Where We Are (And Where We Came From)

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Where We Are (And Where We Came From)

Rick Turnqusit joins Kim to discuss his latest essay, Where We Are (And Where We Came From). In this essay, Turnquist discusses that the privileges we take for granted are being attacked and taken away by bad policy (ie, fossil fuels allow us to heat our homes, but public policy is increasing the prices of fuels). If we were to elect the right legislature, we could get these policies rolled back. People need to be aware of both how good they have it as well as how easy it is to take away all the privileges they enjoy. Listen to the full interview in the first hour. Go here to read the essay.

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Interview with Dr. Rachel Corbett

Dr. Rachel Corbett with Roots Medical discusses the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) proposed new guidance which would eliminate some homeopathic remedies that have really helped individuals. Patients and medical workers alike are being brainwashed to receive the COVID vaccine. The FDA has been compromised. Pharmaceutical companies are receiving money from covid vaccines administered. The vaccines aren’t being administered in good faith. Pandemics Data & Analysis (PANDA) is a group dedicated to revealing the truths behind Covid policies. Sudden deaths relating to COVID vaccines are occurring, yet are being covered up by mainstream media. Listen to the full interview in the second hour.

Roots Medical

Roots Medical is a primary care provider dedicated to the goal of “getting to the root of your healthcare concerns.” Thank you Roots Medical for your partnership/sponsorship and thank you Colorado Healthcare Providers for Freedom.

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