Created Different

Yvonne Paez was born on U.S. soil and spent most of her childhood growing up in Mexico. In her essay Created Different, Paez explains that she has the unique experience of viewing the United States both as a citizen and a foreigner. She discusses the difference between America and other countries and shares what we must do to protect what has been bequeathed to us from our Founding.

Accidental Conservatives

Many celebrities and movies are accidentally conservative and they do not even realize it. In his essay, Accidental Conservatives, Allen Thomas explains that Liberty is ingrained in every human being. Allen shares examples of Hollywood supporting the tenants of conservatism: rule of law, intellectual & individual property rights, school choice, and free-market capitalism.

Cherry Creek School District Children Are Falling Behind

Cherry Creek School District is failing its students. Jen Gibbons explains that according to the Colorado Department of Education, in 2014, 75.72% of the children in Cherry Creek School District were reading at or above grade level. In 2019, the percentage of kids at or above grade level dropped to 50% and even lower after the pandemic. Gibbons addresses the change in curriculum that is causing this decline.

Light vs. Dark, Truth vs. Deceit

“Half-truths, intentional erroneous statements, inaccurate data and deception plague us on a daily basis. Social media and the onslaught of continual news and entertainment have many believing that their own good comes first,” notes Patti Kurgan in her essay Light vs. Dark, Truth vs. Deceit. Kurgan explains how to resist today’s secular movement and deflect the evil assault on Catholicism.

The $1 Million Cost Per Person for Gender Transition

In her recent essay The $1 Million Cost Per Person of Gender Transition, former Captain in the Army Medical Service Corps and West Point graduate Pam Long explains that gender transition has many costs: financial, physical and emotional. Pam notes that legislation has been passed in Colorado and signed by Polis that lowers the age of consent for psychotherapy drugs to 12 years old and parents are not permitted to obtain their child’s mental health records with the child’s permission.

You Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til It’s Gone

In his latest essay, Rick Turnquist talks about how we are in danger of losing the American dream due to the intentional acts of the progressive Democrats and their elected officials. From the war on energy to runaway inflation, tumbling stock markets and intensifying culture wars, everything happening is by design. Fortunately, we can turn it around in November by electing Republicans.

Colorado is Broken, Grassroots Candidates Will Fix It!

Vote Greg Lopez for Governer, Ron Hanks for Senate and Tina Peters for Secretary of State

We are living the consequences of bad public policy driven by radical, activist, ideologues who have taken over the Democrat party AND squishy big-government Republicans. In her essay Colorado Is Broken, Grassroots Candidates Will Fix It, author and radio show host Kim Monson explains, in detail, why we must elect candidates Greg Lopez for Governor, Ron Hanks for U.S. Senate, and Tina Peters for Secretary of State. Your ballot is due June 28th.

The Cerebral Crisis

Everything is labeled a crisis these days. However, as Brad Beck discusses in his essay, The Cerebral Crisis, today’s challenge is really one of individual thought and intellectual curiosity. Brad shares his experience of mentoring a young woman regarding her speaking skills. When realizing that the content of her speech was based on assumptions, half-truths, and unverified accusations, Brad encouraged her to think about issues through premises and context.

The Revolutionary Truth about Transgenderism

Dualistic Nihilism is a new term coined by Dr. Douglas Groothuis. In his essay, The Truth about Transgenderism, Groothuis explains that gender ideology applied to transgenderism is dualistic nihilism. Nihilism is the philosophy that existence has no meaning, purpose, or value. Gender ideology is dualistic because the mind floats free of the body and has no organic connection to it.

The Cosmology of Freedom

In her essay, The Cosmology of Freedom, Cathy McGowan Russell examines the difference between pessimistic cosmologies and optimistic cosmologies. Russell shares her life-changing moment that moved her from a victim cosmology to creator cosmology and how a creator cosmology can help others move from depression to hope.

Do Not Cross the Line

In his essay, Do Not Cross the Line, Allen Thomas explains that even when faced with the opportunity to use government force in response to tragic events or destructive Leftist policies, Freedom-loving individuals and elected representatives must not cross the line of sacrificing our principles to achieve our goals and outcomes.

Will Biden’s Stagflation Lead to Republican Victories in November?

In his essay, Will Biden’s Stagflation Lead to Republican Victories in November? Jay Davidson explains that the Left’s bad policies are leading to Stagflation. Stagflation combines high inflation with stagnant economic growth. It will hit every pocketbook of every person in America. People vote their pocketbooks, and “it’s the economy.” Davidson notes that this November is the perfect storm for freedom-loving candidates to wrest control from the Left.

