Colorado's Property Tax Administrator, Joann Groff, explains how property taxes work in Colorado.

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Joann Groff

Joann Groff

Untangling Colorado’s Tax Web

Untangling the tax web.

PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Interested Parties) are very busy and very creative in encouraging you to give them more of your money by weakening or getting rid of two key amendments to the Colorado Constitution: TABOR, Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and the Gallagher Amendment.

Colorado’s Property Tax Administrator, Joann Groff, joins Kim to share a tutorial on property taxes in Colorado.

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The Colorado Office of Economic Development is handing out billions in what amounts to corporate welfare.

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Kim and producer Steve take a deep diver into Patti Kurgan’s analysis of Colorado’s Office of Economic Development’s pattern of awarding select businesses corporate welfare benefits through non-competitive tax credits. You can read Patti’s full piece here. 

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