February 2023

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California and Federalist #2

Allen Thomas discusses his essay regarding Founding Father John Jay’s Federalist Papers #2 and how it applies to what California is doing today. Col. Bill Rutledge (Ret. USAF) shares his thoughts about General George Washington’s remarkable military career.State GOp Chair candidate Tina Peters explains why she is running for the position.

Colorado Medical Freedoms in Danger

Dr. Rachel Corbett with Roots Medical explains the chipping away of our medical freedom at the Colorado State Legislature. Founder of Colorado Parents Advocacy Network (CPAN) Lori Gimelshteyn discusses why parents are organizing for parental rights and to oppose the school mental health bill.

Happy Birthday Mr. President

George Washington’s birthday is February 22. Author of Rediscovering America: How the National Holidays Tell an Amazing Story About Who We Are Scott Powell discusses the life of our first president. Sixth generation farmer and rancher Trent Loos explains why we should be concerned with the WEF agenda and Biden’s 30 by 30.

Wind Projects Threaten Endangered Species

Robert Bryce discusses his recent essay Wyoming Wind Projects Pose “Profoundly Dangerous” Threat to Golden Eagles, and why offshore wind projects threaten endangered whales. Mortgage expert Lorne Levy notes the latest regarding mortgage rates. REMAX realtor Karen Levine explains what is happening in the metro real estate market.

The Ramifications of Bad Public Policy

Entrepreneur and owner of the Historic 88 Drive-In Theatre Susan Kochevar explains the ramifications of such bad public policy. Co-founder of Liberty Toastmasters Brad Beck discusses his essay Ideas.

Morality and Human Flourishing

Author and blogger at To Advance Freedom Rick Turnquist discusses his latest essay, Morality and Human Flourishing. China expert and industry analyst from the Coalition for a Prosperous America Kenneth Rapoza explains the consequences of the Chinese Balloon shenanigans.

How Not to be Fooled

Psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald shares updates regarding California PBIs attempting to shut down his voice. CEO of Laramie Energy Bob Boswell discusses the latest regarding the energy to power our lives. Colorado Representative Rose Pugliese wants to get rid of the Colorado retail delivery fee.

The Sanctity of the Individual

First American State Bank Founder Jay Davidson explains that the battle for liberty is eternal. Sixth generation farmer and rancher Trent Loos discusses the latest regarding our food security and our energy security.

Targeting School Children Through Surveys

Erin Lee explains the danger of school surveys that are being used to identify and target children for a variety of agendas. Founder of Health Freedom Defense Fund Leslie Manookian shares updates regarding Biden’s Bureaucrat’s goal to remask you when you fly. Colorado Rep. Stephanie Luck and Matt Dark with Roots Medical discuss what is happening at the Colorado Capitol.

Covid and the Three Tests of Compliance

Brownstone Institute founder Jeffrey Tucker discusses his essay Covid and the Three Tests of Compliance. Dr. Brian Joondeph explains his perspective regarding his essay, Why Have So Many People ‘Died Suddenly’? John “Tig” Tiegen joins Kim to discuss why he is running for Mayor of Colorado Springs.

Biden’s CDC Wants to Re-Mask You When You Fly

Leslie Manookian, the founder of the Health Freedom Defense Fund, discusses the CDC’s appeal of a ruling vacating the federal travel mask mandate. Cain, founder of Task Force Freedom, and Laura Jennings, also of Task Force Freedom, join Kim to explain why Task Force Freedom is seeking to remove pornographic books from schools. Colorado House District 64 Representative Ryan Armagost shares his thoughts on crime in Colorado.

Ballot Shredding in Montana

Concerned citizen Lisa Bennett discusses a video that has surfaced of election officials shredding ballots in Montana. Sixth-generation farmer and rancher Trent Loos explains his concerns regarding our food security and energy security relative to public policy.