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Rob Natelson

Espinoza v Montana Department of Revenue. This is a Religious Freedom case that will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court on January 22nd. Monday Constitutional expert and author, Rob Natelson, joins me. He’ll explain why this case is important to you. Plus he’ll answer a listener’s question regarding the U.S. Constitution’s view of federal land ownership.


Sharyl Attkisson, Karen Levine, and Lorne Levy

Award-winning journalist and former CBS investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, was getting too close to the truth on Obama’s gun-walking program “Fast and Furious” and the Islamic Extremist’s attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. So the U.S. government decided to spy on Sharyl. She couldn’t prove it until now. Join me, Kim Monson, and sponsor partners, realtor Karen Levine and mortgage expert Lorne Levy, as we talk with Sharyl Attkisson about the new developments in her case.


Cody Hubley

Does banning plastic and styrofoam help everyday, hard-working folks or does it hurt people? Is it really better for the environment? Do proponents of such bans walk the talk? Wednesday millennial, Cody Hubley, joins me to share his perspective on plastic bag and styrofoam bans. Just a question. Shouldn’t legislators be working to get rid of the rat infestation around the Capitol that their policies have created instead of banning the container for your take-out meal?


Rick Enstrom and Priscilla Rahn

There are those in Colorado who have fallen in love with the wolf and it looks the grey wolf will be on the Colorado ballot in November. Is the grey wolf a predator that hurts rural Colorado farmers and ranchers or is it a part of the eco-system of the circle of life? Thursday I’ll ask Rick Enstrom, former State of Colorado Wildlife Commissioner. Plus candidate for CU Regent, Priscilla Rahn, joins me to share why she has stepped up to the plate to run for CU Regent.


Ben Martin

Words matter. Words can change a life, a relationship or the world. Friday patriotic historian and former Army Ranger, Ben Martin, joins me. We begin our series on the great speeches and writings that formed America. We start with George Washington and Thomas Paine. Riveting! I promise that you’ll be inspired and surprised. Don’t miss it.

The Americhicks with Kim Monson.

Dissecting issues as Right vs Wrong instead of Right vs Left. Agree or disagree, let’s have a conversation.

Featured Articles

A Ban on Bags is Bad Bio-Policy

Denver’s plastic bag ban isn’t about protecting the environment, it’s just another tax being levied on Denverites who are already struggling with the rising costs of housing, transportation, healthcare, and other necessities.

Forced Minimum Wage Leads to Economic Disaster

A policy of forced minimum wage will have disastrous consequences for small business owners, employees, and future jobs. Government has no business leading Colorado into an economic policy disaster.


Latest Shows

Crying Wolf in Colorado

Rick Enstrom and Kim have a conversation on the misguided push to reintroduce grey wolves to Colorado. Priscilla Rahn, a candidate for CU Regent, joins Kim to discuss her candidacy.

Rod Rosenstein Implicated in Sharyl Attkinsson Spying Scandal

Kim meets Antifa at MLK parade, Virginia gun rally peaceful despite prior day’s media blitz to the contrary, 2019 final housing market report, possible “cheap” industry for investing, and illegal spying of journalist Sharyl Attkinsson.

Espinosa vs Montana Department of Revenue

Are “rights” given to us by the U.N.?, new FAMLI proposal, people at risk as City of Denver ignores ICE, repeal of the death penalty, the market continues to climb, ownership of federal lands, and Supreme Court case regarding school choice.

Why Black Voters Need to Support Trump

Nefarious and naive, articles of Impeachment delivered, Sharyl Attkinsson files suit against Rod Rosenstein in spying scandal, homeschooling and student loan repayment costs covered in SECURE Act, Rev. C.L. Bryant: Trump support from the black community.

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