, Rick Turnquist documents one family’s nightmare: about how a 12-year-old girl was invited to “art club” after school in a northern Colorado school district, only to find out it was a LGBTQ indoctrination session – and she was instructed to hide this fact from her parents. Rick describes this family’s story and asks the question: “When do we call child abuse “child abuse”?

What Conservatives Need to Know About Medical Cannabis

In this essay former Captain in the Army Medical Service Corps Pam Long addresses (1) the urban legend of marijuana, (2) the medical power of cannabis, (3) and the political costs for misinformed conservative candidates running for office. Long sheds light on the relationship between big Pharma and big government to restrict medical freedom regarding cannabis.

The Teacher’s Union is Politicizing Our Schools

In her most recent essay, concerned mother Jen Gibbons discusses the teacher’s union push of radical leftist agendas and racist ideology under the guise of equity. The teacher’s union agenda is causing our kids to fall behind. Less than half of the third graders in Cherry Creek School District and in Colorado are proficient in reading and math. Gibbons explains how we can turn this around and rescue our kids.

The Human Inclination Towards Liberty

In his essay, The Human Inclination Towards Liberty, Allen Thomas looks at human nature and whether or not human nature includes Liberty. Thomas notes that in these tasking times it can often seem as though the natural human tendency is not towards freedom but towards power. Yet he asks, “How could Jefferson write that this truth of Liberty was self-evident without it being ingrained in human nature?”

Critical Race Theory on Trial

In his essay Critical Race Theory on Trial, Dr. Douglas Groothuis examines the precepts of CRT and explains that CRT is based on false assumptions (many inherited from Marxism) and makes false promises of justice through grievance, social engineering, and reparation. Dr. Groothuis latest book Fire in the Streets: How You Can Confidently Respond to Incendiary Cultural Topics contains a more indepth commentary on the subject.

Created Different

Yvonne Paez was born on U.S. soil and spent most of her childhood growing up in Mexico. In her essay Created Different, Paez explains that she has the unique experience of viewing the United States both as a citizen and a foreigner. She discusses the difference between America and other countries and shares what we must do to protect what has been bequeathed to us from our Founding.

Accidental Conservatives

Many celebrities and movies are accidentally conservative and they do not even realize it. In his essay, Accidental Conservatives, Allen Thomas explains that Liberty is ingrained in every human being. Allen shares examples of Hollywood supporting the tenants of conservatism: rule of law, intellectual & individual property rights, school choice, and free-market capitalism.

Cherry Creek School District Children Are Falling Behind

Cherry Creek School District is failing its students. Jen Gibbons explains that according to the Colorado Department of Education, in 2014, 75.72% of the children in Cherry Creek School District were reading at or above grade level. In 2019, the percentage of kids at or above grade level dropped to 50% and even lower after the pandemic. Gibbons addresses the change in curriculum that is causing this decline.

Light vs. Dark, Truth vs. Deceit

“Half-truths, intentional erroneous statements, inaccurate data and deception plague us on a daily basis. Social media and the onslaught of continual news and entertainment have many believing that their own good comes first,” notes Patti Kurgan in her essay Light vs. Dark, Truth vs. Deceit. Kurgan explains how to resist today’s secular movement and deflect the evil assault on Catholicism.

The $1 Million Cost Per Person for Gender Transition

In her recent essay The $1 Million Cost Per Person of Gender Transition, former Captain in the Army Medical Service Corps and West Point graduate Pam Long explains that gender transition has many costs: financial, physical and emotional. Pam notes that legislation has been passed in Colorado and signed by Polis that lowers the age of consent for psychotherapy drugs to 12 years old and parents are not permitted to obtain their child’s mental health records with the child’s permission.

You Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til It’s Gone

In his latest essay, Rick Turnquist talks about how we are in danger of losing the American dream due to the intentional acts of the progressive Democrats and their elected officials. From the war on energy to runaway inflation, tumbling stock markets and intensifying culture wars, everything happening is by design. Fortunately, we can turn it around in November by electing Republicans.

Colorado is Broken, Grassroots Candidates Will Fix It!

