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Jen Hulan is the owner of Waters Edge Winery and Bistro. Like many small business owners, Jen and her family and employees are being harmed by Colorado’s extreme COVID-19 restrictions. Jen tried to open her doors on May 1st, 6 weeks after closing them in March. The State of Colorado and Tri County Health shut her back down. Help Jen, because right now the government won’t let her help herself. 

This Week's Conversations


Josh Phillip and Sue Moore

Have some Chinese students attending America’s colleges and universities actually been spying for the Chinese Communist Party? How should the United States respond to the Chinese Communist Party treatment of Hong Kong? Monday Josh Phillip, investigative reporter with The Epoch Times, will share his perspective on these questions. Plus Sue Moore with the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado will update us with what is happening at the Colorado State Legislature now that they have reconvened.


Kevin Lundberg and Chris Cantwell

Last week the Colorado State Legislature reconvened. Tuesday former State Senator and author of the Lundberg Report, Kevin Lundberg, joins me. He’ll explain how in three short days this legislature silenced the people’s voices, began planning to eliminate the senior and disabled veteran’s property tax exemption and voted for a pay raise for State Senators. Plus Chris Cantwell with Transworld Business Advisors updates us on the current business market.


Andrew Roise and Tim McCormack

Is Colorado “re-opened?” Wednesday Reopen Colorado creator, Andrew Roise, joins me. Andrew was talking with his wife about the shut down of Colorado’s businesses. She challenged Andrew to do something about it. He did. What began as a Facebook page on April 13, 2020, now has 25,000 followers. What are the next steps for Reopen Colorado? Plus Tim McCormack, District Attorney candidate for Adams County, will explain the importance of District Attorneys, particularly in light of the recent rioting in our communities.


Kim Ransom

Follow the money! Now that the Colorado State Legislature has reconvened they must make hard decisions regarding Colorado’s finances. Government closed down businesses for a lengthy period of time which meant that businesses were not operating nor generating state sales tax revenue. Thursday Colorado State Representative and member of the Joint Budget Committee, Kim Ransom, will help us “follow the money!” What’s on the chopping block? What’s not?


Bentley Rayburn, Lorne Levy and Karen Levine

Seventy-six years ago June 6, 1944, D-Day, the Allies embarked upon the liberation of western Europe from the tyrannical clutches of Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers party, the Nazis. The battle was fierce. The water at Omaha Beach was red with the blood of American soldiers. Against such significant odds, how did Gen. Ike Eisenhower and the Allies create a plan to succeed? Friday retired Air Force Major General Bentley Rayburn joins me to explain what happened that historic day.


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Episode 20: Ben Martin

What were the contributions of Patriots James Otis, Jr, Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry to America’s Founding?  Patriotic historian, Westpoint graduate and former Army Ranger, Ben Martin, continues the discussion from his May 19, 2020, interview on The Kim Monson Show about these three giants of the American Revolution.

Episode 19: Dr. Jill Vecchio

Why does Colorado’s COVID-19/Wuhan Virus updated “Standard of Care” decree issued on April 5, 2020, not include the patient or family representative nor a patient advocate? Does a patient advocate advocate for the patient or are they typically representing the hospital’s best interests? Dr. Jill explains the difference between Socrates’ Hippocratic Oath and Plato’s view of rationing limited resources. Jill shares a golden nugget of wisdom: “In order for government Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties (PBI’s) to take care of you, they will want to take control of you.”

Headlines for Hope

Featured Articles

Vaccination Bill Still on the Table?

The Colorado Legislature returned to the Capitol to resume business on Tuesday, May 26, in this unprecedented legislative session. Author, active citizen and mother, Heather Lahdenpera explains, “According to Joint Rule 44, only “mission critical bills” are to move forward. In addition, Colorado faces a $3.3 billion shortfall due to COVID-19. The state will have 25% less money than it had to work with last year. This means that any bill with a fiscal note should be tabled.” Despite these critical guidelines and issues, Representative Kyle Mullica has been out doing PR for his vaccination bill, SB 163. Heather Lahdenpera point out that SB 163 is NOT mission critical and has a fiscal note which the state cannot afford.

The Perfect Storm

The only way to mitigate the impact of the coming fiscal storm is to Reopen Colorado. Now.

Latest Shows

A Doctor’s Perspective on Mandatory Vaccinations

Guest Dr. Jill Vecchio covers many topics regarding healthcare including Dr. Fauci’s comments, state Senate Bill 20-163, an analysis of vaccinations, the CDC website stating that vaccinations are 17%-70% effective, and Sen. Bennett (D-CO), Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) proposed creation of a National Health Force.

TABOR, Colorado, and Emergency Taxes

Penn Pfiffner, Chairman of the TABOR Committee, former legislator and founder of Construction Economics discusses The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) provisions regarding the idea of imposing emergency taxes because of COVID-19. Matt Durkin, JeffCO District Attorney candidate, joins Kim to continue the conversation regarding safe communities.

Elizabeth Reiter Died in Isolation Without the Comfort and Company of Her Family — She Did Not Have COVID-19

Steve Reiter joins Kim with his heartbreaking story.  Steve’s wife died alone as hospital administrators continually denied his requests to let her have visitors during her 21 day stay before passing on. State Representative Mark Baisley discusses his request to the 18th Judicial District Attorney, George Brauchler, to investigate the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Chris Cantwell with Transworld Business Advisors gives an update of businesses during COVID-19.

Rick Turnquist Forecasts Colorado’s Perfect Storm

Guest Rick Turnquist, writer and blogger, examines with Kim the consequences of an ordered shut down of Colorado as researched in his recent article, The Perfect Storm. Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial, states that mortgage rates have stabilized.  Most people are presently getting rates in the low-3%. Jason McBride explains how the market is coming to a point of resistance, and it’s worth it to continue watching for the breakthrough.

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Jody Lander, WWII Veteran

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