What it Means to Be Resilient

Sue Kenfield, speaker, consultant and facilitator, joins Kim to discuss what it means to be resilient.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
What it Means to Be Resilient

Sue Kenfield, speaker, consultant and facilitator, joins Kim in studio. While Texas and other states open up 100% and drop mask mandates, Colorado sits in the bottom nine of state economies and top third for unemployment. The independent voice is extremely important and needed, and that is why Kim does podcasts with people like John Eastman and her America’s Veterans Stories show broadcast on Sundays at 3-4pm on KLZ.

Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial, reports that mortgage rates have fluctuated down since last week and are below 3% for qualified applicants. Lorne is offering free home appraisals for all of Kim’s listeners. Give Lorne a call at 303-880-88831 to lower your monthly mortgage payment.

Businessman Nate Ormond joins Kim with positive news. The Douglas County School Board voted unanimously last night to reopen schools for in-person learning for all grades beginning March 22nd, right after spring break. This is a huge victory for everyday people and shows the success of grassroots efforts. Nate will continue his work and will run an 8-month campaign to bring common sense and student focused agendas to the school district vs. the failure of leadership and failure to our children by the current board. To protect our children and keep them in school join Nate and visit road2recovery.co.

The bill of the day, SB21-132 (leg.colorado.gov/bills/SB21-132), Digital Communications Regulation, is very disturbing. As we all know, a code word for force is regulation. This is “The Thought Police” bill and totally negates the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech. Another means to shut down the Truth and voices throughout Colorado while allowing mainstream media to be the mouthpiece of the radical left propaganda.

Jason McBride, Senior Vice President with Presidential Wealth Management, emphasizes the importance of your personal investment portfolio. Jason is acutely watching the daily movement with volume in the markets, a strong indicator as to where the markets are headed. Give Jason a call at 303-694-1600 for an assessment on your individual portfolio and financial goals.

Sue and Kim discuss what it means to be resilient. The stress reported by Americans due to the Wuhan-China virus is at 78% in a recent survey. Factors include concern about the direction of our country, remote working, work-family conflicts, lack of social support and the constant negative mainstream media news which are all ingredients for accelerated stress. Sue interjects a few strategies during these challenging times such as stay in the moment and turn off the tv. Personal responsibility negates victimhood. As Nate has exhibited, individuals and grassroot organizations can make a difference. To learn more, visit suekenfield.com.

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