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Christine Coleman and Lauren Boebert join Kim to share why they are Standing for Colorado on January 8th at the Denver Capitol. Trump vows that the Baghdad Embassy attack will "never, ever be a Benghazi." Governor Polis wrote an op-ed taking credit for saving Coloradans money. Is it true?


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  • Stand for Colorado speakers Christine Coleman and Lauren Boebert share why they are Standing for Colorado on January 8th.
  • Gov. Polis writes an op-ed claiming to have saved Coloradans money. Producer Steve and Kim take aim at his claims, which are contradicted by the facts.
  • The U.S. Embassy attack in Baghdad prompts Trump to declare it will “never be a Benghazi.” Kim and Steve compare the differences between Baghdad and Benghazi.

Stand for Colorado: Christine Coleman and Lauren Boebert

Christine Coleman

Lauren Boebert Stand for Colorado Kim Monson Show

Lauren Boebert

Pastor Christine Coleman Stand for Colorado Kim Monson Show

Christine Coleman

Lauren Boebert

The holidays are over and it’s time to get busy.

2020 promises to be a raucous year both here in Colorado and on the national level.
We can no longer take for granted that PBI’s (Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Interested Parties) have our best interests in mind.

That is why we are organizing our Stand for Colorado 2020 Freedom vs Force Rally.

Stand for Colorado rally is on January 8th at 11am on the West Steps of the Capitol. Pastor Christine Coleman talks today as why she is involved, specifically for the love of freedom and to insure “evil will not win.” Lauren Boebert follows with a discussion on her advocacy of the Second Amendment. As a mother of four sons and owner of Shooters Grill in Rifle, she will protect herself and others since there is no assurance that anyone else will.

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Trumps vows that the Baghdad Embassy attack and the U.S. response will not be a repeat of what happened in Benghazi.

Governor Polis claims he saved Coloradans money in 2019. Is he telling the truth or does the record show something else?

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Today’s news topics:

  • The Embassy in Baghdad is attacked and President Trump takes action immediately.  “This will never, ever be a Benghazi. … As soon as we saw there was a potential for a problem, they (the Marines) got in.”  Kim and Steve discuss the stark difference of Baghdad and Benghazi.
  • Gov. Polis wrote an end of the year opinion piece in The Colorado Sun stating, “The common thread throughout my first year in office has been working hard to save Coloradans money — on education, health care, utility bills, housing and more.”  Kim and Steve discuss the validity of this statement as it has been reported there is a $40 million shortfall for all day kindergarten, health costs continue to rise, unaffordable housing rings throughout the Denver metro area, and an Xcel Energy-Colorado rate increase in the amount of $41.5 million was just approved.  Let’s not forget Gov. Polis was an avid supporter of Proposition CC.

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