Two Points of View on Proposition DD

Chad Vorthmann of the Colorado Farm Bureau and Kim debate Proposition DD. Michelle Smith of Vital for Colorado discusses the inextricable link between hydrocarbons and our modern way of life. Natalie Menten shares her thoughts on Building a Better Colorado.

How Hydrocarbons Make Our Lives Better


First they came after your toilets, then your light bulbs, is your gas stove next?

It is fascinating to watch young people protest fossil fuels and climate change as they are clothed in petroleum-based, state of the art fabrics and taking selfies with cell phones made with hydrocarbons.

Michelle Smith, board member with Vital for Colorado joins Kim to talk about the many products made from hydrocarbons that make our lives better.


Natalie Menten’s View on Building a Better Colorado


Natalie Menten joins Kim in further discussion about the Building a Better Colorado group and the seeming manipulation and deception with that group.


The Prop DD Debate


Chad Vorthmann, Executive Director of Colorado Farm Bureau, and Kim share their differing views on Proposition DD, the sports betting tax ostensibly for water. Chad is for Prop DD, Kim is against. This is a great debate and both speakers have important points voters should consider.

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