MARCH 2020

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This Challenge Will Make America Stronger

Patti Kurgan, researcher for The Kim Monson Show, joins Kim to shed a positive light on our daily lives with reference to her current op-ed, The Skip of a Heartbeat. Andi Buerger, founder of Beulah’s Place, joins Kim to discuss her non-profit organization. Jason McBride offers his assistance to listeners if they would like to review and potentially rebalance their portfolio. Erin, founder of a new group Stand Together, joins Kim to encourage Americans to step outside their doors at noon beginning April 1st and play the song God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood.

Individual Liberty

Various members of the Liberty Toastmasters Clubs join Kim to discuss The Right to Violate Rights. Sue Moore joins Kim to discuss current bills sitting at the Capitol that will not be debated until the stay-at-home ordered is lifted. Jason McBride affirms that the market is still trying to find its bottom.

Government’s Failure in Public Policy

Roger Bianco, Board Member of Leadership Program of the Rockies, reviews his recent article, Are Public Things Good? Dr. Jill Vecchio joins Kim to “lowlight” HB20-1349, Colorado Affordable Health Care Option. Jason McBride joins Kim to shed a bright light on the stock market.

COVID-19 Stimulus Package and Market Panic

Jay Davidson, founder and Chairman of the Board of First American State Bank, and Kim have a robust conversation regarding the “man made economic virus.” Matt Durkin, candidate for JeffCO DA, joins Kim to inform listeners that prisoners are being let out of jail. Jason McBride joins Kim to discuss pharmaceutical companies that are bringing forth treatments to the coronavirus.

The Housing Market Roller Coaster

Guests Lorne Levy with Polygon Financial and Karen Levine with RE/MAX Alliance Realtors, both supportive sponsors of The Kim Monson Show, join Kim to talk about the current environment regarding home sales and mortgages. Kim Ransom, State House Representative and member of the Joint Budget Committee, joins Kim to discuss the suspension of the current session.Jason McBride of Presidential Wealth Management reports on the futures hitting the “limit up” as the stimulus package is believed to be close to passage. Kim expresses the request from Dede Chism and Abby Sinnett, Founders of Bella Natural Women’s Care & Family Wellness, for X-Large men’s dress shirts.

Protecting Basic Freedoms

Rob Natelson from the Independence Institute, constitutional expert and former constitutional law professor, joins Kim to discuss our basic freedoms. Sue Moore from the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado joins Kim to “lowlight” bills that will hopefully be eliminated due to the fiscal crunch impinging the state budget for FY2020-2021. Jason McBride discusses the continuation of the roller coaster ride with the stock market. Stan Everitt’s Legacy Project gives suggestions to aid others.

Vote No On 271

Guest Rick Turnquist, author and blogger, joins Kim to discuss the radical left activist’s agenda brought forth in Colorado ballot initiative 271, “Policy Changes Pertaining to State Income Taxes,” and his recent article, Punishing Success. House Representative Kim Ransom continues our discussion regarding the budget and what is happening, or not, at the Capitol. Jason McBride echoes Kim’s comments to stay calm and be positive.  Brad Beck enthusiastically explains his White Envelope Project.

HB20-1349, HB20-1158, and SB20-05 are Bad for Colorado

Guest Paul LoNigro, a group insurance analyst with GIA, explains the consequences of HB20-1349, HB20-1158, and SB20-05. State House Representative Kim Ransom joins Kim to let constituents know that the Joint Budget Committee is working through the present temporary adjournment. Jason McBride shares his insights on how our irresponsible “leaders” have stoked fears into the hearts of everyday people.

Bureaucracy Out of Control in Colorado

Former Senator Kevin Lundberg sheds light on an unelected and unaccountable bureaucratic department out of control, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. Matthew Durkin, Candidate for Jefferson County DA, discusses safety within our communities. Lorne Levy from Polygon Financial discusses current mortgage rates. Positive Story of the Day: How C.S. Lewis Would Tell Us to Handle Coronavirus.

