Senate Bill 22-031: Prohibit Hunting Bobcat Lynx And Mountain Lion

Conservationist Lisa Bennett joins Kim to discuss Senate Bill 22-031: Prohibit Hunting Bobcat Lynx And Mountain Lion. 
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Senate Bill 22-031: Prohibit Hunting Bobcat Lynx And Mountain Lion

Two key Republican-sponsored bills introduced at the Colorado capitol were killed in committee along party lines.  Senate Bill 22-061 would have added the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care to the State Measurement For Accountable, Responsive and Transparent Government Act (SMART).  Why are Democrats afraid of transparency to the taxpayers?  Is it because Lieutenant Governor Dianne Primavera receives a salary from the office as director and her Lieutenant Governor salary for a combined income of $184,000?  Senate Bill 22-038 would have exposed the hospital provider fee charged to hospitals paid by insurance companies which, currently per Colorado law, is not noted on patient’s hospital bills; revenue collected last year was $1.026 billion.  Polis states that he is in favor of transparency.  Where is Polis’ outrage that the Democrats killed both these bills?

Pennsylvania court rules that “no excuse” mail in ballots are not legal.  Payroll numbers for January are terrible and Reuter’s blames the Omicron variant; the narrative manipulation continues.  Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, resigns after not disclosing an inappropriate relationship with a colleague.  Whoopie Goldberg is suspended from The View for two weeks after her statements on the Holocaust.  Is the veil coming off as even the liberal mainstream media reports on Zucker and Goldberg?

Conservationist Lisa Bennett discusses Senate Bill 22-031 Prohibit Hunting Bobcat Lynx And Mountain Lion.  Lisa has no economic incentive advocating against the bill and is speaking out for the agricultural community that will be greatly impacted if this bill is passed and signed by the governor.  The people have a right to voice their opinion in front of committees but are denied the opportunity in this case.  Instead, outside groups, non-stakeholders, are leading the charge with a well-funded campaign.  Think big government and big business once again working together against the common person in Colorado.  If this bill is passed and signed by the governor we will see loss of livestock, ranchers closing businesses due to additional costs, and loss of hunter fees.  Taxpayers will pay additional costs as “professional hunters” will be hired to manage the cats.  Kim sums this up:  both in cities and rural Colorado, Democrats policies protect the predators/criminals instead of keeping our communities, farms and ranches safe.  The long range effects of protecting predators will be higher food costs and possible food shortages.

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Realtor Karen Levine with RE/MAX Alliance, 303-877-7516, discusses with Kim how frustrated Boulder County Marshall Fire victims are.  The cost of regulation in housing, supply chain challenges, and the loss of 1000 homes simultaneously has affected rebuilding tremendously.  Karen announces that The National Association of Realtors has given the Colorado Association of Realtors Foundation $2 million for victims of the Boulder County Marshall Fire to cover rent or mortgage payments as the renter/homeowner waits for their insurance policy to provide the funds.  Fire victims can visit the Foundation’s website or call Karen directly.

Colorado COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus statistics on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment state, as of February 2nd, that 34% of those hospitalized are vaccinated patients.  Johns Hopkins study concludes that lockdowns had little to no effect on COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus deaths but resulted in unnecessary and enormous economic and social costs.  Denver-metro area is reported to be lifting mask mandates this week.  Companies are firing employees for not getting the vaccination, even if employees have had the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus and now have the antibodies.  Go Fund Me suspends the Canadian Trucker’s account while Trudeau goes into hiding stating that he has COVID-19.  The Biden administration authorizes Medicare to pay for eight at-home COVID-19 tests per month.  Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe states that vaccinations make no sense as it is not a guarantee that you will not get COVID-19.  Danish newspaper apologizes for its COVID-19 coverage stating they should have done more due diligence before reporting on it; they were “hypnotically” under the influence of politicians and public health officials.  Kim and Producer analyze media’s role covering COVID-19 including the relationship to The Great Reset promoted by the World Economic Forum.

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