Candidate Interview: Anthony Hartsook (Colorado House District 44)

Anthony Hartsook, candidate for Colorado House District 44, is in the studio with Kim. 
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Candidate Interview: Anthony Hartsook (Colorado House District 44)

Anthony Hartsook, candidate for Colorado House District 44, is in the studio with Kim.  “We the People” must elect representatives whose first goal is to protect individual freedom.  The Bill of the Day is HB22-1059, Two-thirds Voting Requirement For Bills With Fees.  Per the summary:  “The bill creates a requirement that any bill that imposes a new fee, authorizes the imposition of a new fee, increases an existing fee, or authorizes the increase of an existing fee be approved by a two-thirds vote of all members elected to each house of the general assembly to become law. The two-thirds vote requirement applies only to the vote on final passage of such a bill in each house of the general assembly.”  The bill defines a “fee” as a charge that is levied to defray the cost of the particular government service provided to those charged and not levied for the purpose of raising any revenue for a general public purpose.  Unfortunately, it has been sent to the “kill” committee.

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Anthony discusses with Kim that we need less government, not more so he will work on repealing current laws, rules and regulations that hinder Coloradans, many of them enacted under executive orders or by bureaucrats.  His military service of 26 years is the most important work he has done is his lifetime and Anthony looks forward to using his leadership skills to reclaim Coloradan’s individual freedom.  His goal is ensure individual rights, including personal property.  His core agenda is to make Colorado affordable, ensure public safety, education and Coloradans prosperity.  To learn more visit his website.

Frequent guest Josh Philipp, award-winning investigative reporter for The Epoch Times and host of Crossroads, joins Kim for a robust discussion on current events. Canadian truckers lead multinational protests with America next as U.S. truckers plan to go from California to D.C.  This is a non-violent, grassroots protest that is the complete opposite of the riots we have seen in the past few years.  Many thought the trucker protest would be temporary, but in reality, it is continually gaining steam.  This movement is capturing the culture of one idea—freedom from the constraints of government.  People will suffer financial and physical pain to a point but will take action when the pain to do nothing would be greater.  Josh shares his assessment of Kim’s concern regarding a “hot war” with Russia.  The Olympics are beginning as China has encroached into Taiwan’s airspace.  China wants to be aggressive and Josh questions their ability to follow through.  There are cracks seen in the leadership.  China President Xi has not “cemented” himself in the military.  It would be a huge gamble for Xi right now.  Putin understands power, unlike Biden and his administration.  The U.S. military is viewed as in a position of weakness by world leaders and America is losing its image as a global superpower.

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