Republican Sponsored SB23-101 Silences Coloradans’ Voices

Radical Democrats and Republican Consultants are working together to censor the vote and the voice of everyday Coloradans. In this essay, Republican Sponsored SB23-101 Silences Coloradans Voices, Kim Monson explains that this bill enriches petition gathering businesses, and gives the power to the Secretary of State to determine which candidates will appear on Coloradans' primary ballots.
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Kim Monson Featured Articles
Republican Sponsored SB23-101 Silences Coloradans' Voices

Colorado is in trouble. KKTV reported that Colorado is #1 in car thefts. CPR reported that Colorado led the nation in bank robberies in 2021. The price of a dozen eggs in Colorado is among the highest in the nation because of Colorado’s Scrambled Egg Law. In December the St. Louis Federal Reserve reported the average price of eggs in America was $4.25. I just paid $6.99 for a dozen eggs. Because of the metro area’s homelessness industrial complex, Denver, the city that I loved, is so dirty I seldom go downtown anymore. Chalkbeat reported that our kids are falling behind in reading, writing, and math. Instead of teaching the basics so our children have the tools for life success, our kids are being groomed for social activist agendas. Homesnacks reports that Colorado is #6 in the country as most expensive states to live which makes it very difficult for young people to buy a home.

Why? One reason is Elite Republican Consultant Operatives are milking donors, padding their pockets, and losing elections. Republican Consultants, Republican Politicians, and Interested Parties (Former DaVita CEO Kent Thiry) are working together to undermine Colorado’s election process. The most current example is SB23-101: Candidate Access for Primary Elections. SB23-101 would neuter the caucus/assembly process in Colorado and censor the vote and the voice of everyday, hard-working Coloradans. It would also give the Colorado Secretary of State the power to determine which candidates appear on the ballot because the Secretary of State determines which petition signatures are valid and which are not.

There are currently two ways for Democrat and Republican candidate’s names to appear on your Colorado ballot. The first is via the caucus/assembly process. The second is via a signature gathered petition. Republican consultants and their operatives have controlled the caucus/assembly process for years because everyday people have not paid attention. Everyday Coloradans took for granted that we were electing representatives who cared about us, “We the People.” Instead Radical Democrats and Republican Consultants are complicit in the challenges that Coloradans now endure. High crime, inflation, and our children’s dismal reading, writing and math results have awakened Coloradans to the demise of the Colorado that we—moderate Democrats, Unaffiliateds, Libertarians, Republicans, and Conservatives—love.

Over the last few years, informed citizens have become involved in the caucus/assembly process to elect representatives of the people instead of PBI (Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Interested Parties) chosen candidates. The petition ballot access process has become a rich man’s game where candidate’s pay to play. The consultants do not work for the candidates. The candidate works for the consultants raising money to pay the consultants. Competition between the caucus/assembly process and petition ballot access process makes us better and provides better results. Why would Republican Senators Barbara Kirkmeyer and Bob Gardner plus Republican Representative Mary Bradfield support SB23-101: Candidate Access to Primary Elections? Why would they propose legislation that would censor the voice and vote of engaged citizens? Why would they acquiesce to the Colorado Secretary of State the decision of which Republicans would be on the primary ballot? Who benefits if the caucus/assembly process is gutted? The petition gathering businesses and the Republican party bosses who have been milking donors, padding their pockets, and losing elections for years. Because they are influenced by the other Green New Deal (money) instead of standing on principles and the sanctity of the individual, Colorado is in big trouble. Fortunately SB23-101 died in committee with three Democrats and one Republican voting “No.” The only “Yay” vote was Republican Senator Larry Liston.

Petition gathering businesses benefit if the caucus/assembly system is gutted. One of the largest petition gathering businesses in Colorado is Blitz Canvassing. Former state senator and political operative Josh Penry is a principle of Blitz Canvassing. Penry is also a principle of EIS Solutions, 76 Group, and Ascent Media. He is highly influential.

I have conducted hours of research on the Colorado Secretary of State Tracer site as well as the Federal Election Commission Campaign Finance site to follow the money. The conclusion is that Elite Republican Consultant Operatives are milking donors, losing elections, and making a lot of money while doing so.


  • Joe O’Dea U.S. Senate Candidate: Total Paid to Blitz Canvassing, 76 Group, andAscent Media: $4,150,000.00.
  • Heidi Ganahl Colorado Governor Candidate: Total Paid to Blitz Canvassing to petition onto the ballot: $221,500.00.
  • Lang Sias Colorado State Treasure Candidate: Total Paid to 76 Group: $70,101.00
  • Pam Anderson Colorado Secretary of State Candidate: Total Paid to Ascent Media and 76 Group: $119,641.00

It is in Elite Republican Consultant Operative’s best interests to control which candidates make the ballot, hence SB23-101. In addition to SB23-101, there is currently a big push in media by consultant operatives such as Dick Wadhams, Patrick Davis, Mario Nicholais and Eli Bremer advocating to censor and silence the vote and voice of everyday Coloradans by gutting the caucus/assembly process and controlling which candidates make the ballot. Because Elite Republican Consultant Operatives are enriching themselves, influencing politicians, and compromising principles, and radical activists are controlling the Colorado Democrat Party, Colorado is in big trouble.

The first steps to reclaiming the Colorado that moderate Democrats, Unaffiliateds, Libertarians, Republicans, and Conservatives love are to preserve the caucus/assembly process and reinstitute the primary election process where Democrats vote in Democrat primaries and Republican vote in Republican primaries. When Republicans meet on March 11th at the organizational meeting of the Colorado Republican State Central Committee, it is imperative that they elect leadership that, instead of representing the interests of Elite Republican Consultant Operatives, they elect Republican leadership who will represent all Coloradans.



3 Responses

  1. Kim, it’s more clear each day that the Republican party in Colorado is not interested in representing anyone- only in the $$. The Party doesn’t want to win anything.

  2. I believe this bill was killed in committee last week. For maybe the first time in my life I found myself agreeing 100% with the representatives of the Colorado State Democrat party and the League of Women Voters, who both argued very persuasively against this bill. We do not have to worry about it this year, but it was disheartening to see it sponsored by a couple of Republicans. Dismantling the caucus system is not the way to increase voter participation in the primaries.

  3. This bill was killed in committee last week, thank God. Although I was very disheartened to learn that it was sponsored by a couple of Republicans, I was amazed to find myself agreeing with the representatives of the Democrat Party and League of Women Voters when they argued against the bill. That was a first for me.

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