California’s decision to ban gas-powered vehicles

Randal O’Toole and Kim discuss the governor of California's announcement banning gas-powered cars. 
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
California's decision to ban gas-powered vehicles
  • Kim invites you to Water’s Edge Winery on October 19th at 5:30pm with your 2020 Voter’s Guide ( co-authored with Rick Turnquist for a robust conversation on ballot questions, Emerge candidates, and the “Cruel 17.”  Register at Need more information regarding judges, visit  Join Kim next Saturday, October 17th from 2-4pm for The i’MA Trumpster event being held at 88 Drive In Theatre in Commerce City. World Health Organization states now is not the time for lockdowns.
  • Larry Braig, candidate for HD9, believes that there is division at the capitol because the radical left opposes any common-sense bills and disrupts any unison between moderate Democrats and Republicans.  His opponent is one of the “Cruel 17,” and she states that “force” is needed to adopt the radical left agenda.  Visit for more information on Larry.
  • Roger Edwards is a candidate for the RTD board citing accountability of the budget is key as public transportation is a valuable asset and is at risk of becoming a ward of the state legislature, something that would be very harmful to all.  Roger references his experience in logistics, especially management skills, and how he would address the 72 pages of organizational charts (translation: silos).  To learn more visit
  • Richard Champion, candidate for Colorado House District 38 notes that people are concerned about safety & security, the COVID-19/Wuhan Virus and want our state opened back up.  For more information on Richard visit
  • Jason McBride with Presidential Wealth reflects on yesterday’s positive day, including volume being up.  It is provable that the Trump tax cuts resulted in more money in the pockets of the middle American family and the information is on the website  If Biden repeals the Trump tax cuts it will be harmful to everyday working people and their families.
  • Guest Randal O’Toole ( discusses with Kim California governor’s announcement banning gas-powered cars.  It may be an aspirational goal and that is where it ends as approved completion to 2035 has many moving variables.  More concerning is Newsom’s request to the state legislature to ban fracking.  Note, Colorado is even more dependent on fossil fuels.  Highways are “dumb” infrastructures that have multiple uses and have proven to be more useful than light rail, referred to as “smart” infrastructure.  The transit industry is not more “green,” and it definitely does not help low income people get to work as less than 5% use it.

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