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Josh Phillip and Sue Moore

Have some Chinese students attending America’s colleges and universities actually been spying for the Chinese Communist Party? How should the United States respond to the Chinese Communist Party treatment of Hong Kong? Monday Josh Phillip, investigative reporter with The Epoch Times, will share his perspective on these questions. Plus Sue Moore with the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado will update us with what is happening at the Colorado State Legislature now that they have reconvened.


Kevin Lundberg and Chris Cantwell

Last week the Colorado State Legislature reconvened. Tuesday former State Senator and author of the Lundberg Report, Kevin Lundberg, joins me. He’ll explain how in three short days this legislature silenced the people’s voices, began planning to eliminate the senior and disabled veteran’s property tax exemption and voted for a pay raise for State Senators. Plus Chris Cantwell with Transworld Business Advisors updates us on the current business market.


Andrew Roise and Tim McCormack

Is Colorado “re-opened?” Wednesday Reopen Colorado creator, Andrew Roise, joins me. Andrew was talking with his wife about the shut down of Colorado’s businesses. She challenged Andrew to do something about it. He did. What began as a Facebook page on April 13, 2020, now has 25,000 followers. What are the next steps for Reopen Colorado? Plus Tim McCormack, District Attorney candidate for Adams County, will explain the importance of District Attorneys, particularly in light of the recent rioting in our communities.


Kim Ransom

Follow the money! Now that the Colorado State Legislature has reconvened they must make hard decisions regarding Colorado’s finances. Government closed down businesses for a lengthy period of time which meant that businesses were not operating nor generating state sales tax revenue. Thursday Colorado State Representative and member of the Joint Budget Committee, Kim Ransom, will help us “follow the money!” What’s on the chopping block? What’s not?


Bentley Rayburn, Lorne Levy and Karen Levine

Seventy-six years ago June 6, 1944, D-Day, the Allies embarked upon the liberation of western Europe from the tyrannical clutches of Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers party, the Nazis. The battle was fierce. The water at Omaha Beach was red with the blood of American soldiers. Against such significant odds, how did Gen. Ike Eisenhower and the Allies create a plan to succeed? Friday retired Air Force Major General Bentley Rayburn joins me to explain what happened that historic day.

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2020 Voter's GuidE

Rick Turnquist and I spent many hours researching, ruminating on and writing this Guide. We hope that it will a helpful tool for you as you complete your 2020 Colorado ballot. Click here to download the Voter’s Guide and be sure to share the link with your friends, family and colleagues.

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Featured Articles

Just As Important As How We Vote Is That We Vote

“Just as important as how we vote is that we vote,” Ronald Reagan famously said. In this Op-Ed, author and researcher Patti Kurgan explains that the biggest take-away from the last Presidential Debate is that you must vote and not sit on the sidelines. Patti explains that our country is depending on your vote. Similarities between the two candidates are non-existent. Stand united and preserve the American Idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The other choice will abolish private property and you will be controlled by elite politicians.

Monsters – Real or Imagined

Our minds see monsters all over the place especially when we have just viewed or read something disturbing and our subconscious plays it back in the form of a bad dream. In this Op-Ed, Brad Beck explains that there are many imagined monsters that lurk in our local, state, and national government, service organizations, schools, and businesses which are being molded into golems. Brad explains that if we are to address the real monsters of today, we must have clarity on what they are.

Episode 52: Benjamin Huseman

It takes real courage to ask the hard questions. It takes real courage to bring transparency to the agenda of Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties (PBI’s), and it takes real courage to represent the people and keep the people informed even when the media is biased. In this Sounding Off with Kim Monson podcast, Commerce City Mayor Benjamin Huseman and Kim have a conversation about his recent censure by other Commerce City Council members because they did not want the public to know about illegal meetings occurring between them and Tri-County Health officials.

Episode 51: Casper Stockham

Everyday hardworking people are concerned about the safety and security of our neighborhoods. They want their kids to get back to school. They can’t believe the rioting and destruction occurring in our cities. In this podcast Congressional District 7 Candidate, Casper Stockham, compares what President Trump has done to help the Black Community to Joe Biden’s record. Casper shares details about Trump’s Platinum Plan and Promise to Black America.

Latest Shows

Socialists Don’t Sleep

Guest Cheryl Chumley is a commentary writer and the online opinion editor for The Washington Times, and author of the new book, “Socialists Don’t Sleep: Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall.”

Preserving America

Jay Davidson, Founder and CEO of First American State Bank, unequivocally states that this election is about freedom vs. collectivism and control.  America is a Constitutional Republic that we must preserve.

Hunter Biden, American Princeling

Helen Raleigh, speaker, an immigrant from China and author of the article, American Princelings, joins Kim to discuss political gains by children of noteworthy politicians.  Timely as Hunter Biden’s emails become public.  The entrenched DC swamp advocates for false policy and will only become worse with a Biden-Harris presidency.  Trump is challenging China and is instituting some of the harshest policies in history against China to protect American interests.

Homeschooling Through the Pandemic

Amanda DiVito Parle, Team Lead for DiVito Dream Makers, joins Kim and Karen to discuss her creativity and innovation in building the Dream Academy.  Amanda took it into her own hands to find the best education for her three children during the COVID-19/Wuhan Virus reaction disruption.  This led her to forming a micro-school, hiring a teacher and finding a curriculum that matched her values for K-3rd grades.  Homeschooling at its finest.

Energy Policies and the Upcoming Elections

Tom Petrie and Kim discuss energy policies and the upcoming election. Douglas County Commissioner Lora Thomas on Covid-19 and its broad impacts, her support for law enforcement, and her advocacy for Douglas County school resource officers.


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America's Veteran's Stories

Jody Lander, WWII Veteran Part III

WWII Veteran, Jody Lander, was involved in three of the major battles in the European theater during WWII: D-Day, Operation Market Garden and Battle of the Bulge.

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