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Josh Philipp, Sue Moore

Last Monday the U.S. charged four Chinese military officers, who are members of the People's Liberation Army, with breaking into Atlanta based Equifax in 2017, stealing trade secrets and the personal data on approximately 145 million individuals. These hackers stole names, birth dates and Social Security numbers of nearly half of all Americans. Why should you care? Monday, I’ll ask Josh Philipp, Senior Investigative Reporter with the Epoch Times.


Karen Levine, Lorne Levy, Liz Peetz

Making it more difficult for young people to buy condos. Increasing the cost of new house builds by mandating requirements for electric vehicles.Tuesday I’ll have a conversation with Karen Levine, award-winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, Lorne Levy, home financing expert with Poly Fi, and Colorado Association of Realtors Government Affairs VP Liz Peetz about what is happening under the Golden Dome.


Cody Hubley

Danger, danger! There’s SLAB’s ahead. What are SLABS? Student Loan Asset Backed Securities. Forty five million Americans have managed to amass $1.75 trillion in student loans. Wednesday millennial Cody Hubley joins me to share his perspective that just like the mortgage crisis that preceded it, the student loan bubble is not a product of free-market capitalism but rather decades of government involvement. What about solutions?


Deroy Murdock

Political commentator Deroy Murdock states in his recent Op-Ed for National Review that “Trump marks third year in office with real success despite irrational venomous Democrats.” Thursday Deroy joins me to talk about some of Trump’s successes.


Stan Everitt

There is so much divisiveness in America today. Many times we stop talking with each other. We are being asked to censor our thoughts and speech. This is not healthy and cannot come to real solutions. Friday Stan Everitt, founder of the Legacy Project, joins me. We’ll have a conversation about how we communicate with each other.

The Americhicks with Kim Monson.

Dissecting issues as Right vs Wrong instead of Right vs Left. Agree or disagree, let’s have a conversation.

Featured Articles

Iceberg, Right Ahead! Due to Student Loan Asset Backed Securities

With 70% of millennials extremely likely to vote for a socialist candidate if it releases them from student loan debt imposed on them by a corrupt system, Republicans who want to see capitalism succeed must provide measurable relief in a way that agrees with conservative values.


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How Legislation Hurts Affordable Housing in Denver and Colorado

Liz Peetz on how upcoming legislation could impact Denver’s affordable homes market. Karen Levine and Lorne Levy discuss Denver’s housing market and the very low interest rates affecting inventory. Kim discusses HB20-083, Prohibit Courthouse Civil Arrest. Pam Long and Kim continue the conversation on SB20-163, School Entry Immunization.

How China’s People’s Liberation Army Would Gain by Hacking Equifax

Josh Philipp of The Epoch Times joins Kim to discuss the revelation that the People’s Republic Army is behind the hacking of Equifax. Jason McBride takes a look at SB20-167, Electric Motor Vehicle Manufacture and Dealer. Pam Long joins Kim to discuss Colorado’s SB20-163, School Entry Immunization.

Are Legislators Trying to Buy The Votes of the Young and Naive?

Kim and Producer Steve are joined by Susan Kochevar and Jen Hulan, show sponsors and insightful business owners, along with Patti Kurgan to discuss vote buying, bring your own wine to restaurants, minimum wage, 16 year olds voting, and other absolute-control policies espoused at the Capitol Golden Dome.

Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives

Colorado’s SB 20-163, School Entry Immunization RTD’s “Reimagine RTD” plan Derek Wilburn of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives on his People of Color Capitol Interns

The Correlation Between Mental Health and Physical Health

Susan Harris and Kim have a conversation on the connection between mental health and physical health and why it is so important to stay positive, regardless of the negativity around you. William Perry Pendley, Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management, joins Kim to discuss the move to Grand Junction. A look at Colorado’s HB 20-1155, Higher Efficiency New Construction Residence.

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