Vote Greg Lopez for Governer, Ron Hanks for Senate and Tina Peters for Secretary of State

We are living the consequences of bad public policy driven by radical, activist, ideologues who have taken over the Democrat party AND squishy big-government Republicans. In her essay Colorado Is Broken, Grassroots Candidates Will Fix It, author and radio show host Kim Monson explains, in detail, why we must elect candidates Greg Lopez for Governor, Ron Hanks for U.S. Senate, and Tina Peters for Secretary of State. Your ballot is due June 28th.

The Cerebral Crisis

Everything is labeled a crisis these days. However, as Brad Beck discusses in his essay, The Cerebral Crisis, today’s challenge is really one of individual thought and intellectual curiosity. Brad shares his experience of mentoring a young woman regarding her speaking skills. When realizing that the content of her speech was based on assumptions, half-truths, and unverified accusations, Brad encouraged her to think about issues through premises and context.

The Revolutionary Truth about Transgenderism

Dualistic Nihilism is a new term coined by Dr. Douglas Groothuis. In his essay, The Truth about Transgenderism, Groothuis explains that gender ideology applied to transgenderism is dualistic nihilism. Nihilism is the philosophy that existence has no meaning, purpose, or value. Gender ideology is dualistic because the mind floats free of the body and has no organic connection to it.

The Cosmology of Freedom

In her essay, The Cosmology of Freedom, Cathy McGowan Russell examines the difference between pessimistic cosmologies and optimistic cosmologies. Russell shares her life-changing moment that moved her from a victim cosmology to creator cosmology and how a creator cosmology can help others move from depression to hope.

Do Not Cross the Line

In his essay, Do Not Cross the Line, Allen Thomas explains that even when faced with the opportunity to use government force in response to tragic events or destructive Leftist policies, Freedom-loving individuals and elected representatives must not cross the line of sacrificing our principles to achieve our goals and outcomes.

Will Biden’s Stagflation Lead to Republican Victories in November?

In his essay, Will Biden’s Stagflation Lead to Republican Victories in November? Jay Davidson explains that the Left’s bad policies are leading to Stagflation. Stagflation combines high inflation with stagnant economic growth. It will hit every pocketbook of every person in America. People vote their pocketbooks, and “it’s the economy.” Davidson notes that this November is the perfect storm for freedom-loving candidates to wrest control from the Left.

Colorado Republicans’ Grizzly Rose “Rumble” Raises New June 28 Questions

In his essay, Colorado Republicans’ Grizzly Rose “Rumble” Raises New June 28 Questions, Charles Heatherly explains that Colorado’s open primary system, approved by a slim margin of voters in 2016, will be used to defeat freedom-loving Republican candidates in favor of weaker Republican candidates by Democrats and Dark Money groups from both sides of the political aisle.

1934, 1984, and America in 2022

To show how the Democratic Party and Joe Biden are using propaganda techniques similiar to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in their rise to power.

In his essay 1934, 1984 and America in 2022, 93 year-old Col. William Rutledge Ret. USAF shares his wisdom and observations regarding similarities between Germany in 1933-34 and America in 2021-22. Col. Rutledge explains that George Orwell predicted much of what is happening today in his book 1984.

Anti-Life – Democrats, Abortion, and the Supreme Court

Rick Turnquist talks about abortion and how the Democratic Party, in thrall to its progressive base, will do anything to support the mythical “right” to kill the pre-born, up to and including tearing down the Supreme Court and the American system of government. Rick discusses further how he thinks that mainstream Democrats have become increasingly anti-life. Overturning Roe v Wade will cause the question of abortion law to be decided democratically in the various states. Democrats claim to be in favor of “democracy”, except when it comes to this.

Covid Court Martial

In her most recent essay, Covid Court Martial, author, former Captain in the Army Medical Service Corps, and West Point graduate Pam Long explains that the U.S. military currently has a man-power crisis on every front: recruiting, retention, attrition and morale. Pam notes that the commonality behind all these challenges is the toxic influence of prescription drug dependency on modern “public health.”

Free Speech in America

“The matter of free speech heated up several degrees when multi-billionaire Elon Musk purchased the social media platform, Twitter,” Dr. Douglas Groothuis explains in his recent essay Free Speech in America. He also notes that the “marketplace of ideas” is the best place for debate and discussion, and it is a high virtue to be willing to “disagree in an agreeable way.”