Colorado Republicans’ Grizzly Rose “Rumble” Raises New June 28 Questions

In his essay, Colorado Republicans’ Grizzly Rose “Rumble” Raises New June 28 Questions, Charles Heatherly explains that Colorado’s open primary system, approved by a slim margin of voters in 2016, will be used to defeat freedom-loving Republican candidates in favor of weaker Republican candidates by Democrats and Dark Money groups from both sides of the political aisle.

1934, 1984, and America in 2022

To show how the Democratic Party and Joe Biden are using propaganda techniques similiar to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in their rise to power.

In his essay 1934, 1984 and America in 2022, 93 year-old Col. William Rutledge Ret. USAF shares his wisdom and observations regarding similarities between Germany in 1933-34 and America in 2021-22. Col. Rutledge explains that George Orwell predicted much of what is happening today in his book 1984.

Anti-Life – Democrats, Abortion, and the Supreme Court

Rick Turnquist talks about abortion and how the Democratic Party, in thrall to its progressive base, will do anything to support the mythical “right” to kill the pre-born, up to and including tearing down the Supreme Court and the American system of government. Rick discusses further how he thinks that mainstream Democrats have become increasingly anti-life. Overturning Roe v Wade will cause the question of abortion law to be decided democratically in the various states. Democrats claim to be in favor of “democracy”, except when it comes to this.

Covid Court Martial

In her most recent essay, Covid Court Martial, author, former Captain in the Army Medical Service Corps, and West Point graduate Pam Long explains that the U.S. military currently has a man-power crisis on every front: recruiting, retention, attrition and morale. Pam notes that the commonality behind all these challenges is the toxic influence of prescription drug dependency on modern “public health.”

Free Speech in America

“The matter of free speech heated up several degrees when multi-billionaire Elon Musk purchased the social media platform, Twitter,” Dr. Douglas Groothuis explains in his recent essay Free Speech in America. He also notes that the “marketplace of ideas” is the best place for debate and discussion, and it is a high virtue to be willing to “disagree in an agreeable way.”

The Ultimate Rivalry: States’ Rights versus the Federal Government

Government is force. America’s Founders realized this. In his essay The Ultimate Rivalry: States’ Rights versus the Federal Government, Allen Thomas explains this is why the Founders wrestled not only with the fear that the federal government would become too large but also that a state’s sovereignty would become too robust or too diminutive. Allen notes that power should reside in the people, locally and nationally.

It Doesn’t Have to be that Complicated

In his essay It Doesn’t Have to be That Complicated, Brad Beck shares a simple formula to better understand the proper role of government. Brad also explains that as Conservatives preserve and guard the Blessings of Family, Faith, Friendship and Freedom, Conservatives welcome debate on diversity of ideas, include all in the big tent of freedom and celebrate our equity of being human.

Earth Day

It’s (probably) not a coincidence that Earth Day falls on Vladimir Lenin’s birthday. The concept of Earth Day is sound, but many of its founders are Leftists who tainted its conception with progressive ideology. Earth Day is a holiday that celebrates a war against modern society and embraces delusions about the benefits and sustainability of renewable energy. In his latest essay, Rick Turnquist examines Earth Day’s leftist origins and its use as a political tool by the Left.

Medical Surveillance from Womb to Tomb: Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS)

Each piece of legislation regarding vaccination tracking was the camel’s nose under the tent. The camel is now in the tent and the danger to our medical freedoms is in full sight. In her essay From Womb to Tomb: Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS), author Pam Long explains ten points that each of us should be concerned about. Pam notes that we must actively address these issues.

How to be an American Dissident

In his essay How to be an American Dissident, Dr. Douglas Groothuis explains that American Culture is in a dizzying freefall. He describes the dangers of the attack on free speech. Dr. Groothuis connects the dots from the 1960s sexual revolution to Colorado’s radical abortion bill HB22-1279 that makes it legal to abort a baby right up until the moment of birth. Dr. Groothuis shares three things each of us can do to change this destructive course for America.

The Slap

In his essay The Slap, author Jay Davidson asks, “How far have we come from perspective and reality when a slap is anything but proof of the effeminacy of “men” in entertainment?” Davidson draws the distinction between “The Slap” and how his WWII Veteran father and friends would handle an insult. Davidson shares his thoughts of healing a fractured America and uniting around the common cause of protecting our children’s future.

If You Are Getting a Lot of Flak, You Must Be Over the Target

In her essay, If You Are Getting a Lot of Flak, You Must Be Over the Target, radio show host Kim Monson sheds light on the courage of Mesa County Clerk and Recorder and candidate for Colorado Secretary of State Tina Peters, SB22-153 which centralizes power over our elections in the Secretary of State’s office and the troubling relationship of Republican Secretary of State candidate Pam Anderson’s board position on the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), the organization which received $350,000,000.00 from Mark Zuckerberg and his wife to influence the 2020 election.

