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February 2022

The Kim Monson Show is broadcast every weekday morning at 6-7 am on 560 KLZ AM. The show is rebroadcast every weekday night at  10-11 pm. If you missed a show or want to go listen to a particular guest or segment, you’re in luck: this page is the vault for all shows after the initial broadcast. Shows are archived by year and month. 

The Essential Founding Fathers: Benjamin Franklin and George Washington

Ben Martin presents the second lecture of his history series, The Essential Founding Fathers. In this month’s lecture, Martin focuses on the achievements and partnership of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. This series is made possible by the support of Susan Harris and the Harris Family.

A photo of a Gazprom natural gas refinery in Russia. How will Nord Stream 2 sanctions impact energy dependent countires?

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and the Dangers of Energy Dependence

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted punitive sanctions against Nord Stream 2. How will energy sanctions against Russia impact energy-dependent countries? What national security risks do countries face when they lack energy independence? The Bill of the Day: SB22-116, Increase Occupational Credential Portability.

Is There a Right to Violate Rights?

Kim and members of Liberty Toastmasters Denver and Liberty Toastmasters North answer the question: “Is there a right to violate rights?” HB22-1071, Damages In Class Actions Consumer Protection Act, a bill sponsored by a class-action attorney that benefits class-action attorneys.

The Cost of Plugging Colorado’s Orphaned Wells

Dan Haley, CEO of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association explains why current proposals to raise additional funds to plug orphaned wells places Colorado’s oil and gas operators in a dangerous financial position. Darren Weekly on his candidacy for Douglas County Sheriff. A look at HB22-1090, Reasonable Independence For Children.

What the Anti-Federalists Got Right

Allen Thomas and Kim Monson discuss Thomas’s op-ed, What the Anti-Federalists Got Right. A close look at the government overreach on display in HB22-1138, Reduce Employee Single-occupancy Vehicle Trips.

Karen Levine, a Colorado Realtor, and Lorne Levy, a Colorado mortgage specialist, discuss Colorado's housing market.

The High Cost of Housing and Inflation

Housing Costs and Inflation are soaring in Colorado. San Francisco recalls three members of its ultra-progressive school board. Bill of the Day HB22-1129, General Fund Surplus Rebates to Taxpayers.

Candidate Interview: Lily Tang Williams on Why She is Running for Congress (New Hampshire)

Lily Tang Williams on why she is running for Congress and why she is worried that America is following in the footsteps of Communism/Marxism/Maoism. An update on the First Responder Charity Hockey Season and February 19th Fundraiser for Health4Heroes. Bill of the Day HB22-1207, Choice in Low-performing School Districts provides options for parents and students in low-performing school districts.

The Great Reset is a plan by powerful businesses and organization to reshape the world.

The Great Reset

The Great Reset is a proposition by powerful business and organization forces to use the pandemic as the flashpoint to remove the current iteration of the free market and replace it with something more socialistic in nature. What could go wrong? How will the average person and small business owner be affected? SB22-008, Higher Education Support for Foster Youth, proposes to grant free tuition to Colorado children raised in foster care. Is it the right response to the problem?

Colorado’s Election Integrity Challenges

Republican County Clerks and Secretary of State Jenna Griswold have extreme differences about Colorado’s election integrity. SB22-066 (Restore Unemployment Insurance Fund Balance) would relieve Colorado’s business owners from a heavy burden to repay the money spent on unemployment benefits during the pandemic. But will Democrats let the bill pass? Roger Hays explains what’s at stake.

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, Dr. Jill Vecchio and Kim Monson discuss the totalitarian tactics of self-perceived COVID overlords

Fauci and the Vaccine Overlords

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, Dr. Jill Vecchio, and Kim take on the use of totalitarian tactics to enforce a pro mask and vaccine agenda. Today’s Democrat-sponsored Bill of the Day is SB22-099, which advocates for automatic sealing of all non-violent records and prohibiting the contents of those records from being used in employment and housing practices.

Candidate Interview: Greg Moore for U.S. Senate

Republican Greg Moore explains why he is running for the U.S. Senate, Norma and Jennie reveal how vaccination mandates are hurting service members, a continued look at the Douglas County School Board firing of Corey Wise and the reactions from the press and public, and how capitalism will determine Joe Rogan’s future with Spotify.

Peter Yu is running for U.S. Senate. Feature image for article.

Candidate Interview: Peter Yu for U.S. Senate

Peter Yu on his U.S. Senate candidacy, Pam Long on the conflict of interests inherent in partnerships of public health agencies and private interests. A look at GoFundMe’s discriminatory treatment of Freedom Convoy protestors, the Douglas School Board’s firing of Superintendent Corey Wise and the fallout, and Bill of the Day, HB22-1084: Ineligible Jurors Voter Registration

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