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Democrats and Their War Against Modern Life

Rick Turnquist discusses his latest essay, Energy and Mobility: The Democrat War on Modern Life. A look at HB20-1315, Carpooling Service Internet Application Register Colorado Department of Transportation. Jason McBride explains how the media amplifying coronavirus fears.

Roger Bianco on Australia

Roger Bianco on Australia. Jason McBride on the continued drop in the market due to the coronavirus. A look at SB-20-108, Landlord Prohibitions Tenant Citizenship Status.

Capitalism: What’s it Good For?

Liberty Toastmasters members discuss why Capitalism is good. Giuliana Day talks about her ballot initiative, Due Date Too Late. Kim reviews SB20-164, Treatment of Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Rescues, where “standard of care” is the core of this bill. A look at the 2/25 Democrat debate.

Oil and Gas Producers Are Growth and Progress Drivers, not Criminals

Western Energy Alliance’s Kathleen Sgamma joins Kim to discuss the importance of oil and gas and the misguided attacks on the industry by Democratic Presidential nominees. A look at SB-150, Adopt Renewable Natural Gas Standards. Jason McBride discusses the dramatic market drop on February 24th. The Supreme Court votes in favor of the Public Charge Rule.

Elbert Guillory on White Privilege

Elbert Guillory and Kim discuss White Privilege. A look at SB20-156, Protecting Preventive Health Care Coverage, and how it is a backdoor and workaround bill for Planned Parenthood and Title X. 

The Legacy Project

Stan Everitt and Kim have a conversation about the mission and of the Legacy Project. Producer Steve and Kim discuss the importance of HB20-1039, Transparent State Web Portal Search Rules. A look at HB20-1068, Born Alive Child Physician Relationship.

A Look at Trump’s Presidential Successes

Deroy Murdock on Trump’s successes as President. Pam Long on the passage of SB20-163, School Entry Immunization. Samantha Koch on why she is a candidate for Denver’s House District 1.

Conservative Legislators and the Student Loan Dilemma

Cody Hubley on the student loan crisis and the challenge it presents for conservatives. Jonathan Woodley on why he’s running for Colorado’s House of Representatives. Pam Long returns to continue the discussion on SB 20-163, School Entry Immunization.

How Legislation Hurts Affordable Housing in Denver and Colorado

Liz Peetz on how upcoming legislation could impact Denver’s affordable homes market. Karen Levine and Lorne Levy discuss Denver’s housing market and the very low interest rates affecting inventory. Kim discusses HB20-083, Prohibit Courthouse Civil Arrest. Pam Long and Kim continue the conversation on SB20-163, School Entry Immunization.

How China’s People’s Liberation Army Would Gain by Hacking Equifax

Josh Philipp of The Epoch Times joins Kim to discuss the revelation that the People’s Republic Army is behind the hacking of Equifax. Jason McBride takes a look at SB20-167, Electric Motor Vehicle Manufacture and Dealer. Pam Long joins Kim to discuss Colorado’s SB20-163, School Entry Immunization.

Are Legislators Trying to Buy The Votes of the Young and Naive?

Kim and Producer Steve are joined by Susan Kochevar and Jen Hulan, show sponsors and insightful business owners, along with Patti Kurgan to discuss vote buying, bring your own wine to restaurants, minimum wage, 16 year olds voting, and other absolute-control policies espoused at the Capitol Golden Dome.

Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives

Colorado’s SB 20-163, School Entry Immunization RTD’s “Reimagine RTD” plan Derek Wilburn of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives on his People of Color Capitol Interns

The Correlation Between Mental Health and Physical Health

Susan Harris and Kim have a conversation on the connection between mental health and physical health and why it is so important to stay positive, regardless of the negativity around you. William Perry Pendley, Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management, joins Kim to discuss the move to Grand Junction. A look at Colorado’s HB 20-1155, Higher Efficiency New Construction Residence.

Mobile Device Usage While Driving: Freedom Versus Safety

Kim and Producer Steve debate Colorado’s SB 20-085, Limit Mobile Electronic Devices While Driving. Sue Moore of the Republican Liberty Caucus with a look at proposed bills that contravene equality and personal responsibility. Peg Cage from MyColoradoGOP joins Kim to explain the caucus system.

Trump’s Impact on Fiscal Policy

Jay Davidson examines President Trump’s policy of deregulation and the impact it has had on fiscal policy and economic expansion. Former State Senator Tim Neville shares a partial list of proposed bills that infringe on individual liberties. Kim and Producer Steve unpack the new anti-lobbying rule put in place by Secretary of State Jenna Griswold.