Inflation is Soaring

Murray Sabrin, author of "Navigating the Boom/Bust Cycle: An Entrepreneur's Survival Guide" and current article "The Next Recession: Here’s When the ‘Everything Bubble’ Will Burst", joins Kim for an informative discussion on inflation. 

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As Kim thanks her team for their hard work she introduces Jen Hulan as her new Partnership/Sponsorship Liaison.  Arapahoe County votes to leave Tri-County Health Department because of Tri-County’s politicization of the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus.  Interesting that the FBI forcibly entered America’s Mom Sherronna Bishop’s home instead of focusing on the crime that is soaring in Democrat-controlled cities.  There is no rational reasoning when these two issues are placed side by side.  Polis’ approval rating goes below 50% and he begins his “smoke screen” narrative.  There are plenty of COVID-19/Wuhan-China executive orders still in place as he repackaged them into his Recovery Executive Orders.  Let’s not forget that his Department of Public Health and Environment is continuing on with many of his original mandates.  Kim gives an extensive list of what tyrannical actions he executed last year and continued into this year.  Crime in Denver has escalated to the point that no one wants to go there.  San Francisco mayor states that she will take steps to be more aggressive against crime and will be less tolerant to those who are destroying their city.  Why now?  Reelection or smoke screen?  We are a Constitutional Republic and must teach this to students in school, along with the basics like math, English, science, history, literature and critical thinking skills.  An atheist non-profit states that wreaths laid on veterans graves without the consent of families are like “Christian gang signs.”  Tune into America’s Veteran’s Stories on KLZ 560 FM, KLZ 100.7 FM, KLZ website, or the KLZ app this Sunday at 3pm to hear World War II veteran Lou Zoghby who fought at the Battle of the Bulge.

Guest Murray Sabrin, author of Navigating the Boom/Bust Cycle: An Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide and current article The Next Recession: Here’s When the ‘Everything Bubble’ Will Burstjoins Kim for an informative discussion on inflation.  Inflation is soaring and the Consumer Price Index is up 6.9%.  We must get back to a completely free market where the government gets out of the way and lets consumers and customers dictate prices.  As history has shown, prices will decrease on products and services, i.e., computers and smart television sets.  Murray predicts that a bust is coming, probably in 2023.  The unemployment rate has been massaged to the benefit of the government.  Rules and regulations are essentially a silent tax and thus makes the economy less efficient as resources are used to meet government dictates and not consumer needs and desires.  Central planning does not work as we have seen throughout history.  Instead, free enterprise has created the most wealth and prosperity for individuals in the history of mankind.  Bernie Sanders’ socialism is “snake oil.”  We are seeing the greatest transfer of wealth today in America.  The Federal Reserve, through their policies, are destroying the economy.  People with financial investments are not receiving a return on their interest bearing investments because of the Federal Reserve.  This is another silent thief.  People are waking up to the destruction the Biden administration is bringing upon America.  We must remain active and not lose momentum on decreasing rules, decreasing regulations and shedding light on bad public policies.

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