Greg Lopez for Governor of Colorado in 2022

Laura Hiatt, Communications Director for Greg Lopez for Governor 2022, joins Kim in studio to ring in the New Year. Greg Lopez join Kim to explain why he is running for Governor of Colorado in 2022. Keynote speaker and new show sponsor Kieth Rennison shares how he helps companies retain employees.
Greg Lopez speaks with Kim Monson about why he is running for Governor of Colorado in 2022.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Greg Lopez for Governor of Colorado in 2022

Laura Hiatt, Communications Director for Greg Lopez for Governor 2022, joins Kim in studio to ring in the New Year. Kim encourages listeners to check out for two new op-eds, The Encouraging End to 2021 by Allen Thomas and Best and Worst of Colorado Politics in 2021 by Pam Long. Kim’s New Year resolution is to thank everyone personally and improve her e-mail management. Kim welcomes new listeners to the show stating she seeks truth and clarity with the fundamental theme of “Freedom vs. Force, Force vs. Freedom.” The Boulder County fires are catastrophic, with high winds a significant culprit. There will be considerable challenges in rebuilding homes as home construction supplies are already in high demand. This past weekend, many people found themselves stranded as thousands of airline flights were canceled due to COVID-19/Wuhan-China reactions. The last two years of COVID-19 virus-related disruptions to our lives are troubling. Cruise ships with 95-100% vaccinated passengers find COVID-19 cases on board. The PCR test is proving to be inaccurate. 

New Colorado laws that went into effect January 1st include child sex assault victims are no longer under a statute of limitations, driver’s licenses cannot be revoked due to unpaid fines and absence from court hearings, medical marijuana concentrations for younger consumers changes and consumer protections for auto-renewal contracts.

A Texas forensic audit finds that a potential 11,000 registered to vote were either non-citizens or deceased. New show sponsor Keith Renninson is a professional keynote speaker, meeting facilitator, mediator and works with companies to sustain employee retention. He uses TRIP—Tenacity, Resiliency, Imagination, and Purpose. You can contact Keith directly at 512-337-9135 or

Greg Lopez joins Laura and Kim via phone to discuss his bid to become the next governor of Colorado. Polis has signed legislation that does not go into effect until 2023, after the November 2022 election. Why?

Greg notes that Polis did an excellent job regarding the fires last Thursday in Boulder County. Greg emphasizes that all homeowners and business owners who have been affected by the fire should register immediately with FEMA at or by calling 1-800-621- 3362. This will expedite the process of rebuilding. Greg hopes that priority will be given to rebuilding homes versus new construction. 

Greg also hopes that current rules and regulations will be streamlined to help families get into their new homes as quickly as possible. Safety in communities is key to his administration. Crime in Colorado has risen due to reduced accountability for criminals and the “Defund the Police” agenda. Colorado needs strong leadership. Greg explains that he will be the governor for the people and will not be beholden to special interests. The education of our children is another priority for Greg. Greg is concerned about the over-sexualization of our children and CRT, Critical Race Theory. We must reclaim the basics of education such as reading, math, science, writing, critical thinking, and history in every classroom. Polis is presenting himself as a libertarian; however, his policies are unjust, and a considerable power grab over our lives. It is important to remember what Polis has stood for throughout the COVID-19 disruption: picking winners and losers (essential vs. non-essential businesses). Because of Polis’ actions, 600,000 small businesses closed down, and 40% will never re-open. Remember the propaganda highway signs stating: “Save a Life, Stay Home!” People are ready for a new direction. We are all essential. 

Visit Greg’s campaign website here.

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