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Merlin Klotz

WW II Veteran, Dr. Ken Isaacs, will turn 100 in 2020. Dr. Isaacs served in dual roles in WWII, one as a rifleman and two doing administrative work behind the lines. He landed on Omaha Beach a few days after the D-Day liberation landing. Dr. Isaacs will share his experiences about the Battle of the Bulge and how cold it was. Dr. Isaacs’ life work has been to help veterans with PTSD and individuals to live healthy mental lives through his Natural Psychology Foundation.


Jason McBride

Corporate Welfare and why you should vote no on Prop CC this November. Kim Monson here. Friday Jason McBride with Presidential Wealth Management and Patti Kurgan, Research Director for the Kim Monson Show join me. You’ll get some tips for your personal economic well-being plus we’ll shed more light on Colorado’s vast corporate welfare giveaways and why you should vote no on Prop CC.


Douglas Bruce

Should you have rights as a taxpayer? Smooth-talking PBIs, politicians, bureaucrats and interested parties, don’t think so. That is why they are spending all kinds of money and using deceptive practices to try to get you to give them your TABOR, Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, refunds forever. Wednesday Douglas Bruce, the architect of TABOR, joins me. He’ll explain why you should vote no on Prop CC.


D.K. Williams

There’s a lot of talk about impeachment these days. Exactly how does the process work and what about judicial review of the results? Thursday, attorney and podcaster D.K. Williams with Speakeasy Ideas joins me to explain.


Rose Pugliese

And so it begins. The job-killing effects of Senate Bill 181 that was passed by the 2019 Colorado Legislature and signed into law by Governor Polis. Halliburton is laying off 178 petroleum workers in Mesa County. What does this mean for the economic health and well-being of these individuals as well as Mesa County?

The Americhicks with Kim Monson.

Dissecting issues as Right vs Wrong instead of Right vs Left. Agree or disagree, let’s have a conversation.

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