The Division Between Rural and Urban America

Kathleen Sqamma, President of Western Energy Alliance, discusses with Kim the division between rural and urban America, centering on energy and food.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
The Division Between Rural and Urban America

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Kim and Producer Steve discuss the continuation of the “transformation of our nation” in the Biden-Obama II administration. The assault on affordable, reliable, abundant and efficient energy, that allows people to thrive and prosper, will backfire as they play “Russian Roulette” before the mid-terms. Call your County Clerk to stop Secretary of State Griswold’s emergency election rule; Griswold’s authority to do this is questionable. Your attendance this Saturday, June 26th, for the services for WWII Marine Sgt. Stoddard at Mountain View Memorial Park 3016 Kalmia Ave Boulder would be most appreciated.

Declared candidate for Governor 2022 Greg Lopez,, is running to stop the progressive left and the destruction of personal rights in Colorado. The Legislative Session of 2021 was horrific and devastating to the hard-working people throughout the state. If he had been governor, Greg would have vetoed SB21-260, the huge “transportation” bill. Taxes disguised as fees, four new enterprises, minimal dollars going to roads and bridges are a few of his reasons. The present governor and state Democrat party are deficient in emotional intelligence as their agenda hurts the rural community the most. Greg believes Polis has two main themes: his climate change agenda and taking the water from the rural communities to benefit the urban Denver metro corridor.

Guest Kathleen Sqamma, President of Western Energy Alliance, discusses with Kim the division between rural and urban America, centering on energy and food. Urban PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) have no connection with the land and the importance of how our food is grown, our meat is raised, and the energy sources that bring us our lifestyle. Instead, PBIs’ environmental agenda will take us back to primitive times and our pocketbooks will suffer to just basic provide basic needs. That is, until the people fight back as we see today in recent elections in France and Switzerland. Native Americans working on the pipeline Line 3 have their construction equipment vandalized by environment activists as Biden is pressured to close the pipeline. “Familiarity breeds contempt.” The hatred of the progressive left aimed specifically at the heartland gives advantages to Russia as seen in the backing of Nord Stream 2 pipeline by the Biden/Harris/Rice/Obama administration. If U.S. reliable energy resources are shut down, Russia and the Middle East will see their markets increase. Americans do not like to be told what to do. They will make their voices heard in the 2022 elections.

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