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APRIL 2021

The Kim Monson Show is broadcast every weekday morning at 6-7 am on 560 KLZ AM. The show is rebroadcast every weekday night at  10-11 pm. If you missed a show or want to go listen to a particular guest or segment, you’re in luck: this page is the vault for all shows after the initial broadcast. Shows are archived by year and month. 

Major General John Raaen, Jr: Part 1

Major General John Raaen, Jr.’s story: Part 1. General Raaen takes us step by step to his eventual landing on “Bloody Omaha,” June 6, 1944. His story begins as an Army brat and his graduation from West Point in January, 1943.


Rick Turnquist, author and blogger (, discusses with Kim his reasons for leaving the regressive/progressive state of Colorado for the “Red” state of Oklahoma.

The Revolutionary War and the New York Campaign

Ben Martin, patriotic historian, former Army Ranger and West Point graduate, summarizes past highlights of his discussion on the American Revolutionary War and examines the New York Campaign.

The Importance of Cybersecurity

John Spence, Colorado State Director of the Electro-Magnetic Task Force, and Joe Weiss, international authority on cybersecurity, control systems and systems security, discuss the distinct difference between informational technology cybersecurity and operational cybersecurity.

The Collusion Between Big Government and Big Business

Jay Davidson, CEO and Founder of First American State Bank, addresses the collusion between big government and big business as they are the two most powerful entities and go hand-in-hand to influence policy and kill competition.

Worst Colorado Bills for Employers

Roger Hays, CEO/Founder of Premier Employer Services (, a consulting, compliance, payroll service and other HR functions for businesses, dissects what he considers the three worst state bills for employers.

Will America Spend Itself Out of Existence?

Guest Dr. Brian Domitrovic, author of Econoclasts: The Rebels Who Sparked the Supply-Side Revolution and Restored American Prosperity and JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity, states his optimism for America once again

COVID-19 Treatments

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, founder of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge (, continues with Kim the discussion on the Wuhan-China experimental drug vaccination and passports.

Grand Lake’s Constitution Week

Guests Mike Thompkins and Marc Auville join Kim in anticipation of Grand Lake Colorado’s 10th Anniversary of Constitution Week. 

The Arizona Election Audit

Josh Phillip, Senior Investigative reporter with The Epoch Times and host of Crossroads, addresses the Arizona audit on the 2020 Presidential Election.

A Vietnam POW Reflects on America in 2021

Guest Orson Swindle, Marine pilot, North Vietnamese Prisoner of War, former Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce during the Reagan administration, has a conversation with Kim on 2021 America.

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