Biden’s Inauguration Speech

Hal Van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool, joins Kim in studio to discuss the change of presidential administrations. 
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Biden's Inauguration Speech
  • Hal Van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool, joins Kim in studio to discuss the change of presidential administrations.  Political posturing is seen throughout Wednesday’s Biden inauguration; just one example is the national mask mandate executive order.  “Convenient forgetting” of facts and history begins on day one of this administration.  We must get our country back to work and build our community on founding principles; let’s build an economy within an economy.  Elect people who will “conserve” the American Idea that all men are created equal with God given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Karen Levine, award winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, works to protect private property rights.  Karen questions the ability for people to live the American Dream as housing inventories are extremely low throughout the country; people build wealth through home ownership.  Developers are incentivized to build apartment buildings where renters are dependent on them and the government.  Karen works through this adverse climate to find those buying or selling a home and can be reached at 303-877-7516.
  • Hal gives insight as to how difficult it can be to manage a small business, let alone start one.  Hal is expanding into the firearms industry and has had the fortitude to overcome numerous challenges. Jason McBride, Sr. VP with Presidential Wealth Management, joins in on the conversation and agrees with Kim’s statement that a firearm for a woman can be the “equalizer.”  Jason comments that the markets are up, especially the tech stocks.  Interesting how many tech employees have made their way into the new administration.  Get in touch with Jason at 303-694-1600 to review your portfolio as the new administration enforces new taxes and policies that will affect your finances.
  • Kim reflects on God as our sovereign and we need to keep our eyes on Him.  Kim and Hal then analyze Biden’s speech.  It is not surprising that the speech is filled with “platitude” words along with redefining words, especially “democracy.”  We are a Constitutional Republic, a concept many people no longer understand.  The new administration is looking at a strong government rule over all others and will bring new words to the narrative.  Trump’s pages of accomplishments will never be recognized due to the bias of mainstream media.  “Unity” is unachievable with the rhetoric of “racism and white supremacy” and the continued demonization of conservative values held by Trump supporters.

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