Fighting Sex Trafficking in Colorado

Debbie Perry-Smith, Director of Safe Rockies, an alliance group to fight sex trafficking, joins Kim for a discussion on sex-trafficking in Colorado.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Fighting Sex Trafficking in Colorado

Guest Debbie Perry-Smith, Director of Safe Rockies, an alliance group to fight sex trafficking, is in studio with Kim to start the week.  Kim reminds listeners that America’s Veterans Stories is broadcast three times during the weekend, 3pm on Sunday, and 10pm both on Saturday and Sunday evenings on KLZ.  Don’t miss the chance to hear our veteran’s stories.  Old Dominion University professor changes the narrative by re-defining “pedophiles” as “minor-attracted persons.”  The veil is off on how corrupt and radical the left is.  Debbie recollects a personal experience when her daughter was injured during a school event, taken to the hospital and was treated prior to Debbie, her mother, being notified.  The Salvation Army goes woke, telling their white donors to acknowledge their “privilege.”  Let’s see how that works out for them.   Matt Menza, veteran Navy pilot, explains why he sent a letter to Vail Resorts explaining his family will not be skiing on Vail Resort slopes this year.  Matt has refused to participate in Vail’s “Papers Please” mandate.  The people behind mandates are all about power and control.  In America, the words “Papers Please” should send a wave of terror through us when we look at history.  Note the similarities of Hitler in 1938.

Marlin Kirsch, owner of Kirsch Insurance, reminds listeners that December 7th is the last day allowed to make changes to your Medicare Plan.  The importance of reviewing both your prescription plan and Advantage plan cannot be stressed enough.  Marlin also explains that Part B participants will see a 14% increase in 2022 from 2021.

Kim and Debbie continue their conversation moving onto America’s Mom, Sherronna Bishop.  Mesa County is the tip of the iceberg when discussing election integrity.  Sherronna is a key person in looking into election integrity for the past election, 2020.  Sherronna and volunteers went door to door to verify key voting records and found many anomalies, including 30 ballots being sent to an empty lot.  Secretary of State Griswold did a “Trust and Build” on voting machines throughout Colorado on each county’s voting machines.  Clerk Peters notes that some election data was erased.  Federal law states the data from an election must be maintained for 22 months and for the state of Colorado it is 24 months.  Tina Peters, Mesa County Clerk and Gold Star mom, took images of the voting machines before and after Griswold’s actions, and that is most probably why they are demonizing her.  The “FBI has morphed into a domestic terror organization,” as one reporter states.  Twenty-three counties in Colorado have more people registered to vote than eligible voters.  If we do not have trusted elections, we do not have a country!  There is a rally to show support for both Sherronna and Tina this Wednesday, 12/1, noon-1:30, in front of the old Grand Junction Court House titled:  Trust and Justice Rally for We the People.  Bring signs with your county on statewide support.  We must stay vigilant and fight back tyranny.

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