Veteran’s Day Week 2020: Orson Swindle, POW

Vietnam Veteran and Prisoner of War Orson Swindle joins Kim.  Orson spent 6 years and 4 months as a North Vietnamese POW. 
Retired LTC Orson G. Swindle III, second from right, USMC, and former Vietnam prisoner of war, is the guest speaker for a special ceremony honoring our former prisoners of war and the ones still missing in action. From left to right are: MGEN Lawrence F. Sullivan, BGEN Jerome T. Hagen, retired COL O.V. Jones, USMC and former POW, Swindle, and base MSGT R.E. Behrend.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Veteran's Day Week 2020: Orson Swindle, POW
  • Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps!  AOC wants to cancel those who worked or supported for Trump.  So much for inclusion, tolerance and unity.  Hugh McKeon was elected Colorado House Minority Leader with Colin Larson as the Assistant Minority House Leader.
  • Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network is concerned that a Biden/Harris presidency would reverse all of the Trump policies that helped small businesses such as lower taxes and reduced regulations.  Higher energy costs hurt small businesses.  Many employees of small businesses do not understand that financial margins are very slim for business owners.
  • Jason McBride noted that the Dow futures were up significantly yesterday on the open of the news that it looks a couple of COVID 19-Wuhan Virus vaccines might become available soon.  The NASDAQ lost ground on the news that the Democrats might bust up the big tech companies.  Jason found this curious because Big Tech have been big donors to Democrat causes and candidates.
  • Vietnam Veteran and Prisoner of War Orson Swindle joins Kim.  Orson spent 6 years and 4 months as a North Vietnamese POW.  Kim relayed the story of Orson creating National Doughnut Day while being interrogated.  Orson shared the story of providing the name of his high school football coaches and team when tortured for names of Orson’s commanding officers.  Orson is concerned that American kids are not taught our history.

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