Comply, I don’t think so!

There is a lot of force and coercion in our society today. Instead of freedom for everyday people to make informed decisions there is tremendous pressure to comply from politicians, bureaucrats, interested parties, media, education and big business. In his Op-Ed Comply, I Don’t Think So, Brad shares his thoughtful perspective on coercion, vac shaming and coloring outside the lines.

In elementary school I was told to color between the lines. I often did not. I creatively expressed myself outside the lines until I was instructed to conform to the image on the page. If I had continued down that creative path, I may have become a great artist celebrated for my unique style and bold strokes outside the ordinary, outside the lines. Yet, I did conform because a teacher insisted on it.

I was told to share my toys when playing with others and conform to the social norm of keeping harmony. I would think to myself, “but they are my toys.” Why do I need to share my possessions to please someone else just because they desire it? I was forced to conform and give up my possessions because someone else thought I should do so.

In a civil society we are told we need to conform to get along; to make things function in an orderly way. Often, we are told we must do for others first. We are coerced through peer pressure, or family, or government to do something because others want us to or mandate us to or force us to. I fundamentally reject this assertation of conformity by coercion.

It may be nice and considerate to think of others first, such as when opening a door for someone if I get to it first. Or, letting someone go ahead of me in a check-out line if they have only one item and I have a cart full of stuff. That is just a common courtesy and I do it often. I like to do things voluntarily when an opportunity arises or to invest in others because it makes me feel better as an individual to share when I want to, not when some authority figure demands I do so.

I voluntarily receive a flu shot every year, even this past year. I did this to lessen the chance of catching a virus since I would normally travel for business several times every month, working trade shows, attending board meetings, and making sales calls. I was perhaps being optimistic that I would travel again sooner than later. The flu, the common cold, and many other illnesses did not disappear when the Wuhan virus appeared. There is still a chance of catching one of these common illnesses even with a once-a-year vaccination.

The Wuhan pandemic changed everything through fear, uncertainty, concern for one’s own safety and the safety of those we care about. At first, through an abundance of caution, we voluntarily isolated ourselves with our immediate families or individual situations for two weeks to “flatten the curve.”  Then, we were told by experts to wear a mask to help slow the spread of the virus. Then, we were told do not wear a mask, then wear a mask, then social distance, (no thanks, I physical distance, yet stay socially engaged), wash your hands for twenty seconds, then put on lotion to keep your hands from falling off, then wipe down every surface, then, sanitize everything, etc., etc., etc…

I am through complying with commands from so called experts. Their opinions are just that, opinions. Their educated guesses can be considered; however, their perspective should not be mandated into law. We are better served as a nation to have debate, discussion and then legislation if needed. Even if it saves one life it is not a reason to force others to do something against their will. I am more concerned about living my life fruitfully and without fear, than cower in the world of, “what if.”

Many people I know, especially older family members and friends are getting the COVID-19 vaccine, which in reality has not been approved by the FDA and is still an experimental drug. That’s great for them. It has given them a sense of relief that they can start to resume their lives again. I was on the fence weather I should get the experimental drug myself. Then, that old feeling of when I was a kid and being told I must do this for the good of others reared its’ head. I have done my research. I am being badgered by my doctor, family, and friends to get the experimental drug. The more people push me to conform, the less I want it.

Celebrities, politicians, friends, and family show themselves receiving their shots, or show their experimental drug cards on social media as if to state, I conformed, I am considerate, I am doing what must be done to get back to normal. Others, have a badge around their social media picture, extolling their perceived virtue.  Yet? Is this the path to normal? Conforming to what others insist you do? Isn’t this conformity a new way of shaming those who do not comply? Now, the government wants to add their weight to the scale. Are “vaccine passports” far off?

Recently, Jen Psaki, President Biden’s Press Secretary, answered the rumors that the Biden administration was developing a vaccine passport. “We are going to provide guidance, just as we have through the CDC. There’s currently an interagency process that is looking at many of the questions around vaccine verification, and that issue will touch many agencies as verification becomes an issue that will potentially touch many sectors of society.” Psaki continues, “A determination or development of a vaccine passport or whatever you want to call it will be driven by the private sector. Ours will more be focused on guidelines that can be used as a basis.” Psaki’s statement reminds me of a former president’s phrase “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

It is only a matter of time before politicians, bureaucrats and interested parties will be requiring private business to follow their public rules which will include showing your “papers” or an app with the appropriate social rating score to enter a public library, a concert, or a sporting event. The technology exists to digitally follow your every move and make you comply with the people in power. This social stigma is now enforced with mask mandates which, in my research, do more harm than good. There are experts on all sides for and against this argument. So too with vaccines.

A risk calculator from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention last updated February 21, 2021, notes my risk of catching the Wuhan Virus is high for my age group, 36 in 1000 Putting this into perspective, your risk of your home catching fire is 1 in 219. The risk of a serious car accident is 1 in 18. The risk of becoming disabled on the job is 1 in 14. Even at these high-risk levels, I will take my chances. Living is a risk.

The incremental usurpation of our individual liberties continues to erode day by day. Getting a vaccine should be a person’s free and informed choice. If a private business wants to mandate mask wearing, they should have the choice to do so. If a private business wants to offer mask less service, they should have the choice to do so as well. Then customers can decide where they want to do business. That’s the beauty of a free exchange society. Trading value for value. When politicians, bureaucrats and interested parties use coercion and threats of revocation of business licenses under the guise of businesses mandating behavior, that is not the free market at work.

My research notes the vaccine offers a false sense of security and is just another power play by those in control. If individuals choose to get the experiential drug, that is their personal decision. However, there are many like me that are not sold on the ability of this experiential drug to eradicate the virus. If this experimental drug is as safe as so many medical experts opine, why not open-up the opportunity to try other experimental drugs for cancer treatments or other medical conditions?

I prefer to wait it out until all those who want to take the experimental drug, can get it.  I think I will mull it over for a year or two and then consider it or perhaps by then we will be at herd immunity. But, as of today, I will not comply.

There are many who will try to “vaccshame” me into getting the vaccine. Like anything else in our current identity driven, false systemic racism, and overly woke world, I may be chided because I choose not to go along to get along. #stopvaccshaming #mybodymychoice #Iwillnotcomply



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  1. I missed your broadcast this morning, May, 14, 2021. and heard the end of your guest….How can I hear the message? (Wait till the re=broadcast tonight?)
    Thank you.
    Lorraine Ross

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