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APRIL 2020

The Kim Monson Show is broadcast ever weekday morning at 6-7 am on 560 KLZ AM. The show is rebroadcast every weekday night at  10-11 pm. If you missed a show or want to go listen to a particular  guest or segment, you’re in luck: this page is the vault for all shows after the initial broadcast. Shows are archived by year and month. 

Democrats Weaponizing Anthony Fauci

Guest Lowell Ponte, former roving editor at Reader’s Digest and author, discusses with Kim how the “democrats are weaponizing Dr. Fauci.” Charlie Winn, candidate for Congressional District 2, joins Kim to discuss why he is running in a district that hasn’t had a Republican in 45 years. Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist at Polygon Financial Group talks with Kim regarding various opportunities regarding home financing. Karen Levin, award-winning Realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, shares positive news regarding the housing market.

Phylis Schlafly: Mrs. America

Anne Schlafly Cori, daughter of Phyliss Schlafly, joins Kim to discuss the falsehoods in the new series Mrs. America. Dr. Jill Vecchio and Kim resume their dialogue on COVID-19.  Mandatory face covering are making their way through local communities. Colorado Representative Kim Ransom joins Kim to let listeners know the Joint Budget Committee will resume meeting on Monday, May 4th. Guest Hal Van Hercke with Castlegate Knife and Tool in Sedalia talks to Kim about his Declaration of Independent Businesses. 

The Future of Oil After COVID-19

Tom Petrie with Petrie Partners converses with Kim on the oil market.  People are in the process of appreciating and recognizing the importance of reliable energy. John Kellner, DA candidate for the 18th Judicial District covering Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln counties, joins Kim to discuss public safety, especially during this mandated COVID-19 isolation. 

Colorado, COVID-19, and the Data

Pam Long, a West Point graduate and former army Captain with the Army Medical Services Corps, joins Kim to talk about her recent Op-Ed, Colorado COVID-19 Data & Lessons Learned from 1918 Influenza Pandemic. Chris Cantwell with Transworld Business Advisors addresses the opportunities available for those interested in selling or buying a business. Kim and Producer Steve direct their attention to an article appearing in The Hill by Dr. Atlas.

National Security Should Be a Priority

Brigitte Gabriel, founder and Chairman of ACT for America, alerts listeners to the importance of mobilizing and staying vigilant to national security threats. Sue Moore with the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado joins Kim to dissect the budget shortfall of $2-3 billion.

Should The Colorado Legislature Comes Back Into Session?

Rick Turnquist, author and blogger, joins Kim to discuss whether or not the Colorado legislature should come back into session. Karen Levine, award winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, is upbeat regarding the housing market. Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial Group,, states that rates continue to stay low which creates an opportunity for refinancing or a mortgage.

Payroll Protection Program

Roger Hays, founder of Premier Employer Services, discusses the CARES Act in regards to the Payroll Protection Program. Dr. Jill Vecchio and Kim explain that there are three categories of death relative to COVID-19:  the actual death from COVID-19, COVID-19 contributory factor to death, and the death of despair from COVID-19.

Environmental Groups Cashing in on EAJA Litigation

Lyle Laverty, former Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks, explains how radical environmental activists fund their agendas through taxpayers’ money. Tim McCormack, Candidate for District Attorney, Adams and Broomfield Counties, states he is a prosecutor not a politician.

The Energy Policy Hypocrisy of Joe Biden

Daniel Turner, founder of Power the Future, represents the individuals on the front lines of the oil and gas industry in America. Susan Kochevar, owner of historic 88 Drive-In, relays her experience working with church officials and Tri-County Health to have Easter Services at the drive-in. Kim and Producer Steve discuss the success of Colorado Operation Gridlock where people rallied at the Capitol to get Colorado open.

America’s People Make It Great

Giuliana Day explains the process for gathering an additional 15,000 signatures for ballot initiative 120, Due Date Too Late.
Lorne Levy, mortgage financial specialist with Polygon Financial, reviews interest rates and mortgages. 
Allen Thomas, a millennial, joins Kim to share his article The Good of the Neighbor where he states his observations on why neighbors are better for each other rather than government.

Leadership Tough Love

Retired Army Lt. Col. Timothy Lupfer joins Kim in a discussion on leadership and his book, Leadership Tough Love:  Examining Leaders Through the Lens of Reality. Dr. Jill Vecchio shares her research in regards to the coronavirus statistics. Kim and Producer Steve report on “Operation Gridlock,” a leading example of a recent article in Reason that states that “not politicians but people” will open up the country.

