Fomenting the Mob

Is Nancy Pelosi’s talking point accurate when she states that federal agents and officers who are protecting federal property are “stormtroopers?” Jane Chaney, Gunnision County GOP Chairwoman, asks why mayors and governors who are allowing violence and destruction of property in their cities and states are not accountable for their lack of action. Are they acquiescing to the mobs?

For those who believe Nancy Pelosi’s talking point, that a variety of federal agents and officers are “stormtroopers,” which is a soldier trained specially for carrying out a sudden assault, let’s look at it in a different way.

The officers and agents in Portland and many other cities are there 365 days a year. What President Trump is doing is adding to the numbers within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to address the increase in extreme violence. Isn’t it good that after Chicago’s Mayor, Lori Lightfoot spoke to President Trump, she’s accepting the help of the federal government to quell the violence and destruction? Of course, that’s after the mob came to her home. And, she’s now moving in to the suburbs.

The crimes being charged by the FBI, AFT and DHS will be federal. They are there to police violation of federal law. And, constitutionally, the Federal government is charged with protecting over 9,000 federal buildings around our country. It’s not the responsibility of state or local law enforcement. That’s why they’re there.

The federal courthouse in Portland has been fire bombed, defaced and doors and windows compromised. I support not surrendering federal property and the federal courthouse to the anarchists. It’s our tax dollars being destroyed and burned down. Federal courthouses are there so all Americans have access to the federal justice system.

I oppose attacking law enforcement and excusing violent mobs. These officers and agents are wearing tactical uniforms because pipe bombs, commercial fireworks and other projectiles are targeting them not to mention lasers being used to irreparably damage their eyesight. It’s not a military operation against the mobs, they are attempting to protect property and remove those who are instigating the destruction of federal property. However, the elitists in charge need to jazz up the anarchists in the streets, so let’s call it a “military attack” to continue fomenting the mobs.

The mayors and governors of these states, whose major cities are being destroyed took an oath to enforce the laws in the US Constitution and their state laws. Why are they not accountable? Why are they acquiescing to the mobs? The scars and damage to these cities will be longstanding and the devastating effects on their citizens could last a lifetime. How long can these people live in fear? How much destruction and violence are the people in these cities able and willing to take? What is happening in our American cities is destroying the lives of all Americans, regardless of their skin color, age or other demographics.


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