Democrat Bill SB22-153 Bans County Clerks from Securing Elections

SB22-153 is designed to circumvent election integrity

Increasingly Americans are becoming aware of weird things that happened with the 2020 election. In her essay Democrat Bill SB22-153 Bans County Clerks from Securing Elections, columnist Joy Overbeck explains that centralizing Colorado elections in the Secretary of State’s office reduces the transparency, accountability and integrity of our election process. Most people, whether Blue Dog Democrats, Libertarians, Unaffiliateds, Republicans or Conservatives, know the importance of elections that we can trust.

The PDF of Life

In this essay, writer Brad Beck explains that the PDF of Life is persistence, determination and failure. Persistence is continuing on even when faced with hardships and barriers. Determination is taking setbacks in stride and reassessing ways and opportunities to continue. Lastly, instead of succumbing to failure, continue to strive for success.

Abortion, Law, and Human Value

After reading Whatever Happened to the Human Race? by philosopher, Francis Schaeffer, and surgeon, C. Everett Koop, Dr. Douglas Groothuis became pro-life. That was in 1979 and he was twenty-two years old. In his essay Abortion, Law, and Human Value Dr. Groothuis explains his grave concern regarding the barbaric legislation, House Bill 22-1279, which is making its’ way through the Colorado legislature and to Polis’s desk. HB22-1279: Reproductive Health Equity Act would codify into law that a baby can be aborted right up to the moment of birth. There is no humanity, no compassion, no kindness and no equity HB22-1279.

The Folly of Licensure Exams

Does licensing in America promote meritocracy or mediocrity? Do you want your brain surgeon to only pass/fail his exams with a 70% or better? Will you go back to a restaurant that only provides good food 70% of the time? What if your manicurist only did seven of your nails? In his essay The Folly of Licensure Exams, Allen Thomas explains that ultimately the free market can address the stated goals of government licensing.

Greg Lopez: Development in Colorado Requires Smart Growth & Experienced Leadership

In her Op-Ed Greg Lopez: Development in Colorado Requires Smart Growth & Experienced Leadership, West Point Graduate, former Captain in the Army Medical Services Corps and author Pam Long interviews Greg Lopez, Republican gubernatorial candidate, and shares Lopez’s perspective on the issues facing Colorado today: population growth, affordable housing, labor and training, development and public engagement, small business, transportation, water, preserving the natural beauty and wildlife of Colorado and our future.

Exactly Wrong — Democrats and Energy

War, enabled by American weakness, is driving energy prices up. Instead of asking American oil and gas producers to ramp up, Democrats continue to try to destroy the industry while approaching hostile regimes to increase THEIR oil production. Rick Turnquist takes a look at how Democrats are exactly wrong on energy policy, how “renewable” energy only provides a fraction of our energy needs, and how the upcoming elections are so important. Democrats are unfit to govern.

Colorado Gubernatorial Race: Campaign Rhetoric vs Reality

In Colorado's 2022 election for governor, voters need to be aware that some candidates will make campaign promises they cannot fulfill.

People are frustrated. The Democrat policies of Governor Polis and the activist elites in the Colorado State House are hurting everyday hard-working Coloradans. It is easy for campaign rhetoric to unrealistically address the frustration of “We the People.” In her Op-Ed Colorado Gubernatorial Race: Campaign Rhetoric vs Reality, Pam Long explains Polis’s actions that are detrimental to the people of Colorado. Long also offers solutions to these issues.

Follow the Leader?

What is leadership? In his Op-Ed Follow the Leader? Brad Beck examines the importance of demonstration to persuade people to follow instead of the use of force and coercion.

What The Anti-Federalists Got Right

At America’s Founding, who were the Anti-Federalists? What were their concerns? What can we learn from them? In his Op-Ed What the Anti-Federalists Got Right, author Allen Thomas explains that many points of the Anti-Federalists regarding an expanding federal government are coming to fruition in 2022 America.

Public Health “Partnerships” Sponsor Big Tech & Big Pharma Visions

Big business and big government love each other. Big pharma, the hospital industrial complex, Democrat politicians and public health bureaucrats really love each other. In her Op-Ed, “Public Health ‘Partnerships’ sponsor Big Tech & Big Pharma Visions,” West Point graduate and former Captain in the Army Medical Service Corps Pam Long sheds light on the Metro Denver Partnership of Health’s behind closed doors, non-transparent stated agenda focused on seven work groups: behavioral health, data sharing, healthy beverages, early childhood, climate change, health equity, and strategic partnerships.

