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April 2022

The Kim Monson Show is broadcast every weekday morning at 6-7 am on 560 KLZ AM. The show is rebroadcast every weekday night at  10-11 pm. If you missed a show or want to go listen to a particular guest or segment, you’re in luck: this page is the vault for all shows after the initial broadcast. Shows are archived by year and month. 

The Third Mesa County Colorado Voting Systems Forensic Report

Dr. Walter Daugherity, the co-author of the third Mesa County Election Security report, discusses the investigation into the Mesa County voting machine security and the report’s findings. Greg Lopez has an honest talk about several personal issues from his past. Let. Air Force Lt. Col. Bill Rutledge on Roe v Wade and his wife’s passing due to COVID-19. Representative Stacey Luck on her survey to collect information regarding how people were impacted by Colorado’s COVID-19 policies (you can find the link on the homepage of Kim’s website). Bill of the Day is SB22-234, Unemployment Compensation.

How to Be Prepared if the Power Grid Goes Down

Congressional District 4 candiate Bob Lewis joins Kim in the studio. Ryan Broughton, emergency management and homeland security expert, shares how to be prepared for emergencies, including an extended loss of power through an attack on the power grid. Bill of the Day SB22-230 is Collective Bargaining For Counties

Roots Medical: A Natural and Preventative Approach to Health

Matt Dark of Roots Medical explains how Roots Medical uses a combination of medical approaches utilizing holistic and traditional care. CEO Bob Boswell of Laramie Energy joins Kim to for this month’s Health and Hydrocarbons show. Bill of the Day is SB22-032, Simplify Local Sales & Use Tax Administration

Peace Through Strength

Liberty Toastmembers members share their views on the topic of “Peace through strength: how national defense & foreign policy plays a role in the preservation of a free society.” Liberty Toastmasters Co-Founder Brad Beck and Liberty Toastmasters-Denver President, Rick Rome, join Kim in the studio. Liberty Toastmasters members Jeffery Reeves, Anthony Hartsook, Christie Whaley, Greg Morrissey, Lisa Carnahan, and Marshall Dawson also call in to take on this month’s topic. Bill of the Day is HB22-1351, Temporarily Reduce Road User Charges.

The Questionable Origins of Earth Day

Author Rick Turnquist discusses his latest aticle, Earth Day, which details how the holiday has been a tool for the left since its inception. Karen Levine and Lorne Levy talk about raising mortgage rates and housing supply issues in Colorado and the Front Range. Bill of the Day is HB22-1317, Restrictive Employment Agreements

Leslie Manookian’s Health Freedom Defense Fund Triumphs Over Mask Mandates

Leslie Manookian, founder and president of the Health Freedom Defense Fund, and attorney Brant Hardaway join Kim to discuss their victory in federal court over mask mandates. Bill of the Day is HB22-1365, Southern Colorado Institute Of Transportation Technology At Colorado State University – Pueblo.

The Destructive Potential of Modern Marijuana

Interview with Laura Stack, founder of Johnny’s Ambassadors, a non-profit focused on increasing the awareness of the dangers of marijuana. Bill of the Day is HB22-1377, Grant Program Providing Responses To Homelessness. Maurice Emmer on election integrity concerns in Colorado.

Lights Out: America’s Power Grid in Danger

Representative Tonya Van Beber, Colorado Director of the EMP Task Force John Spence, Cybersecurity expert Dr. George Kondos, and Deputy National Director of the EMP Task Force David Pyne discuss the critical updates needed for America’s power grid. Candidate interview with Ed Brady (running for Sheriff of Jefferson County). Bill of the Day is HB22-1282, The Innovative Housing Incentive Program.

The Making of a Mama Bear

Anette Bybee shares her story and what she did to ensure her children were enrolled in a charter school. Cain explains his concerns about Critical Race Theory. Bill of the Day is HN22-1285, Prohibit Collection Hospital Not Disclosing Prices.

Medical Surveillance from Womb to Tomb

Pam Long, author, and former Captain in the Army Medical Services Corps, joins Kim to discuss her upcoming essay, Medical Surveillance from Womb to Tomb. Bill of the Day is SB22-118, Encourage Geothermal Energy Use. Dr. Paul Prentice discusses his recent study, Unequal Opportunities, Unequal Outcomes: The COVID-19 Recession in Colorado

DC’s Political Elite Superspreader Party

r. James Lyons-Weiler and Dr. Jill Vecchio discuss the hypocrisy of Washington’s elite April 6th superspreader event at the annual DC Gridiron dinner. They also discuss the latest on COVID, mandates, and the vaccine. Bill of the Day is SB22-139, Juneteenth New State Holiday.

The Essential Founding Fathers: No Taxation Without Representation

Ben Martin presents the latest installment of his history series, The Founding Fathers. In today’s episode, Ben continues to examine the Founding Fathers in the pre-Revolutionary period and how the issue of taxation without representation forced them to take a stand. Dr. Jill Vecchio discusses a recent report which documents the history of U.S. elites’ involvement in the military biological activity in Ukraine.

Rediscovering America with Scott S. Powell

Scott S. Powell joins Kim to discuss his best-selling book, Rediscovering America. Dr. Douglas Grootius explains how to be an American dissident (his latest essay, How to Be an American Dissident, will be published at April 10th). Bill of the Day is HB22-1348, Oversight Of Chemicals Used In Oil & Gas.

Legislative Update With Kim Ransom

Representative Kim Ransom joins Kim to discuss legislative concerns. Kathleen Chandler of the Independence Institute talks about the mission of the Local Government Project. Bill of the Day is HB22-1355 Producer Responsibility Program For Recycling.

Supreme Court Justice Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is Soft on Crime

Economist and author John Lott Jr. explains why Supreme Court Justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is soft on crime and why that is a problem for America if she becomes the next Supreme Court Justice. Steve Reiter, founder of the NEVER Alone Project on the need for health visitation rights. Bill of the Day is SB22-053, Health Facility Visitation During Pandemic.

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