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Tim Hoiles

Whoa, Nellie! Do you like to pay taxes? Do you think that those spending your tax dollars should be transparent and accountable? A day of reckoning may be right around the corner with the proliferation of special taxing districts across the state of Colorado. But you may ask how does this affect you? Monday, Businessman Tim Hoiles joins me. We’ll have a conversation about three recent controversies regarding special taxing districts in Colorado Springs.


Jon Conradi

Modern Medicine is an amazing thing! As long as you can afford it. How many stories have we heard of life-improving medicines that are too expensive for most Americans? Is it possible to devise a non-partisan, market-based plan to lower the cost of drug prices in the U.S? Jon Conradi, national spokesman for the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing, thinks so. Tuesday, I’ll ask him how. You and your pocketbook won’t want to miss this conversation.


Don Watkins

Could it be possible that some of the world’s top economists are wrong about a carbon tax? Would a carbon tax hurt the opportunity for humans to thrive and flourish? Can humans thrive, propser and care for the earth at the same time? Wednesday Don Watkins, Director of Education at the Center for Industrial Progress joins me to answer these important questions.


Cody Hubley

Walking away from Rachel Maddow and the Mainstream Media Narrative. Thursday millennial Cody Hubley shares his journey and why he left the Mainstream Media behind. We’ll talk about being a good steward of our earth and have an honest conversation about electric cars and the disposal of electric car batteries.


Joe Otto

2020 is right around the corner and it promises to be a raucous year for politics. 2020 is probably the most important election in modern American history and the mainstream media is working diligently to defeat Donald Trump. Are they fair? Are they unbiased? Are they fulfilling their journalistic duty? Friday, successful businessman, Joe Otto, joins me to make the case for Trump.

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Dissecting issues as Right vs Wrong instead of Right vs Left. Agree or disagree, let’s have a conversation.

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