Your Hand Always Fits a Broom

“There is dignity in all work, even sweeping the floor. Skills in one job or profession are often transferable to another even when they seem like they are not.” In his Op-Ed Your Hands Always Fit a Broom, Author Brad Beck shares invaluable lessons he learned from his Dad.

One Year Later – America in Decline

A look back at Joe Biden's disastrous first year as President.

Record inflation. Escalating crime. Our kids are falling behind. Unsustainable government spending. Immoral government debt. Rick Turnquist shares his thoughts about Biden’s public policies in his Op-Ed One Year In – America In Decline.

Court Complacency

Colorado baker and cake decorator Jack Phillips stands in front of the US congress in a composite image meant to show the peril of legislators not doing their job to protect rights.

“The courts are supposed to be the bulwarks; they are to be stalwart authorities on the American founding documents, the defensive pillars from the whims of the mob, and they are to protect our Constitution from the infringements of the legislative and executive branches,” Allen Thomas notes in his most recent Op-Ed, “Court Complacency.” Allen continues that even though there may be cause for celebration in the Supreme Court’s OSHA vaccine mandate ruling, there is also cause for concern.

Colorado Was the First Abortion State, Even Before Roe vs. Wade

In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling on Roe vs Wade. Many think this is the ruling that made abortion legal. In her op-ed, ” Colorado was the First Abortion State, Even Before Roe vs. Wade,” author Patti Kurgan explains that six years before the passage of Rove V. Wade, state representative Dick Lamm (who went on to become Colorado’s governor) introduced an abortion bill that was eventually passed and signed by Governor John Love on April 25, 1967, the first of its kind in the nation.

Best and Worst of Colorado Politics in 2021

Photo of Jill Ryan, Jenna Griswold, Jared Griswold, Justin Smith and Lora Thomas

Pam Long, author, West Point graduate and former Captain with the Army Medical Services Corp, pulls no punches in her Op-Ed, The Best and Worst of Colorado Politics in 2021. She notes both Jared Polis’ worst and best decisions, describes why Tri-County Health became no-county health, and explains the best and worst of school outcomes. Pam’s well-researched piece brings clarity to the chaos and confusion fomented in Colorado during 2021.

The Encouraging End to 2021

In his Op-Ed, The Encouraging End to 2021, author Allen Thomas explains that as radical progressivism seems to be invading every aspect of our lives, and as counties and school boards sought to mandate and demand wokeism, a sense of fight and camaraderie are resonating, building hope, to reclaim our American Idea. Allen notes that this hope is emerging in three key areas: the culture, the states, and the courts.

Digging for Truth

To show a group of people digging for the truth.

In his Op-Ed Digging for Truth, Brad Beck draws on his college experience working at archeological sites, to explain how we can better process today’s news. Piecing together the past helps us better understand our future, Brad recommends that just as he meticulously searched and studied rock, bone, charred wood and pottery, we can use the same meticulous process when looking at today’s news. In doing so, we will more fully understand and repair the issues that we face today.

King of Kings, Lord of Lords

In her article King of King, and Lord of Lords, author and researcher Patti Kurgan explains that the word “Christmas” means Christ’s mass or the Mass of Christ, and that in a humble stable Christ was born as the Light of the World. He comes to bring us out of darkness. Patti shares excerpts from Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s (1895-1979) audio The True Meaning of Christmas that notes 465 prophecies proclaiming there will be a Savior and Redeemer have been fulfilled.

Exactly Wrong – Democrats and Crime

The media and political activists on the left handled the facts and situations of Julius Jones and Kyle Rittenhouse in a manner that shows that when it comes to crime and criminals, progressive Democrats are exactly wrong.

Mary, Holy Mother of God

In this season of Advent author and researcher Patti Kurgan explains the importance of Mary, mother of Jesus, and her desire for Christians, including fellow Catholics, to come to know Mary more intimately and her importance in our collective salvation history.

The Tragedy of Afghanistan: The US Role as the Shining Light of Freedom and Liberty

In Retired Army Lt. Col. Anthony Hartsook’s Op-Ed The Tragedy of Afghanistan: The U.S. Role as the Shining Light of Freedom and Liberty, Anthony addresses the anger and frustration that Americans are feeling because of the death of thirteen of our brave Army Soldiers and Marines. With the fluid geo-political landscape, Anthony explains that it is not in our best interest to withdraw from world affairs.

Life of Fear or Life of Peace

On this first Sunday of Advent 2021, author and researcher Patti Kurgan notes the choice that we each must make regarding living a Life of Fear or a Life of Peace. Patti addresses the eighty-eighth week of “two weeks to flatten the curve” and why looking to government for answers only creates stress, separation and sadness. Patti explains that there is light in this darkness and it is God.