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They Want to Take More of Your Tax Dollars. Tell Them No.

Former State Senator Tim Neville joins Kim for a discussion on the consequences for Colorado taxpayers if Proposition CC passes. Kim and Producer Steve discuss the controversy surrounding the Recall Polis organization's use of donated funds and the danger for the restaurant and service industry in Denver if Mayor Hancock's minimum wage proposal passes.

Colorado’s Office of Economic Development Doling Out Billions in Corporate Welfare

The Colorado Office of Economic Development is handing out billions of dollars to cronies and partisan interests. Patti Kurgan pulls back the curtain on the handout scheme in her conversation with Kim. Larry Welshon joins Kim to talk about his run for Edgewater City Council and his mission to disrupt the council's cult of conformity.

It’s Election Season. Are You Ready to Vote?

A discussion on the big upcoming ballot issues and an overview from Douglas County Clerk and Recorder Merlin Klotz. Brita Horn also joins Kim for a conversation on the Building a Better Colorado organization.

Corporate Welfare in Colorado and why Voters Should Reject Proposition CC and DD.

Today's guest host Jason McBride has a discussion with Kim on healthcare and insurance and Medicare. Medicare open enrollment starts today and runs through December 7th. Scott Wilder of Save the Children joins Kim to talk about the important work Save the Children is doing to help the world's endangered and at-risk children. Patti Kurgan and Kim have a discussion on corporate welfare in Colorado and also hammer home why voters should vote no on Proposition CC and DD.

Vote No on Prop CC

TABOR architect Douglas Bruce urges Coloradans to vote no on Prop CC and Sherrie Peif of Complete Colorado continues her conversation on the influx of out-of-state money in support of those seeking to pass Prop CC.

Colorado Electors and Their Role Within the Electoral College

Attorney D.K. Williams joins Kim to discuss the Electorial College and the role of Colorado's electoral voters. Kim and D.K. also discuss impeachment and the process of judicial review. Rob Applegate and Susan Miller are running for District 3 and District 4 seats on JeffCo's School Board. They talk with Kim about their candidacies.

No Safe Spaces

Colorado native and conservative director Justin Folk and Kim have a conversation about No Safe Spaces, the documentary starring Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager that seeks to restore First Amendment rights on college campuses. Is Edward Snowden a hero or a villain...and what about his message? Guest co-host Susan Kochevar discusses Snowden's book, Permanent Record.

Two Points of View on Proposition DD

Chad Vorthmann of the Colorado Farm Bureau and Kim debate Proposition DD. Michelle Smith of Vital for Colorado discusses the inextricable link between hydrocarbons and our modern way of life. Natalie Menten shares her thoughts on Building a Better Colorado.

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? Roger Bianco explains the Founders safeguards to minimize the harm government can do to citizens by limiting its scope and power. Laura Carno discusses why voters should reject Prop CC. Brita Horn on the deceptive nature of Building a Better Colorado.

A Discussion on Tax Incremental Financing in Colorado

Patti Kurgan and Bill Hudson discuss tax increment financing and corporate welfare in Colorado. Patti and Kim look at how Building a Better Colorado uses the Delphi Technique while pretending to have no political agendas. Chris Cantwell of Transworld Business Advisors joins Kim for a conversation on entrepreneurship.
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