The Market and the World’s Reaction to the Handling of the Coronavirus

Jason McBride with Presidential Wealth Management joins Kim to review the stock market’s reaction to viruses and media mentions in the past 20 years, including SARS, Zika, Ebola and COVID-19. Matt Durkin, Candidate for JeffCO DA, relays statistics that show criminal activity, especially domestic violence, is up during this current stay-at-home order as criminals are being released from jail. Giuliana Day rallies up the troops to join her in a Townhall Meeting this Friday, April 17th, at 6pm on Facebook Live.

The Real Cost of Reintroducing The Grey Wolf to Colorado

Lisa Bennett, owner of Wild Skies, a western slope outfitter, joins Kim to dissect the grey wolf reintroduction to Colorado. Chris Cantwell with Transworld Business Advisors joins Kim to encourage business owners to take advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program or Economic Injury Disaster Loan for outside contractors. 

Remembering the Rwanda Genocide

Pastor Christine Coleman brings to Kim’s listeners her personal story as a survivor of the Rwanda 1994 genocide when hundreds of thousands of people were slaughtered. Karl Honegger with the Liberty Caucus of Colorado and an analyst with Whiting Petroleum joins Kim to discuss the continued assault on the gas and oil industry here in Colorado. Casper Stockham reviews the Reagan Day, American Freedom, virtual townhall held this past Saturday.

Good Friday

Chris Stefanick from Real Life Catholic joins Kim to reflect on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Casper Stockham, candidate for Congressional District 7, joins Kim to invite listeners to the Reagan Day-American Freedom virtual event on Saturday, April 11th, from 10am-1pm. Lorne Levy, mortgage finance specialist with Polygon Financial Mortgage, explains that once the uncertainty surrounding the economic impact of the coronavirus calms down, it is believed by lenders that the mortgage rates will stabilize with a slight dip.

Would Nationwide Coronavirus Vaccinations Be Effective?

Roger Bianco, Board Member of the Leadership Program of the Rockies, reviews his article, Righty Tighty, Never Loosey, in regards to “The Rachet Effect.” Dr. Jill Vecchio encourages listeners to analyze data on the CDC website in regards to influenza. Liz Moreno from Wharton, Texas, reflects on inspiration from God and how she, within 10 days, created a coloring book for a “Bear Hunt” specific to her community. 

The Pandemic and Supply Chain Challenges

Greg Fulton, President of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, talks about challenging times for the trucking industry to get goods to the store to build up inventory due to panic buying. Matthew Durkin, candidate for JeffCO District Attorney, joins Kim to discuss community safety.  There is an agenda to reduce the prison population. Jason McBride examines RMDs—Required Minimum Distributions.  One provision of the CARES Act is the waiver of RMDs.  

The Left’s Hatred for Christianity

David Horowitz, best selling author of Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America, non-apologetically presents the facts that the left hates Christianity because they hate America. Chris Cantwell with Transworld Business Advisors acknowledges the uncertainty facing business owners. People want to get back to “normalcy,” and that includes opening businesses and having their employees working.

Connecting with the Community

Brad Beck has a casual conversation with Kim illuminating the importance of connecting with our neighbors in the community. Sue Moore from the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado joins Kim to review bills on hold due to the coronavirus that should be ignored once the session reconvenes. Jason McBride brings us good news for the start of the week.  Futures are up multiple hundreds of points. 

Rebalancing the Oil Supply

Tom Petrie. Chairman of Petrie Partners, a Denver-Houston based energy investment banking firm, reviews the shelter at home policy in effect for most states. Karen Levine, award winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, and Lorne Levy, mortgage financing specialist with Polygon Finance, join Kim to discuss current market conditions. 

NYC vs Cedar Rapids: Why is the Coronavirus Response So Different?

Dr. Jill Vecchio joins Kim to discuss the COVID-19/Wuhan Virus. Casper Stockman, candidate for Congressional District 7, joins Kim to discuss how his campaign has changed. Jason McBride joins Kim to encourage everyone to remain calm. Now is the time to remain consistent in approaching the market.

Current Policies Endangering JeffCo Communities

Matt Durkin, candidate for DA in JeffCO, joins Kim to review current policies that are endangering communities. Jason McBride joins Kim to bring hope to the bleak news announced yesterday relative to expected number of deaths due to COVID-19.

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