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Liberty Toastmasters, Sue Moore

“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety,” Benjamin Franklin famously said. There has always been tension between being free and being safe. With Governor Polis, Mayor Hancock and Tri-County Health Bureaucrat John Douglas’ edict to lock down our communities, we must be vigilant that government shrinks back to its proper role once we are through this Covid19/Wuhan Virus challenge. Monday fellow Liberty Toastmasters will share their thoughts on the right to violate rights.


Patti Kurhan, Annie Buerger

The skip of a heartbeat! This Covid 19/Wuhan Virus thing has probably had each of us skip a heartbeat or two. Tuesday researcher Patti Kurgan joins me for a conversation about her Op-Ed on dealing with the Covid 19/Wuhan Virus and the economic fall-out. Plus Annie Buerger, founder of Beulah’s Place, joins me to shed light on helping homeless teenagers who are victims of human trafficking.


Greg Fulton, Matthew Durkin

Our truckers and the trucking industry have done an amazing job in getting goods to our stores to restock shelves during this most interesting time. Wednesday Greg Fulton, President of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, will share his update on stocking our stores plus some silver lining aspects of the Covid 19/Wuhan virus. Plus Matt Durkin, candidate for Jefferson DA, weighs in on keeping our communities safe.trafficking.


Dr. Jill Vecchio, Casper Stockham

There is a lot of conversation about the number of ventilators and hospital beds in the United States right now. Has prior public policy affected our readiness for something like Covid 19, the Wuhan Virus? Why should we be very wary of the Public Healthcare Option that has been proposed down at the Colorado State Capitol? Thursday Dr. Jill Vechhio joins me to answer these questions. Plus Candidate for Congressional District 7, Casper Stockham, will weigh in on current issues.


Tom Petrie

We’re getting a taste of Socialism and we don’t like it. The Covid 19/Wuhan Virus reaction shows us how Socialism works: lines at the market, empty shelves and draconian government mandates. Now more than ever, with people sequestered in their homes, we realize that we have taken reliable, affordable and efficient energy for granted. Friday international oil analyst and expert Tom Petrie joins me for our Health and Hydrocarbons show brought to you by Liberty Oilfield Services.

Headlines for Hope

Featured Articles

Are “Public” Things Good?

Don’t be fooled by the allure and simplicity of “public” solutions or by the politicians making those pitches. In fact, when a politician speaks of all things “public”, make sure your skeptical antenna shoots up.  They sell us the virtue but in the end they take near monopolistic control, certain people are enriched at everyone else’s expense and the problems remain.

Latest Shows

Government’s Failure in Public Policy

Roger Bianco, Board Member of Leadership Program of the Rockies, reviews his recent article, Are Public Things Good? Dr. Jill Vecchio joins Kim to “lowlight” HB20-1349, Colorado Affordable Health Care Option. Jason McBride joins Kim to shed a bright light on the stock market.

COVID-19 Stimulus Package and Market Panic

Jay Davidson, founder and Chairman of the Board of First American State Bank, and Kim have a robust conversation regarding the “man made economic virus.” Matt Durkin, candidate for JeffCO DA, joins Kim to inform listeners that prisoners are being let out of jail. Jason McBride joins Kim to discuss pharmaceutical companies that are bringing forth treatments to the coronavirus.

The Housing Market Roller Coaster

Guests Lorne Levy with Polygon Financial and Karen Levine with RE/MAX Alliance Realtors, both supportive sponsors of The Kim Monson Show, join Kim to talk about the current environment regarding home sales and mortgages. Kim Ransom, State House Representative and member of the Joint Budget Committee, joins Kim to discuss the suspension of the current session.Jason McBride of Presidential Wealth Management reports on the futures hitting the “limit up” as the stimulus package is believed to be close to passage. Kim expresses the request from Dede Chism and Abby Sinnett, Founders of Bella Natural Women’s Care & Family Wellness, for X-Large men’s dress shirts.

Protecting Basic Freedoms

Rob Natelson from the Independence Institute, constitutional expert and former constitutional law professor, joins Kim to discuss our basic freedoms. Sue Moore from the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado joins Kim to “lowlight” bills that will hopefully be eliminated due to the fiscal crunch impinging the state budget for FY2020-2021. Jason McBride discusses the continuation of the roller coaster ride with the stock market. Stan Everitt’s Legacy Project gives suggestions to aid others.

Vote No On 271

Guest Rick Turnquist, author and blogger, joins Kim to discuss the radical left activist’s agenda brought forth in Colorado ballot initiative 271, “Policy Changes Pertaining to State Income Taxes,” and his recent article, Punishing Success. House Representative Kim Ransom continues our discussion regarding the budget and what is happening, or not, at the Capitol. Jason McBride echoes Kim’s comments to stay calm and be positive.  Brad Beck enthusiastically explains his White Envelope Project.

HB20-1349, HB20-1158, and SB20-05 are Bad for Colorado

Guest Paul LoNigro, a group insurance analyst with GIA, explains the consequences of HB20-1349, HB20-1158, and SB20-05. State House Representative Kim Ransom joins Kim to let constituents know that the Joint Budget Committee is working through the present temporary adjournment. Jason McBride shares his insights on how our irresponsible “leaders” have stoked fears into the hearts of everyday people.

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Leila Morrison, WW II Army Nurse

Saving lives. That was WWII Army nurse Leila Morrison’s job. Leila will turn 98 this year and is so grateful for our freedom.