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Who Will Be The Next Speaker of the House?

Chief Operating Officer of the Center for Renewing America Wade Miller shares his perspective on what might happen with the vote for Speaker of the House. Author Pam Long joins Kim to discuss her upcoming article, The Best and the Worst of Colorado Politics in 2022.

Your Hand Always Fits a Broom

Brad introduces his op-ed, Your Hands Always Fit a Broom.  We can always do something of value, regardless of what it is.  There should not be any work that is beneath us.

A look back at Joe Biden's disastrous first year as President.

One Year In — America in Decline

Guest Rick Turnquist reviews his op-ed, One Year In—America In Decline, with Kim. Biden has exceeded all expectations of failure during his first year. Rick focuses on three key factors in his op-ed: Foreign Policy, Immigration and Crime, and the Economy.

Toastmasters Share Views on Protecting Individual Rights and Leadership

Kim and Terri Goon, president of Liberty Toastmasters North, open the lines to fellow Toastmasters members for their thoughts regarding “Table Topics:” protecting individual rights, how to reclaim our founding principles, understanding what motivates people and how to navigate the federal bureaucracy.

American Founders

Ben Martin, patriotic historian, West Point graduate and former Army Ranger, joins Kim to introduce the American Founders series, the Fourth Annual series on the Greatness of America.

Danielle Neuschwanger Explains Why She Should Be the Next Governor of Colorado

Danielle Neuschwanger explains to listeners why she should be the next governor of Colorado.  The two determining factors in her decision to run for governor were the 2020 election and the PAUSE Initiative which would hurt Colorado’s farming and ranching industry and create food shortages at the grocery store.

Colorado baker and cake decorator Jack Phillips stands in front of the US congress in a composite image meant to show the peril of legislators not doing their job to protect rights.

Court Complacency

Allen Thomas joins Kim in the studio to talk about his latest op-ed, “Court Complacency.”

Government Spending is Out of Control

Jay Davidson, founder and CEO of First American Bank, discusses current economic conditions.  Government spending is out of control, and both parties are responsible as we continue to spend ourselves into bankruptcy, leaving our debt to our grandchildren and future generations.

Are Both Sides Espousing a False Narrative?

Peder Zane, author of The Psychodrama of American Politics, draws robust comments from Kim with his very first sentence, “Democrats have a point when they complain that our elections are rigged against them.”

Ron Hanks on Colorado Politics

State Representative for House District 60 and candidate for the U.S. Senate Ron Hanks joins Kim to discuss Colorado politics. After serving in the military for 32 years, Ron now works “for the people” to move the state out of radical left hands.

Leaning Into Local Government

Pam Long, West Point graduate and author of recent op-ed, The Best and the Worst of Colorado Politics in 2021, offers a menu as to how you can lean into local level government.

COVID-19 Falsehoods

Dr.James Lyons-Weiler talks with Kim and Dr. Vecchio on current COVID-19 falsehoods.

Healthcare and Hydrocarbons

Anne Jordan, founder of Nurses for Sustainable Care, discusses the value of fossil fuels in the operating room with Kim.

Rob Natelson: Our Democracy

Robert G. Natelson, Constitutional expert, Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence at the Independence Institute, and author of many books, including “The Original Constitution: What It Actually Said and Meant.” The book is an objective summary of the Constitution when the Bill of Rights was adopted. Kim and Rob discuss his recent article, “Our Democracy.” 

Dads of Castle Rock

Dads of Castle Rock board members Matt Zien, Curtis Anderson, Hal Van Hercke share the origins and mission of the Facebook-based organization.

Greg Lopez speaks with Kim Monson about why he is running for Governor of Colorado in 2022.

Greg Lopez for Governor of Colorado in 2022

Laura Hiatt, Communications Director for Greg Lopez for Governor 2022, joins Kim in studio to ring in the New Year. Greg Lopez join Kim to explain why he is running for Governor of Colorado in 2022. Keynote speaker and new show sponsor Kieth Rennison shares how he helps companies retain employees.