The Encouraging End to 2021

In his Op-Ed, The Encouraging End to 2021, author Allen Thomas explains that as radical progressivism seems to be invading every aspect of our lives, and as counties and school boards sought to mandate and demand wokeism, a sense of fight and camaraderie are resonating, building hope, to reclaim our American Idea. Allen notes that this hope is emerging in three key areas: the culture, the states, and the courts.

Ever since the COVID-19 overreaction, the political power grab made by progressives has been nearly unprecedented.  From schools to businesses, from masking to vaccine passports, the erosion of our unalienable rights has been dramatic.  Radical progressivism seems to be invading every aspect of our lives, but as counties and school boards sought to mandate and demand wokeism, a sense of fight and camaraderie is resonating and building.  Dare I say, hope is budding.  This hope I speak of, has started to emerge in three key areas: the culture, the states, and the courts.

The culture shift happening has been one of the most encouraging changes in 2021.  This all started with parents becoming aware of what was being taught to their kids in school.  One of the lone bright spots of the pandemic overreaction was parents getting a firsthand glimpse into the curriculum and power that school districts have over their children.  Parents are more present than ever and are finally standing up to overzealous school officials.  Across the country, school boards were flipped from the control of woke and progressive officials.  Suburban moms are taking the driver’s seat and steering neighborhoods towards freedom.  Furthermore, this shift in culture has slowly infiltrated itself into national politics.  As the woke president tried to go after these “terrorist” parents and the economy started to reflect his abysmal policies, the approval ratings for the current administration tanked.  And that disapproval reflected in the woke media establishments as well.  CNN and many of the legacy media cannot buy viewers anymore.  NBA viewership has dropped precipitously (and really only China is keeping them afloat).  The public is not impressed anymore with the woke mob and democrat politicians are getting the hint.  Similar to republicans who retired ahead of the 2020 election, Democrats are bowing out of the upcoming 2022 election because they see how upset the public is with these failed policies and beliefs being force-fed to the nation.  But beyond all that hope, the most encouraging trend this year is the traction the pro-life movement has gained.  This signals that the country is undergoing a much-needed moral revival.  The founders always had an understanding that this experiment in governance would not succeed if there was a lack of virtue and morality in the culture, and we are seeing the results of a lack of both.  But this year the country is seeing what happens when we buy into the belief of no absolute truth, and in large swaths, the country is fighting back against these perverse beliefs.

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis described state’s rights as “a single courageous State may, if its citizens choose, serve as a laboratory; and try novel social and economic experiments without risk to the rest of the country.”  We have seen this play out extensively in the past year, much to the chagrin of those who favor large, centralized power.  States fought for their rights by-passing pro-life legislation.  Florida and other states sought to end the pandemic overreaction and entice businesses and people to come to their state as safe havens from those states who enacted massive edicts shutting down “non-essential businesses” or making it virtually impossible to keep businesses afloat.  Companies like In-n-Out Burger made bold choices to close their business rather than enforce vaccine passport requirements and many companies are fleeing California and other Democrat states.  The census showed that people are proving which laboratories are preferable by moving from states like California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York to more free states like Texas, Florida, and North Carolina.  And not only that, but traditionally blue states are beginning to look more purple with huge election upsets like Virginia’s governor race.  Texas, after pleading with the federal government to do its’ proper role of enforcing the border, is taking matters into its’ own hands and progressing with building its’ own wall and protecting its citizens.  The free states are seeing the advantage of promulgating and furthering freedom, and citizens across the country are seeing that success, and are beginning to bring it to their states as well.

We are finally beginning to see what happens when the courts care more about justice and the application of law than public opinion.  This has been most evident with federal judges beginning to rightfully push back against unconstitutional federal vaccine requirements.  While most of these decisions will eventually have to be made in front of the Supreme Court, there is finally a confidence from the judges to actually enforce the Constitution.  By telling the President that he cannot enforce a mandate through regulatory agencies (OSHA in this case), the courts are sending a signal that the gig is up; progressives reached too far and too fast with their quest for power.  There is also hope that we are near an end to Robert’s Court and the ridiculous notion of “protecting the institution.”  Many are also hopeful that an end to Roe v. Wade could be in sight.  The majority of justices are also becoming increasingly vocal about cases that should be brought before them that would terrify progressives such as states requiring medical personnel to be vaccinated or lose their job.  But we are also seeing justice served on cases in lower courts such as the Smollet, Rittenhouse and Arbery cases.  Jurors are no longer caving to public pressure and opinion and instead doing what is just.

With most discussions about the courts, I have to include a caveat.  The courts are like a backstop in baseball… you don’t want to rely on the backstop to stop a baseball.  Putting all our hope in the courts to do their constitutional job is dangerous.  Instead, we need to be changing our politicians to ones that will fight against the deep state and will pass or abolish laws that are unconstitutional.  We need politicians to revoke the emergency powers of governors and “public health” officials.  We need to eliminate prosecutorial immunity, qualified immunity, and any other protection that the activist court system has literally invented out of thin air.

So, while there is hope for change in 2022, that change will not come without effort and work.  We must build on these successes and send a message in 2022 that this American Experiment is not done, socialism will not win, and Liberty is moral.  We must continue the hard work of fighting for our kids, educating them about the American virtues, giving them a foundation of core civic knowledge and raising up a generation that can appreciate this gift that has been given to all of us.  We are blessed to be born, raised, or be citizens of this amazing country, but that blessing only lasts for as long as we can keep the Republic.



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