Healthcare and Hydrocarbons

Anne Jordan, founder of Nurses for Sustainable Care, discusses the value of fossil fuels in the operating room with Kim.
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Healthcare and Hydrocarbons

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The Colorado legislative session begins January 12, 2022. Kim asks the question: “Will the Democrats once again push an agenda that is destructive to the quality of life of everyday, hard-working Coloradans?” Kim discusses with Producer Steve election integrity, the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus narrative falling apart, security of jobs, and government-induced inflation. Another question: “Will complacent Republicans continue to capitulate to the tyrannical Democrats?” The Senate Majority Fund is hosting a fundraiser with former governor Bill Owens, head of the Finance Committee. Owens is the same man that supported and advocated for Proposition 119, a new marijuana tax “for the children.” Prop 119 would have created a permanent government with bureaucratic control that would never have been held accountable to the taxpayers, the state legislature, or school officials. CRT, Critical Race Theory, must be eliminated per Cain, a “negro,” stating the end goal of CRT is to divide the nation according to the color of one’s skin and make little white children feel guilty and little black children think that they are victims. Federal Reserve Vice Chairman, Richard Clarida, resigns over questionable insider trading. Two other Federal Reserve officials have also resigned. Does Nancy Pelosi advocate that insider trading is legal for senators and members of Congress? Congressman Ed Perlmutter decides he will not run for re-election. Senator Chuck Schumer has an entirely different narrative today than just a few years ago, and Producer Steve plays the sound bites. Today the narrative is, “if Republicans … continue to abuse the filibuster … we must adapt so we can pass legislation.” Interestingly, Schumer continually uses the phrase, “our democracy,” the day after U.S. Constitution expert Rob Natelson was on the show and exposed it for what it truly is, power for Pelosi and fellow elite Democrats.

Kimberlee Bell, the owner of Kunjani Coffee located at the northwest corner of Parker Road and Lincoln in Parker, gives a fun fact: 400 million cups of coffee are consumed per day. Being the creative individual she is, Kimberlee learned all she could about coffee and decided to open her own coffee shop. The government stifles creativity and innovation through government rules and regulations. Economic development commissions pick winners and losers. The natural way to develop the economy is to lower rules, regulations, and taxes for everyone so that entrepreneurs are free to be innovative.

Guest Anne Jordan, founder of Nurses for Sustainable Care, discusses the value of fossil fuels in the operating room with Kim. Affordable, reliable, abundant, and efficient energy is the foundation of adequate health care and quality of life for individuals. Everyday miracles are performed in the operating room and would not be possible if only wind and solar energy were our energy source, especially in colder climates like Canada. We have seen the damage caused by California’s rolling blackouts and the ice storm in Texas. Most of the supplies and equipment in the surgery room are manufactured with fossil fuels. Many of the supplies cannot be cleaned and are not biodegradable on a practical scale. Single-use plastics are much safer and cleaner. Individuals must be vigilant of policies affecting our lives daily and understand the ramifications of policies before an emergency. We must also be creative in healthcare, coming up with solutions that will keep people out of the hospital and in their homes or clinics. Anne can be reached at while their website is being developed.

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