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What Are You Certain Of?

There are always unknowns in life, however the COVID reaction disruption was full of unknowns that we had to deal with. In his latest essay What Are You Certain Of? Brad Beck discusses a daily online community he participated in which gave him hope, inspiration and business ideas. He explains that the advice to focus on what you are certain of was and is great help in times of uncertainty.

I’ll Give You Amnesty on One Condition

In his essay I’ll Give you Amnesty on One Condition, author Allen Thomas addresses an article in The Atlantic opining for COVID amnesty. Thomas explains that the enormous power grab by PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) during the COVID reaction must be acknowledged and walked back to give the power over individuals lives back to the individuals.

Veterans’ Day 2022: The Past, Present, & Future of Healthcare

With many societal changes inflicted after the attacks on September 11, 2001, all sectors of government leaned into authoritarian policies which incrementally undermine freedom. This societal shift also influenced healthcare and medicine. Author Pam Long explains that if we lose autonomy over what technology is injected, ingested, or inserted into our bodies, then we have lost the foundation of all freedoms.

The Left’s War on Children

In this essay Rick Turnquist identifies and calls out the Left’s war on children. From insistence on the “right” to abortion to teaching gender ideology in schools to instilling climate change fear, it’s clear the Left is hostile to children today.

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The Battle of Language

Thursday York College professor and expert in language, literacy, and rhetoric Dr. Erec Smith discusses rhetoric in America today. Mike Gibson shares his thoughts on the judicial review process in Colorado.

Why China and India Keep Adding Coal-Fired Energy Plants

Research Associate at the CO2 coalition Vijay Jayaraj, who lives in Bengaluru, India, discusses why India and China are adding coal fired energy plants while back home in Colorado Xcel energy is planning on shutting down clean burning coal fired energy plants. Founder of Open the Books Adam Andrzejewski explains that Illinois is in trouble because 132,188 public employees are receiving $100,000 paychecks.

The Essence of Liberty is the Opportunity to Exercise Choice

It’s Liberty Toastmaster’s Day on the Kim Monson Show. Members of Liberty Toastmasters join Kim to explain how the essence of liberty is the opportunity to exercise choice.. Executive Director of the Center for Renewing America Wade Miller discusses the Center’s mission. Citizen Cindy David explains her concerns with the Broomfield City Council’s unconstitutional ordinance regarding individuals protecting themselves and their loved ones. Dr. Rachel Corbett shares medical freedom updates.

What Are You Certain Of?

Brad Beck joins Kim in the studio to discuss election issues and drift away from traditional values and to also promote his upcoming essay, What Are You Certain Of? representation. Coloradans’ votes and voices are being marginalized through legalized election manipulation such as dirty and bloated voter rolls, three weeks to vote, ballot drop boxes, and legalized ballot harvesting. Researcher Lisa Bennett discusses where do we go from here?

Pediatricians and school districts are becoming more aggressive regarding child vaccination policies.

Your Body, Their Choice

“My body, my choice” has been the mantra of abortionists for decades. However, when it came to the Emergency Use Authorization “vaccine” during COVID, many activists turned a blind eye to “my body, my choice.” Scientist and founder of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge Dr. James Lyons-Weiler discusses this disconnect. Author of Shadows of the Acropolis Richard C. Lyons explains the progression of the Administrative State in America.

Bill Federer explains why the pilgrims came to America.

The Pilgrims and the Quest for Self-Governance

Author and founder of The American Minute Bill Federer discusses why the Pilgrims made the treacherous trip to the New World. Author of Rediscovering America Scott Powell explains the five key principles to the Mayflower Compact.

The End of the Revolutionary War

Patriotic historian and West Point graduate Ben Martin discusses intriguing details regarding the end of our Revolutionary War. Founder and CEO of First American State Bank Jay Davidson discusses the recent election.

Dr. Jill Vecchio on the Great Reset

Dr. Jill Vecchio delves into her research of the Fabian Society and George Orwell. Vecchio discusses who some of the “theys” are in the scenario and connects the dots between the World Economic Forum’s Agenda and many of those who participated in the WEF’s Young Emerging Leaders Program.

