The Mountain States Legal Foundation’s Work to Protect the Intent of the U.S. Constitution

Will Trachman, General Counsel with Mountain States Legal Foundation, join Kim to discuss how the intent of the U.S. Constitution shapes four of the Foundation's current cases.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
The Mountain States Legal Foundation's Work to Protect the Intent of the U.S. Constitution

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Jen Hulan, new partnership liaison with The Kim Monson Show, joins Kim in studio. Jen invites entrepreneurs and business owners to reach out to her at for more information regarding becoming a partner/sponsor of The Kim Monson Show. Jen owned Waters Edge Winery. During the COVID/Wuhan China virus reaction disruption, she determined that her business was essential and remained open. Jen describes what happened to her with “visits” from bureaucrats from Tri-County Health, the Colorado Attorney General, and people reporting her to Tri-County Health. On New Year’s Eve, Jen toasted Tri-County Health becoming No-County Health as the three counties that comprised Tri-County have left.

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Will Trachman, General Counsel with Mountain States Legal Foundation, is also in the studio. The original intent of the U.S. Constitution is the basis of each case that the Mountain States becomes involved in. Will explains the details of four cases that Mountain States Legal Foundation is working on. The first is a suit against CU-Denver on behalf of Celeste Archer, who was falsely accused of having COVID-19 and was immediately denied access to campus without due process. The second is a suit against the state of Colorado on behalf of Native Americans to stop the State’s ban on schools using Native American mascots. The third is a lawsuit against the Biden administration stemming from the March 2021 COVID relief package, which offered debt relief to farmers and ranchers, except for white/Caucasian farmers. The last is a case about to be launched against the Colorado prison system on behalf of a white prison guard whose “diversity, equity and inclusion” training was so anti-white that it forced him out of a job.

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