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God Has a Plan for Each of Us

We receive the strength to stay in the battle through God’s Joy.  Because of our relationship with Christ, we are to engage in the battle with faith, hope and charity.

The American Mind

Allen Guelzo, American historian and Senior Research Scholar in the Council of the Humanities and Director of the Initiative on Politics and Statesmanship in the James Madison Program at Princeton University, joins Kim to analyze The American Mind. 

Support the USMC Memorial Remodel By Purchasing a Brick or Making a Donation

Paula Sarlls was an air controller with the Marines and is a Gold Star wife. Paula encourages listeners to honor a veteran Marine with a brick donation to the The Foundation is dedicated to a remodel, including an expansion, of the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial in Golden.

Fossil Fuels and Quality of Life

Bob Boswell, CEO of Laramie Energy, discusses with Kim the importance of fossil fuels and its contribution to our quality of life throughout the world.

Free-Market Capitalism vs. Socialism

Guest Jay Davidson, CEO of First American State Bank, discusses free-market capitalism vs. socialism that “progresses” into communism. We need to stand for American rights, specifically property rights. Taxation without representation is vividly present today. We are no longer a free market as we take funds involuntarily from one person and redistribute via the government to another. Relief of student debt per the Democrat proposed policy is a glaring example.

Colorado Special Sessions in December 2020

Colorado Representative Mark Baisley (HD-39) and newly elected Chair of the Republican Study Committee of Colorado, discusses the special session that took place last week

The Election Heist

Guest Kenneth Timmerman, author of The Election Heist, discusses how his fictional work predicted the “real” 2020 election.

“Safe Harbor” Deadlines and Implications

Guest Ivan Pentchoukov, Senior Political Reporter for The Epoch Times, discusses with Kim the six challenged states in the 2020 Presidential Election. The Trump legal team is pushing the chance to get before the U.S. Supreme Court as time races on. Supreme Court Associate Justice Alito has moved up the Pennsylvania case regarding absentee voting. Ivan explains the “safe harbor” deadline and its implications. There is a difference between opinion vs. reporting the news.

Rick Brown vs the CDC

Caleb Kruckenburg with New Civil Liberties Alliance ( explains how the administrative state tramples our civil liberties and is a threat to our Constitution. The government has outsourced, rather, abdicated, their responsibilities to an administrative bureaucratic government. Caleb discusses the Rick Brown case and how the CDC is attempting to strip him of his personal property rights. CDC is also setting housing policy. Caleb asks people to educate themselves and understand the true nature of the problem.

Returning Our Children to School

Priscilla Rahn, teacher and former principal, believes COVID-19 safety protocols need to be put in place in our schools so that children can return to in person learning.

CDPHE Forcing Businesses to Close

Rose Pugliese, Mesa County Commissioner, joins Kim to discuss the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s order to close businesses regardless of the county’s innovative 5 Star Program.