Individuals Must Have Accurate Information About Abortions

Founder of Life Decisions Giuliana Day, Dr. Catherine Wheeler, and Dr. Tom Perille (President of Democrats for Life), explain that individuals must have accurate information regarding abortion, unite with others to inform people, and provide options and resources for unplanned pregnancies within the context of compassion. Transportation expert Randal O’Toole shares the story of American Industrialist Henry J. Kaiser.

I’ll Give You Amnesty on One Condition

Allen Thomas discusses his most recent essay, I’ll Give You Amnesty on One Condition.  Princeton professor and expert on Gettysburg Dr. Allen Guelzo explains the importance of The Gettysburg Address and Lincoln’s words, “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Pass the Public Pension Gravy

Joshua Sharf,  senior fellow in fiscal policy at the Independence Institute, joins Kim to discuss his essay, Proposed Bill Ladles Gravy on Public Pension Retirees. Mortgage specialist Lorne Levy and RE/MAX realtor Karen Levine discuss the latest regarding mortgages and home ownership.

Leslie Manookian gives an update on recent rulings in the TSA lawsuit before the Supreme Court.

Leslie Manookian Update on Suit Against CDC

Leslie Manookian, founder of Health Freedom Defense Fund, which filed the initial lawsuit against the CDC, discusses the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear an appeal on a case challenging the Transportation Security Administration’s authority to mandate face coverings on public transport in national emergencies. Taxpayer advocate, government watchdog, and creator of Ballot 2022 Natalie Menten shares her thoughts regarding the recent election and tax questions.

Kevin Lundberg On the Phillips County Election Integrity Project Symposium

Kevin Lundberg, former Colorado state senator and author of The Lundberg Report, shares his thoughts regarding the recent Phillips County Election Integrity Project Symposium. Car Coach Lauren Fix addresses President Biden’s declaration that there is “no more” drilling for oil and what this means for everyday, hard-working Americans and our freedom of mobility.

We Are Living in a Time of Superabundance

Marian Tupy, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute and co-author of the new book, Superabundance: The Story of Population Growth, Innovation, and Human Flourishing on an Infinitely Bountiful Planet, explains that, despite the World Economic Forum’s agenda of depopulation, the world actually faces an “underpopulation” problem. Investigative journalist Sara Carter discusses her new podcast series that documents her investigation deep into the U.S.-Mexico border.

Sounding Off with Kim Monson

Episode 79: Jen Gibbons & Jameson Dion

In this Sounding Off with Kim Monson podcast, concerned mom with the Cherry Creek Parents Advocacy Network Jen Gibbons and concerned citizen Jameson Dion share their journey in uncovering the negative influence of the Teachers Union on our children’s education.

Episode 77: Tina Peters and Election Integrity

The 2022 Colorado Secretary of State race is one of the most important races in Colorado and in the nation. In this Sounding Off with Kim Monson podcast Mesa County Clerk & Recorder and Republican candidate for Colorado Secretary of State Tina Peters speaks candidly about the politically maneuvered optics against her to influence the outcome of this election.

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Partner with me as we engage in the “Battle of Ideas” occurring in our homes, our communities, our state and our nation. It is important to understand the issues so that we can converse with others in calm, reasonable voices. In order to preserve our Liberties, we must change hearts and minds.

Partner with me as we engage in the “Battle of Ideas” occurring in our homes, our communities, our state and our nation. It is important to understand the issues so that we can converse with others in calm, reasonable voices. In order to preserve our Liberties, we must change hearts and minds.

Partner with me as we engage in the “Battle of Ideas” occurring in our homes, our communities, our state and our nation. It is important to understand the issues so that we can converse with others in calm, reasonable voices. In order to preserve our Liberties, we must change hearts and minds.

Words are powerful. Ronald Reagan freed Berliners with the words, “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!” My goal is that through my radio shows, website, social media, podcasts and women’s groups, I help you find the words to persuade those in your sphere of influence that Freedom is better than Force. If something is a good idea, it shouldn’t need force to implement it.

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