Are the COVID Numbers Being Manipulated?

Karl Dierenbach joins Kim in a discussion on his most recent op-ed, COVID Exaggerated: COVID is Not a Hoax, But the Numbers Are.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Are the COVID Numbers Being Manipulated?
  • Yesterday was a dark day in American history with the House impeachment vote.  Producer Steve mentions “RINO’s Last Stand.”  Kim emphasizes that impeachment does not mean conviction.  The Battle of Ideas is raging as we fight for the Truth.  Beware, government policy can take away your livelihood.  AOC wants a new department, The Ministry of truth, to reign in the press.
  • Dr. Jill Vecchio is livid that an impeachment trial can be executed within eight hours without any investigation of the facts.  Listen to The Kim Monson Show podcasts 58 and 60 to understand (1) that these people want complete control of our lives and (2) the corruption of the political system and it exists only for the enrichment of the political elite.  The bottom line is they are threatened by the strength of the common, everyday men and women who are working together for the preservation of their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
  • Jason McBride, VP with Presidential Wealth Management, comments on the economy referencing that the United States has built wealth and prosperity for the U.S. and nations across the world.  Jason can help you with building and preserving your own wealth in planning a financial portfolio with some preparations dealing with the unknown.  Jason can be reached at 303-694-1600.
  • Guest Karl Dierenbach joins Kim in a discussion on his most recent op-ed, COVID Exaggerated: COVID is Not a Hoax, But the Numbers Are, in The Federalist.  There are four different ways to look at the numbers:  (1) how the CDC categorizes COVID-19 on a death certificate and how this information is translated into a COVID-19 death; (2) pre-existing conditions for the individual, i.e., diabetes, heart conditions, liver dysfunction, etc., as reason for death; (3) the flu numbers have seen a tremendous decrease and; (4) the place of death, noting nursing home deaths are extremely high as these patients are already very sick and have limited capacity to fight off COVID-19.  It appears that the current trend to inflate numbers will continue with potentially more drastic lockdowns that will prolong societal harm.   Question?  Will the CDC have a yearly reset of COVID death numbers or will they continue to add to the totals year after year.

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