Douglas County Says Goodbye to Tri-County Health

Douglas County Commissioner George Teal joins Kim to discuss Douglas County’s departure from Tri-County Health Department last month.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Douglas County Says Goodbye to Tri-County Health

Kim guides listeners to her website, The Kim Monson Show, to find her “We the People” Voter’s Guide and Patti Kurgan’s Op-Ed, Proposition 119:  Cronyism’s LEAP “For the Children,” which explains why a NO vote on Proposition 119 is recommended.  Dale Elliott is a school board candidate for Littleton Public Schools.  He is adamantly opposed to CRT, Critical Race Theory, and believes that CRT has the potential to be a “monster” that overtakes the district’s learning curriculum which will be harmful to our children.  CRT is not really about race relations; it is also about dividing us and retribution.  We must reclaim the basics of writing, science, math and most importantly reading to prepare each student for success.

School Board Candidate for Weld RE-4, Trent Leisy, is also against the CRT curriculum.  It is especially harmful to the younger grades where the students do not understand and cannot comprehend this radical theory.  Many of the national issues have infiltrated our classrooms.  We must put our concentration on the core educational subjects that will bring lifetime success to our students, including math, reading, writing and critical thinking.  Trent is also against mandatory masks and believes that it should be left to the families to decide.  The school system is exercising too much power and control over the lives of its students.

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Guest Douglas County Commissioner George Teal joins Kim to discuss Douglas County’s departure from Tri-County Health Department last month.  Douglas County created its own Board of Health with five members on the board, including Commissioners Teal and Thomas.  They are presently recruiting for the position of Public Health Director.  The commissioners believe that it is best left up to the individual to decide whether or not a mask is necessary based on their own health.  The new board is setting quarantine standards for schools so that a repeat of last year does not occur; many classes were cancelled in the physical classroom because of asymptomatic COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus cases.  The Douglas County Health Department will become the first in the state to keep statistics on both positive and negative cases.  The commissioners are receiving a tremendous amount of support as people want decisions made locally and with reason.  As we are into 20 months of a “two weeks to flatten the curve,” too many decisions have been made by unelected bureaucrats without any common sense.  Commissioner Teal states government has created many problems, including our present supply chain issues.  We live in America, and we have the right to choose as individuals what is best for our physical well-being.

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