Media Hype and Protecting Yourself From a Volatile Market

Jason McBride joins Kim to discuss how the media’s over 2 billion mentions of Coronavirus has helped fuel the recent market meltdown. He also shares tips on how to protect your portfolio from market volatility. Steve House, candidate for Congressional District 6, shares his plan for healthcare reform. Jen Hulan, owner of Waters Edge Winery (2101 E. Arapahoe Road) and treasured sponsor, joins Kim to let listeners know that she is open.

COVID-19 and Economic Hysteria

Dr. Brian Domitrovic, co-author with Larry Kudlow of “JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity,” joins Kim to discuss our current situation. Lorne Levy with Polygon Financial joins Kim to discuss the 1% rate cut and its effect on loans. Bill of the Day: The bill of the day is HB20-1143, Environmental Justice and Projects Increase Environmental Fines.

Millennials vs Boomers

Allen Thomas joins Kim as a featured guest and discusses his latest op-ed, Ok Boomer, Truce? Chris Cantwell of Transworld Business Advisors also joins Kim as a featured guest. Coronavirus and Colorado’s government responses.Bill of the Day: HB20-1354, Film Production Income Tax Credit.

Aurora Trying to Ban Parents from Purchasing Their Children Sugary Drinks at Restaurant Meals

Francoise Bergan, Aurora City Councilwoman, joins Kim to discuss the Healthy Kids Ordinance. Matt Dunn, candidate for DA in Jefferson County, joins Kim to discuss sister bills HB20-1355, Secure Storage of Firearms and HB20-1356, Lost or Stolen Firearms. Lorne Levy from Polygon Financial is back to talk about great opportunities for mortgage rates with record low rates. Bill of the Day: HB20-1343, Egg Laying Hen Confinement Standards.

Geopolitics and the Challenges Facing Gas and Oil

Tom Petrie, chairman of Petrie Partners, discusses the current oil crisis and his book, “Following Oil: Four Decades of Cycle-Testing Experiences and What They Foretell about U.S. Energy Independence.” Jason McBride brings good news citing the DOW futures are up. Bill of the Day: SB20-064, Authority Attorney General Challenge Fed-reviewed Mergers and Antitrust.

Colorado’s SB20-163 and School Entry Immunization

Lorne Levy of Polygon Financial Group discusses the historical mortgage rate drops of the past two weeks. Sue Moore of the Republican Liberty Caucus on HB20-1349, Colorado Affordable Health Care Option. Bill of the Day: HB20-1065, Harm Reduction Substance Use Disorders. Heather Lahdenpera joins Kim to alert listeners on SB20-163, School Entry Immunization. 

Hugo Chavez and Bernie Sanders

Helen Raleigh in the many similarities between Hugo Chavez and Bernie Sanders. Lorne Levy, Polygon Financial mortgage expert, encourages people to look at home interest rates as they are at their lowest, and may even go lower. Greg Fulton, President, Colorado Motor Carriers Association, details why the bio-diesel mandate in SB20- 38 should not become law in Colorado. Bill of the Day:  SB20-123, Compensation and Representation of Student Athletes.

Citizens United vs FEC

Susan Kochevar and attorney D.K. Williams discuss the Paramount Decree and Citizens United vs FEC. A look at SB20-081, School Information for Apprenticeship Directory. Jason McBride talks about the volatility of the markets. An update on The Due Date Too Late ballot petitions.

DRCOG: Taxation Without Representation

Joshua Sharf discusses DRCOG’s potential taxing authority. Republicans seek the resignation of Denver City councilwoman Candi CdeBaca after her shared tweet that the coronavirus should be spread at MAGA rallies. Jason McBride looks at the crazy market we are in. It is a great time to refinance or buy a home as interest rates are at record lows. The bill of the day, HB20-1191, creates the Outdoor Recreation Industry Office within the Colorado Office of Economic Development. Matthew Durkin, Candidate for Jefferson County DA continues analyzing bills that affect the safety of our communities.

The Communist Party and the Cornoavirus

Dr. Dana Cheng, senior editor of The Epoch Times, gives an update on the Coronavirus. Former state Senator Tim Neville, representing Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado, reviews bills from the Capitol. A look at HB20-1294. Jason McBride clarifies negative interest rates.