The Tragedy of Afghanistan

Bear Owen, retired Marine fighter pilot who served in Vietnam, comments on his anger and frustration towards Biden and his administration as Bear watches the tragedy in Afghanistan.

Show sponsors Karen Levine, award-winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance (303-877-7516), and Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial Group (303-880-8881), join Kim and Producer Steve in studio.  Afghanistan is on everyone’s mind and heart.  Is Biden showing his incompetence or is it a plan?  We were energy independent before Biden killed the Keystone pipeline and other gas and oil exploration and drilling.  OPEC tells Biden “no” to his request to increase production as America’s supply is decreasing and demand remains high.  Remember that we became energy independent under the previous presidential administration.  A judge rules to allow gas leases on federal land and waters with Biden responding he will continue to fight against the leases.  Jefferson County School District instructs teachers, in a toolkit, not to inform parents if their child is having gender confusion.

Casper Stockham, founder of America First Republicans (, explains he started his candidate training class to counter the far-left’s Emerge candidate training program.  Local government is very important and we must reclaim our Constitution and the Republican platform.  Casper’s next class begins September 25th.  Fundraising events will take place on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11.

Bear Owen, a Marine fighter pilot in Vietnam, “Once a Marine, always a Marine,” comments on his anger and frustration towards Biden and his administration as Bear watches the tragedy in Afghanistan.  It brings up feelings of shame and humiliation as he sees the unmistakable, parallel events of the fall of Saigon and the fall of Kabul.  Our allies trust in America is greatly diminished and the confidence and bravado of our enemies is increasing.  Bear reflects on a Marine Barracks Sunset Parade in 2010 when Vice President Biden was 30 minutes late, a display of complete disrespect to the Marines in attendance.  Pray for those who were told by the Biden administration to “shelter in place,” and those outside the Kabul airport.  The strategy to flee Afghanistan in this manner and its outcome will always be Biden’s responsibility and his legacy.

Karen and Lorne ask the question, What kind of man leaves his family, wife and children?, as the one plane that left Kabul airport Monday night were men only.  Where is Vice President Harris regarding the abandonment of women and children in Afghanistan?  Why only a border crisis in America?  Why is there not a border crisis of people trying to get into China, Russia, North Korea and Cuba?  The Affordable Housing Industrial Complex continues to grow with additional policies put in place by the bureaucrats.  Even “conservative” Castle Rock seeks to impose a fee on new construction based on square footage.  The middle class’ ability to build wealth through homeownership is being destroyed.  Investment firms buying homes to rent continues to rise.  Property taxes are increasing; Lorne gives an example that within two years property taxes doubled for one homeowner.  Lone Tree wants to increase their retail sales tax by 55%.  There is a distinction between living and existing.  Get involved.  Call your “representatives.”  Work with others to reclaim and retain our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.


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